Saturday, January 14, 2012

Daily Harassment

Welcome to McIntosh County, Ga. where celebratory gunfire (which is illegal) goes on all the time. Where con men can get a National Park which ancient Native burials and villages the want to put a subdivision on, most of which didn't belong to their ancestors and they sold it, where the law enforcement has no finger printing kits or footprint casts, where durgs are smuggled in regularly off the coast, they kill horses for sport, steal anything even your dog etc and laws are not enforced. A Criminal paradise.

And so the lunatic up the road makes his daily offering of celebratory gunfire (pretending he's truing in his big gun which if he were any good would have been "trued" in long before his 5 hrs. of gunfire one day). No use calling the cops here. They don't care.

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