Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dineh Sister Needs Prayers

Dineh Sister Needs Prayers
From: Night Sky Watcher
The latest on my daughter is she will be paralyzed from the chest down. She has 2 fractured vertebrae in her cervical area. She has 2 fracture vertebrae in her thoracic area. There is significant spinal cord damage. She is breathing on her own and now has a tracheotomy and feeding tube. Surgery(s) are imminent but they keep changing the times. Every 5 seconds there is something different. She is responsive even though they have her in what they call an "incubative" state to keep her from moving. When I stroke her hair and hold her hand, she squeezes it when I ask her too. She is alive. Liam (3 year old grandson) was with her and there was not a hair out of place, no bruises no scratches. I believe the stars were with them.

In the Spirit of the Ancestors.....................

Night Sky Watcher (ConnieLee)

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