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Indigenous News

Indigenous News

From the Eagle Watch #198
December 27, 2011

We are posting here a compilation of information sent in by Kabespirabout the recent sentencing of one of the Ongwehonweh resisters at SixNations Grand River Territory. See below.

For full background info on the incidents at Grand River Territory 2007,etc. see MNN Mohawk Nation News. This is a very complex picturewith many players not being entirely as they present themselves. Here FYI a few excerpts from MNN:

MNN. Sept. 15, 2007. On September 13th at around 4:00 pm.witnesses saw non-native men running out, picking up weapons and goingback into the unfinished house. Inside five non-native men hadambushed two Indigenous youth. Their backs were against the wall,the two youth defended themselves. The youth had gone into thehouse, one going one way and the other in another direction. Theolder Indigenous boy caught one of the non-native men beating his youngerbrother.

...It is worth noting that the OPPolice were there throughout theincident “to maintain the peace”. They had not verified that allworkers had left or that the area was secure. They stood by andwatched the non-native men go into the house with clubs. They didnot help the two Indigenous youths who were being attacked inside. The OPP admitted, “We were caught off guard”.

...Apparently two Indigenous youth had entered the “empty” building andsurprised the non-natives who were inside. It was the Gualtieribrothers, Sam and Joe, and their three nephews, of Caledonia. Theystarted to beat one of the youth, a very young teenager. The olderyouth walked in and found Sam Gualtieri had his young brother against thewall with a bar pressed across his throat, ready to kill him. Hegrabbed whatever he could find to save his young brother. JoeGualtieri watched as his brother Sam took a beating. These burlyguys and their nephews were over confident. They had numbers,strength and weight on their side, while the kids were fighting for theirlives..."

MNN. Sept. 20, 2007.
...The defenders’ self-control was amazing. Truly amazing! The defenders knew that if one of the cops got hurt, they would beblamed. Most of the people arrested were women in theirtwenties and thirties, some younger and one elder, and a fewmen. Most were beaten in the encounter. All emerged with uglyblack and blue bruises under their arms, all down the sides of theirbodies and back and down their
legs. Some had bumps on their heads. These were the scars ofwhat the cops call “gentle arrests”. Remember, the ratio was 200 to1.

...Asked what they were charged with, the defenders said, “Missing thechiefs” [mischief]...

...The construction on Stirling Street had been closed down. Allthe workers were supposed to have left, including the Gualtieris. The place was crawling with police. But what were theirorders? Were they sleeping? Weird, eh!

According to the video tape and eye witnesses, five members of theGualtieri family, two brothers in their 50s, and 3 nephews in their 30s,marched into the unfinished mansion carrying weapons and baseballbats. Why didn’t the police stop them? Aren’t theysupposed to protect hotheads from their own stupidity?

Once the Gualtieris got inside the mansion, they attacked some Indigenousyouths who had gone in there to check for movements they had citedwithin. One of the older Gualtieris pinned a young boy against thewall by the throat with some kind of a pipe or pole. His terrifiedcompanion tried to save him. The younger Gualtieris ran out of thehouse leaving their uncle gawking at the scene. When the youthsstruggled free, and another one got out of the Port-a-Potti outside, thekids left. Then the cops went in and helped load the Gualtieri intoan ambulance. There were all kinds of wild rumors. Thehospitalized Gualtieri was said to be fighting for his life. Inreality, he was home in
less than a week. "

Kabespir does a lot of support work for the Six Nations, especially theOneida. She is a nonStatus Ongwehonweh living inPennsylvania.

This is Kabespir's report with some slight editing by Kittoh.
[Kittoh's remarks are in square brackets]

Well, folks,
This is way too much to go into in this short report, but since it is inthe news and some more "fallout" is sure to come, consider thisa simple report of findings that are recent on "Caledonia", andthe Dec. 23, 2011 trial and sentencing of Richard Smoke of "SixNations". He is now 22 and was about 18 at the time of hisarrest for allegedly "beating" a man in 2007.

Smoke was sentenced on Dec. 23, 2011.

More than a news blurb, there are many facts found while looking for away to let all of you know about this recent sentencing.

