Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stop Google And Verizon From Setting Our Public Internet Policy

Stop Google And Verizon From Setting Our Public Internet Policy
Something stunningly outrageous happened this week, when Google and
Verizon announced they had reached a "deal" for the future of the
internet. Since when is it the place of special interest corporations
to determine what public policy should be?

Stop Google & Verizon action page:

Actually it has been going on in back rooms all along, a prime recent
example being a health care bill written (the one that passed)
substantially by Liz Fowler, a former Wellpoint executive, who is now
apparently in line to also administrate the bill she wrote (another

But never before has it been so brazen that two industry giants
should publicly declare they have reached a private agreement, and to
expect Congress and the President to just fall in line.

They must not. Congress must reject this public carving up of the
public interest and instead establish clear principles in law that
industry giants must not be allowed to use their power to
discriminate access to the internet of the future.

Stop Google & Verizon action page:

This is just another example of why corporations must be put back in
their place. Corporations truly are NOT the people. Let them conduct
their business, but under regulations that serve primarily the public
interest. And they cannot be allowed to have inappropriate and
harmful influence on the election of the very representatives duty
bound to keep them so regulated.

That is why we have the long term objective of a constitutional
amendment soundly repudiating the Supreme Court's enshrinement of
corporate speech rights as superior to all others, by virtue of their
financial power.

That is why we need your help now to distribute hundreds of thousands
of "Corporations Are NOT The People" bumper stickers, and to spread
the message movement any other way you can. We have already printed
50,000 of these full 4 color UV coated beauties, and have moved more
than half that number already, mostly just given away free to anyone
who simply requests one.

Please consider picking up a bulk pack of 25 for just a modest
donation, which is what makes it possible for us to send free bumper
stickers to anyone who cannot make a donation right now. Be the key
activist in your own neighborhood to get these in the hands of all
your friends and on to their car bumpers.

Bulk Corporations Are Not The People bumper stickers:

And you can always get one free for yourself with no donation
required, if you have not requested yours already.

And here is the Facebook link for the Stop Google and Verizon action
page further above.

[Facebook] Action Page:

And this is the Twitter reply for this same action

@cxs #p1054

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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