Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Know Times Are Tough For Everyone

I Know Times Are Tough For Everyone. But if we each were to help just a little, we could all make it. Look at this>>>
Save The Sacred Sites needs $1100 for taxes because this was a bad year with many of the abused/ abandon animals that we take in getting sick or being made sick by the evil of others. So our funds ran short this year for taxes because we felt the animals were more important. But if you and 1100 friends gave just $1, that would cover the problem. If you and 550 people gave $2, that would solve the problem. 200 people= $5 each, 110 people= $10 each, 55 people= $20 each,, 37 people= $30 each, 28 people= $40 each, 22 people= $50 each, 19 people= $60 each, 16 people= $70 each, 14 people= $80 each, 13 people= $90 each, 11 people= $100 each...etc

So you see my point. The more of us who help. The less we have to hurt our already strained budget. Maybe you don't know 1100 people. But do you know 28 people with $40? Then could you commit yours and get them to commit their $40. And the problem is solved.

Then when our problem is solved, we can move on to yours or someone else's problem.
The economy need not stop us if we band together. And international boundaries do not stop our good work at helping each other.

There is an old story which I tell badly because of my memory. But the essence of it this.
A man or woman dreamed about what she/he saw as hell. In the dream everyone was gaunt and fighting each other and their hands were bound behind their backs. Before them was a great feast. But they were so busy fighting and trying to get to the food themselves that they were all starving to death.

Then right after that he/she dream of what she/he saw as heaven. In it were people with their hands tied behind their backs. But they were all working together using the parts that they had free to feed one and other and make sure that everyone got fed. And they were all healthy.
What is the difference between a living hell and heaven on earth? Cooperation. Everyone working together to help each other. Sharon and I have helped many people. And, yes, we got scammed sometimes. But what about those who we helped who weren't scams?

When you are in trouble why can't you ask people for help and they help you?

It does no good to say brother or sister or cousin or friends or supporters, if we are not willing to help one and other, even in a small way. Or is it not worth the effort. Are hearts so cold that nothing moves them anymore.

You are right it does no good if just you give. But if you find family, friends, etc.. who are willing to give with you, it does matter.

We are at P.O. Box 324, Townsend, Ga. 31331, if you can help and find enough people to commit with you to help.

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