It's actually very hard to find a "fair version" of RichardSmoke being given a 2 year sentence with "time served" (since2007) for the alleged beating of a "home-builder" on the landduring the Caledonia incident which was perpetuated by the likes of GaryMcHale and other whites moving in on the land that wasn't theirs.

Even enwikipedia, seems to not have all of the "facts" as wemay know them to be true. [wiki often doesn't have all the facts straight- check your sources carefully]

(Here, it should be noted that archaeologists were all along theGrand River this summer digging without any of the Indigenous People fromSix Nations knowing about it until about 3 weeks ago.)

You can read the same article in more places. [the mainstreamarticles are an attack on our consciousness. anyone not up to dateon this stuff will be snowed under by the volume of confusinginformation. this is no accident.]

So, now the Gualtieri family says that Richard Smoke was "let offeasy because he is Aboriginal".

There's another side to this story. Apparently, the media doesn'twant to "go there".

Richard Smoke has already served time since 2007. (The MAX inCanada is 25 years even for a SERIAL KILLER (Picton, George Osmond'smurder of little Kayla John, etc.)

From a "blog" posted dec. 3, 2011 by one of McHale's cohortsin crime:

"Cayuga, Ont. • The words spoken in the old cut-stone courthouusewere quiet, meek and in boundless contrast to the leering swagger andantagonism displayed in 2007 during the height of the fiery nativeoccupation in Caledonia, which was when the assault being settled hereFriday actually took place.
Richard Smoke, a 22-year-old Six Nations man, spoke so quietly to hisvictim, non-native builder Sam Gualtieri, the judge asked him to repeathimself: “I would like to apologize to Mr. Gualtieri and his family forwhat he had to go through,†Smoke said. “I wouldn’t wish that onanybody.†[this was a disgusting humiliation of Smoke - he won'tsoon forget it!!]
But as the last of several criminal cases stemming from the Caledonianative occupation almost wound down late Friday, tensions over thestill-occupied site near Hamilton, Ont., are set to flare again asnon-native activists promised to march onto the site Saturday to raise aCanadian flag."

Did they actually do so?

They look so happy that they were arrested, especially GaryMcHale.

[chop chop] McHale saying:

"...We have to bring an end to race-based policing. We have 100acres of government-owned land that non-natives are not permitted to walkon. You might as well stick up signs that say ‘No whitesallowed."

McHale said he has been notified by the Ontario Provincial Policethat if he steps onto the site he will be arrested and charged.

The local court did not even manage to get to the end of Smoke’ssentencing from the last flash point before the planned march threatensto bring fresh accused before the courts, as what was expected to be aone-day hearing stretched to three days and then was adjourned untillater this month to allow for additional arguments.

Smoke’s defence lawyer, Sarah Dover [side kick to Chris Reid and partof the "Pro Bono Club"], said her client had been profoundlyaffected by a culture of racism and urged Judge Alan Whitten to weigh the“aboriginal perspective†as a mitigating factor leading to a “belowpar†sentence.

The Six Nations and Caledonia area, Ms. Dover told court, “was a hotbedof controversy that the people here experienced with an incredibleintensity.â€

Here's a Dec. 2, 2011 picture of the supposedly severely damaged (braintoo) builder, Sam Gualtieri & wife:

Looks pretty "healthy" in body to me. (I know, being"disabled' doesn't always "show", being"disabled" myself.)

The link to "Jack's" blog will take you to the National articlewith the above pic by clicking "MORE" here:

More here:

"Judge Alan Whitten cited the sad legacy of residential schoolsand the disproportionately large population of incarcerated aboriginaloffenders as reasons why a harsher sentence was not given" belowanother picture of Sam the Builder and wife:

Picture outside the courthouse when Richard Smoke's sentencing wasgiven:

(Note: "It's issues linger"... speaks volumes. Volumes of what no one in mainstream media is apparently willing toaddress.)

