Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New First Nations Films Available

New First Nations Films Available

  Films For, By and About Native People  - For Classroom or Group  - 604-990-9337

FIRST NATIONS FILMS for the first time are available to the public on important real native issues from spirituality to land claims to traditional music to native politics.  Delight in these fascinating award-winning broadcast TV programs for your group, organization, library or classroom - these are some of the best films in North America!
SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES - 12 to 112.  Please visit our website and view "playable" scenes from these emotionally moving and exciting programs.

Enter the World of the Native Spirit! For information or to order:  or call  604-990-9337
Please view "playable" clips of award-winning films on our catalogue page - order films on DVD.

The Medicine Wheel (native spirituality)
Whose Land is This? (history and land settlement)
Making Treaties (history and land settlement)
First Nations Role Models (inspiration for our youth)
Beat of the Drum (native music and history)
Native Women: Politics (history and settlement)
Reclaiming Our Children (child wellness)
The Residential Schools (the other side of the experience)
Living in Two Worlds (old and new)
Sleep dancer (a dramatic journey)
Vanishing Links (returning to her roots)
HIV - If There's a Will ...  (HIV and native people)
Indianer (European people honoring First Nations)

Echoes of the Sisters (breast cancer)
Kinja Iakaha 
(a day in the village) From Brazil)
The Storytellers (truth and honor)
The Pipe Makers (on making the traditional pipe)
NEW - See our new service for Websites!
So Far From Home (a moving story of native street youth as they search for their home)
Totem Poles (a glorious and search for the meaning of the totem poles)
The Circle of Life - Medicine Wheel 2 (searching for the meaning of the ancient stone circles)
Boundaries (Analyzing the Indian "business" in canada)


For more information or to order films please contact:
email:      604-990-9337

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