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Issues & News From STSSA Friends & Family

Issues & News From STSSA Friends & Family

National Indian Child Welfare Association
Posted By: Eddie Sherman
To: Members in National Indian Child Welfare Association

Indian Country Today Article: "Trafficking our children"

Dear NICWA Friends:

Here is the first in a four-part special series from Indian Country Today. They are examining the disappearance and murders of hundreds of First Nations girls and women in Canada. Part one highlights sex trafficking of children and the failure of police and the Canadian government to fully investigate these crimes.

These are critical issues facing Indigenous children in Canada.

Call to Action
Link: Trafficking our children | Indian Country Today | Content
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Native American languages

terralinguas.com is a new language education website ( http://www.terralinguas.com ) and we are looking for Native American language speakers to help save and revitalize these languages.
Our website is very unique and a language doesn't even need a written component to be added. It is free to add a language and it's free for anyone to use it to learn.
If you, or someone you know, speaks a Native American language natively, or at least fluently, please get in touch with us!


Aim Santa BarbaraAugust 2, 2010 at 2:03pm
Subject: Deepest respect and sympathies to the Oakes Family
To My Dear Friends and Relations,

On this day, August 1, 2010, Annie Oakes, late wife of Richard Oakes, passed away peacefully at home surrounded by her family and close friends. Now she is with her soul mate, Richard, her "Knight in Shining Armor", who was her friend, protector, and the love of her life! She never stopped loving him, thinking of him, nor stopped talking of him.

For the past few months Annie has been battling cancer. Strong to the end she finally went home to be with her Maker.

Funeral services information is pending, but will be posted in the Sonoma County Press Democrat or please call, after Monday, Priscilla Muro-Southwick of the Kashaya Band of Pomo Indians at 707-490-6943 or Martina Morgan, niece, at 707-495-7964.

Thank you for all your support and prayers during this difficult time, and please feel free to forward this note to other friends and relations of the Oakes Family.


Fawn Oakes, Daughter, and Leonard Sheard Oakes, Son

(Sent by Mignon Geli on behalf of the Oakes Family)
Richard Oakes (1942–September 20, 1972) was a Mohawk Native American activist who promoted the fundamental idea that Native peoples have a right to sovereignty, justice, respect and control over their own destinies. His legacy reflects the struggles of Native peoples and all people to maintain their land, identity, and lifeways.

Oakes played an integral part in creating one of the first Native American studies departments in the nation. He developed the initial curriculum and encouraged other American Indians to enroll at San Francisco State University.

As a Mohawk Indian, Oakes was a strong supporter of Native American rights. He believed that Native American people have a right to their land and identity and that they deserve respect, justice and control.

Occupation of Alcatraz
In 1969, Oakes led a group of students and urban Bay Area Indians in an occupation of Alcatraz Island that would last until 1971. He also recruited 80 UCLA students from the American Indian Studies Center.

Natives of various tribes joined Oakes and staged the longest occupation of a federal facility by Indian people.

The historic occupation was made up initially of young Indian college students. Described as a handsome, charismatic, talented, and natural leader, Oakes was identified as "chief" of the island.

Oakes had control of the island from the very beginning, with an organizational council put into effect immediately. Everyone had a job, including security, sanitation, day care, schooling, cooking, and laundry. All decisions were made by the unanimous consent of the people.

The goals of the Indian inhabitants were to gain a deed to the island, establish an Indian university, cultural center, and museum.

In 1970 the island began to fall into disarray once Oakes' 13-year-old stepdaughter fell to her death. After the fatality, Oakes left the island, along with numerous students who went back to school.

Conflicts over leadership and the influx of non-Indians diminished the important stance of the original occupants.

In June 1971 the United States government removed the remaining 15 occupants from the island.

While Oakes and his followers did not succeed in obtaining the island, they did affect U.S. policy and the treatment of Indians. As a result of the occupation, the official U.S. government policy of termination of Indian tribes was ended and replaced by a policy of Indian self-determination.
Subject: AIM NE Regional Meeting August 27th, 2010
American Indian Movement of Michigan
Bryan Douglas Halfday August 2

"We just returned from the AIM Sundance in Pipestone, MN. 10 days of prayers for all of creation. While there I spoke with Clyde Bellecourt (Co-Founder of the American Indian Movement), during that conversation, I mentioned the concerns of un-sanctioned groups and that during our AIM of Michigan Border Crossing and Pow ...Wow on the 27th thru 29th of August, 2010, I would accumulate information from groups wishing to be sanctioned. Clydes response was as long as they could produce bylaws, board of directors, mission statement, accomplishments and goals and objectives to be approved by myself and Dennis Banks and then sent to Minneapolis for final approval it was OK with him and to go ahead with the plans for the meeting. So at this time I guess it is time to invite all parties that are interested in becoming a sanctioned AIM group to make it to Lincoln Park, MI on the 27th of August, with the aforementioned information."- Bryan Halfday

For more information to RSVP and on date time and location please see this link

Federation of Southern Cooperatives/
Land Assistance Fund
Press release
August 3, 2010
For Immediate Release:
August 3, 2010
Contact: Ralph Paige
404 765 0991
Federation of Southern Cooperatives/
Land Assistance Fund

Ralph Paige Sends Letter To BFFA's Tom Burrell About USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack
Paige Opposes Efforts to Ask for Vilsack's Resignation

ATLANTA....On July 30, Ralph Paige, Executive Director of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, sent a letter to Tom Burrell of the Black Farmers And Agriculturalsts Association (BFFA). The letter expresses Paige's lack of support for BFFA's call for the resignation of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Rather, Ralph Paige calls for increased efforts to address the discrimination problems at USDA and assistance to Black farmers such as the funding of Pigford II. Please see the letter below:

July 30, 2010

Mr. Tom Burrell, President
Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association
P. O. Box 70
Covington, TN 38014

Dear Tom:

In response to your press release calling for the resignation of USDA Secretary Vilsack, I do not believe this to be a good idea or strategic move. However, the current atmosphere could provide a unique opportunity to successfully address other more important issues, such as Pigford II. I also strongly feel that as a courtesy and sign of respect Shirley Sherrod should have at least been consulted on the use of her name and situation as the impetus for the rally at USDA.

Tom we have bigger and more pressing concerns than Secretary Vilsack's resignation. If he does resign, it will likely take at least a year to replace him and begin developing an agenda that would include issues of concern to farmers of color. This would mean valuable time wasted and would take us to the end of President Obama's first term without any meaningful change in the much talked about culture of discrimination at the USDA.

I feel that the best use of our time would be to focus on making sure that Congress appropriates the funds necessary to settle Pigford once and for all and that Secretary Vilsack successfully implements his fourteen point plan to ensure equity at USDA.

While I do not support the rally outside USDA calling for the resignation of Secretary Vilsack, I do believe that a meeting of all Black farm organizations is called for to discuss these and other issues so that we can better work together to meet the needs of African-American farmers. Such a meeting should also include Shirley so that we can benefit from her unique perspective.

Cooperatively yours,

Ralph Paige
Executive Director
Federation of Southern Cooperatives/
Land Assistance Fund


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