"He was caught up in a “spontaneous†emotional fray out ofcharacter for someone who had worked since the age of eight, has no priorcriminal record and whose childhood was “an incredible struggle†—raised in poverty without running water and without â“consistentparental supervision.â€
Smoke was damaged by the “intergenerational impacts†of theresidential school system, through which both sides of his familysuffered, she said. The attack should be viewed “against the backdropof discord between the Canadian government and aboriginal people.â€
The dissonance was shown in small measure by most of the family andfriends in court to support Smoke who declined to stand as the judgeentered and exited the courtroom, as is customary.
Crown attorney Alex Paparella urged Judge Whitten to impose apenitentiary sentence of six to eight years for the aggravated assaultand break and enter charges.
“As a practical matter,†she said, quoting case law, “particularlyviolent and serious offences will result in imprisonment for aboriginaloffenders as often as for non-aboriginal offenders.â€
The backdrop of aboriginal history is not the only context of this case,Ms. Paparella said: “This is a serious, aggravated assault on a man whowas attempting, as a property owner, to ask Mr. Smoke to leave hishome.â€
For his part, Mr. Gualtieri was still pondering Smoke’s quietapology.
“It did nothing for me,†he said after court. “It’s hard toprocess right now.â€
Smoke’s sentencing resumes Dec. 23."
National Post

"Smoke’s relative, Cheyenne Williams, said Smoke is reallya “sweet guy†and his sentence was better than they had feared. TheCrown sought six to eight years.
While there is programming for incarcerated aboriginal people, there isno Six Nations-specific counselling, so they hope the shorter sentencewill mean Smoke will have a less difficult time reintegrating into hiscommunity, said Williams, whose uncle is married to Smoke’s aunt.
“It’s hard for us realizing that one of our young men is going into ajail system.â€
Defence counsel Sarah Dover said Whitten’s ruling took both sides intoconsideration.
“Very significantly, Justice Whitten noted that the ongoing conflictbetween the aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities was a part of thebackdrop of this offence,†Dover said.
Dover is seeking clarity on whether Smoke will serve the sentence in afederal or provincial facility because Whitten had noted his intentionwas a penitentiary verdict, but he gave her client probation andreferenced provincial support programs."

Ultimately, Richard Smoke, only 18 years old at the time, has and isserving a sentence for this "crime". There are two sidesto the story. Google Gary McHale, Caledonia for more on his um.."activities".

Then, look at Ezra Levant's interview with McHale (Levant is the Canadian "Glenn Beck" of former Fox News propagandafame)

Ah, but "blazing cat" closed their youtube acct. so you can'tlisten to what was said afterall. Plenty more Ezra Levant and GaryMcHale, "Indian haters", videos on youtube.
Get the picture? (Consider this just a snapshot of these fools...)

Is "God's gift to Christians" Gary McHale? In HISopinion he appears to think so in the above!

This is just another drop in the "media bucket" and"non-media" bucket.

McHale wrote this "Christmas message" to all who mightlisten?

In part,
"I didn’t come to Haldimand because a family member was beingattacked. I didn’t come because my best friends lived here nor becausemy business was losing money due to the occupation. While my family didlive in Caledonia in the 1950s and I have two brother born here, I wasborn in Kingston and prior to July 2006 I had never been toCaledonia.
I came for one reason – I was compelled to. Yes, the people off HaldimandCounty were complete strangers to me but how could I claim to be a GoodSamaritan and ignore those who are in need. Don’t get me wrong, it isnot that I am better than anyone else – after 30 years oof marriage youcan just ask my wife for the long list of my faults – but if God hasdemonstrated His love to me through Jesus then how can I avoid sharingthat love with others?"

"Sharing the love"? What kind of "love" isMcHale trying to make us believe in? Certainly don't see any"love" in anything that Gary McHale gets his unclean hands on.

"This Christmas decide not to hide your head in the sand or becontrolled by fear, but decide to give the gift of Christmas to yourneighbour by standing up and being an advocate for truth, justice,equality and help bring an end to racism within government policies.
We Shall Overcome when God’s people pay a price as Jesus did. If youhave any questions call Merlyn Kinrade 905-765-5131 or me"

By all means, call him. McHale is "salt and light","like Jesus"?

Then, I guess Richard Smoke has already "apologized", beenforgiven and should be released, right, Gary? That's the"Christian thing to do"? Right?

