Thursday, January 19, 2012

What we are asking from our boycott.

What we are asking from our boycott.

(1) All harassment by land, air or sea stop of those of us who have no part of their illegal drug activity or for those of us who are part of this coalition and who at this time are doing no other criminal activity

(2) That law enforcement here is properly equipped to do investigations.

(3) That law enforcement when called actually take a report when we ask them to come out and they actually write it up, and that a copy of the report will actually be available to those of us who call them.

(4) That regular patrols of qualified law enforcement officers patrol our streets at regular intervals each day and when they are called that they respond quickly instead of 45 minutes to and hour or longer.

(5) That no retribution will be taken against anyone who is part of this coalition by any entity or person within or without of McIntosh.

(6) That existing state laws about celebratory gunfire actually be enforced

(7) That law enforcement will actually talk to those who do harass other residents and tell them to cease their activities or face jail. Then actually put them in jail if they don't stop.

(8) That members of this coalition not be followed around or spied on or harassed whether by law enforcement, private agencies, residents, friends or relatives of residents or any other person hired or volunteered or asked to do such activities.

(9) That no "bugs," taps, or "spying" types of devices be legally or illegally attached to any phones or vehicles or positioned from any location so as to spy on any member of this coalition. We are not criminals and should not be treated as such.

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