Monday, August 9, 2010

McIntosh Message 8/9/2010 (update)

Update on McIntosh County Ahahaha
:-) Okay folks now this is worthy of Laurel & Hardy (for you kids they were a comedy team looong time ago) After I sent the message out to you all about the way the fake Christians act here they sent out the very next night (that would be tonight) one of their lackeys. After Sharon was done feeding the horses, and had turned off the lights, something told her to wait a minute. And sure enough, a white guy drives by in a beat up old silver Lincoln with shocks and breaks that are shot and noisy, slowing down and stopping at the front gate. Then moving on a few feet and stopping. And he does this several times. My guess is that they think by using another vehicle they will confuse the issue of identifying the vehicle. But when he comes back to do his little act again coming up the street Sharon (instead of calling me) is waiting for him (that is what it's like to be married to an ex cop). She gets an ID in the vehicle and calls the cops.
Now this is the good part.

There happens to be a new deputy in the area. And the deputy comes really fast and is sitting in the driveway trying to figure out where we live when the Lincoln Drives by again with the Deputy unknowingly pulling in behind him. The Lincoln the floors it (figuratively because the clunker was not a very good get away car.) to get away and another Sheriff's deputy calls in the plate of a speeding vehicle.
What a show. What incompetence. LoL

Now I'm not making any accusations but.... I only sent my email to a couple of folks, besides our close friends who live outside this area. Then I released it late today to the general public. So,,, I guess our message got relayed. Maybe they watch too many Andy Griffith reruns here, because this was just like a Mayberry caper. LoL I guess they had to prove how Un-Christian they were. Ahahahaha Gee I guess they'll have to get another vehicle. Maybe they'll push the next one by, because this one was barely running. And gee guys, I know Sharon and I were just terrorized. W... When (ha!) we and the deputy could fit our terror in between our laughing. :-D
No Fear. Or was that Ain't Skeerd.
My sides are sore from laughing.
Talk to ya later,

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