And, in between the lines, McHale DOES call for violence, evenkilling? And, justifies his words through "Jesus","Christianity", and "Judaism".

These "anti-christ's?" are planning to get arrested again inJanuary/February 2012. (according to Mark Vandermoss).

And, we thought "criminals were criminals"? Guess if youare white, and commit acts of violence, there is no crime? Talkabout a "special treatment". To instigate andincite violence is the SAME THING as actually committing the act ofviolence. It's called "Hate Crime". FOUR"arrests" later, McHale and his "Caledonia Eight"have not been held accountable for their CRIMES.

To which we could say, "Let off easy because they are white".

ONLY "Aboriginal" People like Smoke (and Powless, among others)have spent time in prison and will continue to spend time inprison.

HAH! And, "The Sun" (minus Ezra Levant) just came outwith this (while the above was being compiled!):
[the toronto sun is a rag comparable to the National Enquirer, asalacious old rag that profits from spectacle. worthington is anold fart in a wind storm]

The thing is this, in google images, the picture of Sam (theBuilder), is not "shopped" like the same photo used in"The Sun". The Sun lightened the picture, made it lookway more bloody and made it a vertical shot instead ofhorizontal.

AND, again, there is "INCITEMENT" of violence by Worthington inthis article:

"’s hard to see how the mild sentence will persuade Smokeor others like him to refrain from lawless behaviour — especially whenthe OPP apparently are fearful of aggravating aboriginals, or havinganother Dudley George incident, as happened at the Ipperwashstand-off." [when OPP sniper Ken Deane shot and killed anunarmed Indigenous "protester".]

Worthington further shoots himself in the foot by stating:
"The beating of Gualtieri occurred when he arrived with workmanat a house he was building for his daughter, and saw people inside. Hewent in to roust them out."

DOES Worthington mean "ONE WORKER", OR MORE THAN ONEWORKER? Convenient "typo"?
Either way, Gualtieri was not alone, and went in to "roust themout", (threatened Smoke with bodily harm inferred) despite thepossibility of DEFENSE. Why didn't Gualtieri call thepolice? [they were right there]

When we find out where Richard Smoke will be incarcerated, we will postthe info. Maybe we can show some real "love" for theyoung man who got the blame and sentencing for what McHale and hiscronies started on Mohawk land.

This one's for Richard Smoke! The sentencing was TOO HARSH!

No Justice, No Peace,
Kabespir, INMWC, Investigative Reporter


Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group working in the field
and in the policy arena to protect America's last wild buffalo.

Buffalo Field Campaign
Yellowstone Bison
Update from the Field
December 29, 2011

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The state of Montana is accepting public comments on their Draft Joint Environmental Assessment Adaptive Management Adjustments to the Interagency Bison Management Plan. Sound like a bureaucratic mouthful? It is a proposal to intensify livestock-model management of the last continuously wild population of American buffalo, within the Gardiner Basin, north of Yellowstone National Park. Montana is touting their plan as a step towards more tolerance and habitat for wild buffalo in Montana, however, BFC's initial review of the draft Environmental Assessment reveals that mismanagement techniques - including capture, confinement, dangerous vaccination, artificial feeding, test-and-slaughter, quarantine, scientific research, and increased hunting - would be profoundly escalated.

Learn more and please TAKE ACTION NOW! Comments are due by January 13, 2012.

* Update from the Field

Photo by Mark Genito. Click photo for larger view.

Over the first week of the Winter Holidays, four buffalo were killed in two separate incidents. One bull was killed by a state hunter and three cow buffalo were killed by Confederated Salish-Kootenai tribal members hunting under treaty right. It is unclear if the three cows had calves. If so, we hope that the rest of the family group will care for them. In this particular incident BFC patrols documented the hunters using snowmobiles to reach the buffalo in areas of Gallatin National Forest that are closed to the machines in order to protect sensitive riparian habitat. These protected areas have helped to save numerous buffalo in recent years. Although BFC reported the violation we are unsure what actions the game wardens will take.

