Monday, January 16, 2012

More Harassment Gunfire

Local village idiot had spotter plane fly over. As soon as he saw me doing some very gentle exercises a lower caliber of gunfire began. He came from across the street to go to the other man's property and shoot then went back to across the street. They have a system. No use calling law enforcement they won't do a thing anyway.


  1. The truck cleared out across the street. What they are trying to do is send someone else to do the illegal celebratory gunfire so I will look like a liar or a confused person. That ain't gonna happen.

  2. Well the local criminal enterprise moved their gunfire across the street. But that's easy since I just saw them driving up the street. So they just move their vehicles around and do illegal celebratory gunfire where ever they want. Boy they even got their teens involved.


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