Thursday, August 12, 2010

Video: Ex-FBI official: Terror babies ‘absurd’

Video: Ex-FBI official: Terror babies ‘absurd’
I don't know if anyone saw the ridiculous interviews Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas ( )
or Congresswoman Debbie Riddle of Texas (, but they were totally ridiculous. With totally no proof they make up a story about "achor babies" that they call "terror babies." That is about moms from terrorist organizations coming here to have babies so they can be US citizens and can come back 20 years later to blow things up here.

Here is what the FBI says about this ridiculous theory>>>

The FBI says terrorists don't need terror babies that are born here and come back 20 years later. Terrorists can recruit plenty of adults right now and not wait. They are using this ridiculous story as a preface to change the constitution from any baby being born here being a U.S. citizen. Which if you read our other reports on this whole ridiculous affair was in Senator Russell Pearce's emailed master plan as one of his steps to do away with Native American's dual citizenship and sovereignty. So once again my friends and family, this whole thing that we predicted would happen is playing out right before your eyes.

Gohmert, who was also on Fox News, when asked for proof of his claims began to freak out. But he never had any proof. he just yelled a lot, as did Congresswoman Riddle in her interview. No proof, just a lot of yelling and cover up.

At this point my friends and family, I wonder who is going to believe these two because people will believe anything these days as long as it comes from their particular brand of people on both sides of the isle in Washington.

But this affair was so blatantly contrived, that I hope both sides of the isle will come together and condemn it, because lying is not a right or left loyalty issue. It's about character and honesty.
Unfortunately, at this point, America is so divided, that I doubt that it will happen.

And it is my prayer that no voting American will actually fall for this "terror baby" fabrication, because the next step is to deny Native American People their dual citizenship as citizens of America and their Tribal Affiliation as outlined in Senator Russell Peace's private emails and on his website that we posted earlier.


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