Before the hunters arrived last week a few family groups of wild buffalo were browsing just on the western edge of Yellowstone National Park. Naturally, they migrated west seeking winter range on Gallatin National Forest and in just a couple of days word got out that buffalo had crossed the line. Hunters soon arrived and four buffalo were killed. The remainder of the group vacated Montana and are, for now, safe. BFC volunteers have been seeing this behavior more and more; groups of buffalo migrate into areas where hunting is allowed, one or more are taken by hunters, and the rest of the group moves away from harm. While buffalo embody the gift of abundance, they are nobody's fools.

The cards are heavily stacked against wild buffalo with all the management schemes that the state and federal government have set up against them. It is no small task that BFC undertakes in advocating for their right to roam and lasting protection, but, with your continued support we will press on as long as it takes.


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A winter glance. Photo by Larry Broder. Click photo for larger image.

FACT: The bison's historic range spanned 1/3 of North America's land mass, more than two billion acres, and the wildlife species evolved in over twenty distinct ecosystems. Scientists estimate that today the American bison occupies less than 1% of their historic range. (Sanderson; Geist)

Published paper can be downloaded and reviewed from here.

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For the last five years BFC has been using specially developed database software for recording and analyzing wildlife sightings. That software, called Wildlife-Database is now available for anyone to use. If you would like to use the software for your own project it is available for free here.

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AMERICAN BUFFALO ELIMINATED from the last wild population in the U.S. The last wild population is currently estimated at fewer than 3,700 individual buffalo. Wild bison are currently ecologically extinct throughout their native range in North America.

2011-2012 Total Buffalo Killed: 8

2011-2012 Government Capture:
2011-2012 Government Slaughter:
2011-2012 Held for Government Experiment:
2011-2012 Died In Government Trap:
2011-2012 Miscarriage in Government Trap:
2011-2012 State & Treaty Hunts: 8
2011-2012 Quarantine:
2011-2012 Shot by Agents:
2011-2012 Killed by Angry Residents:
2011-2012 Highway Mortality:

2010-2011 Total: 227
2009-2010 Total: 7
2008-2009 Total: 22
2007-2008 Total: 1,631

* Total Since 2000: 3,980*

*includes lethal government action, trap-related fatalities, quarantine/experiments, hunts, highway mortality

* Last Words ~ Jeffrey St. Clair

"Since 1985, the federal government, working in concert with Montana cattle barons, has killed more than 6,800 bison that have migrated out of Yellowstone National Park. The slaughter is rationalized on the specious grounds of preventing the spread of brucellosis from bison to local cows. The Buffalo Field Campaign has exposed this dreadful bloodbath as a political hoax. Their volunteers courageously place themselves between the bison and their would-be killers. They spend all day, from sunrise until sunset, watching and documenting actions taken against the buffalo. They run patrols from cars, skis and snowshoes to protect buffalo outside the park. Their tactics range from video documentation to nonviolent civil disobedience."

~ Jeffrey St. Clair, from his recent article "Ten Small Green Groups that Make a Big Difference," appearing in CounterPunch. Read the full article here. Thank you so much Jeffrey!!

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Bernardo Gallegos

10:25am Dec 29

"As individuals and as a nation we have been spiritually crippled, because, after the massacre at Wounded Knee, our ancestors had never gone through the process, the ritual that is usually accorded to...people who...lose a loved one. And until...that takes place, they are in a period of mourning." -- Birgil Kills Straight (Lakota)

National Museum of the American Indian

On this day, 121 years ago, December 29, 1890, the Seventh Calvary massacred Miniconjou Lakota leade...


First Nations vow to fight nuclear waste storage plans

Support the cause. Be counted:

When it comes to nuclear waste, there is often a lot of "not in my backyard" sentiment.

First Nations communities in the Elliott Lake area say the gates to the backyard are firmly shut even though business leaders there are on board with being considered a long-term storage site for nuclear waste.

The North Shore Tribal Council said there's going to be opposition to the area becoming a nuclear waste storage site. The council represents seven First Nations across the North Shore of Lake Huron.

Tribal Council CEO Alan Ozawanimke said the chiefs have one message for the nuclear waste management group looking around Canada for potential sites: "Don't waste your financial resources if you plan to conduct a study in this area because they're going to oppose it.”

However, the Elliot Lake and North Shore Corporation for Business Development is hoping to be chosen by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization.

The NWMO is federally mandated to look after Canada's spent fuel when it comes to long term storage.

William Elliott, general manager for the Elliot Lake group, said becoming a storage site would mean millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs. And this would be boon to the economically challenged area.

"If we have the geology, we have the expertise, we have the history, why wouldn't we do it?” he said. “And all the economic benefit is kind of the icing on the cake."

Other places in the region under consideration for possible (nuclear waste) storage sites include Wawa, Hornepayne and several places near Thunder Bay.



MNN. Dec. 29, 2011. Western society prefers artificial interaction with inanimate objects.

The globe is the resort of their rulers. We are all supposedly here for their use. 70% of the people in the Western Hemisphere are not needed by their industrial-war machine.

Central Control activates their resort. They write the scenario, then act it out and force others to act in it.

it's all unnatural. Their script boils down to killing, having sex with androids and outdrawing everybody in a gun fight. This production is here!

Animals are kept in cages and zoos. They can be eliminated, like the 65 million buffalo were by Secretary of interior General Sherman after the Civil War.

The rulers believe they control everything through money and technology, which is unravelling.

The masses are becoming unmanageable. The rulers need our minerals and resources to make weaponry to kill, maim, threaten and control the masses. The James Bay Ring of Fire in northern Ontario is being wrecked to dig up diamonds to reinforce tanks and weapons.

The rulers' weapons are operated by members of the masses. The rulers make their weapons and ammunition. It's a symbiotic relationship.

Both aren't sure where they're going, like ships with full sail and no rudder.

Some see a growing darkness of extinction. The control center is being hacked into. The ruling class occupiers will be gone from Great Turtle Island. The masses need to get their orders. From who and how? They panic. They are conditioned to be obedient, instructed and submit to hierarchy. As they don't know how to work together, share equally or listen to each other, they try to go after each other.

Batteries turn the power on temporarily. The greatest fear of secrecy is shining the light on the dark.

The Indigenous never died out. We come from the earth and will always be here. They can't belong and are uncomfortable with ongwehonwe/natural humans.

The rulers are escaping the environmental devastation they've caused here, taking their international travelling road show with them. The masses want something new to follow. Think matriarchy!

The doors are electrically powered. The hordes try to follow their rulers, but they're locked in. The bunkers need oxygen, workers and managers to tell them what to do.

The masses try to escape, trampling each other.

The occupation is over. The rulers try to plant computer chips in the masses to keep them here.

Is history repeating itself, reprogramming their people and killing those they don't want?

This abnormal scenario was not meant to last.

Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Being out of touch with the natural world, they have no answers and make the same mistakes. The results look fatal.

Food is getting scarce. They're trapped by the dysfunctional control center. The masses run crazy. Their hierarchical masters are gone.

The rulers' greatest fear is the masses will find out they are all the same. They're beginning to cast down their masters to where they came from. Some bosses try to continue the illusion. They need submissive masses, who will do the work, push their wheel chairs and clean their bunkers.

Rulers need a game plan.

"We shall deceive them into accepting laws that will steal the little freedom they have left".

Countries are escaping their clutches, starting with Iceland, then Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Europe and now the rest of the world.

The rulers and their agents leave behind confused technicians, dazed agents and damaged masses. The air conditioners are off. They're melting in the heat. The elite and agents sit in the hovercraft floating above the ground. They shoot at and set fire to the land and then float away.

Yogi Berra said, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future".

We're burning tobacco and singing: Just give me a home where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play; where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day.

, appreciate your taking the time to read MNN! Please forward this story to anyone that may be interested. The link is below. Nia:wen.


Robin Littlefeather Hannon

6:43pm Dec 29

enrollment issues again...

Harlem Indian discusses his frustrations with the enrollment practices on our American Indian reserv...


Aim Southern Cal

9:48am Jan 3


This is an excerpt from a 2005 interview of Red Crow hosted by Vernon Bellecourt. It was recorded at...


First nations fiercely opposed to Northern Gateway

Support the cause. Be counted:

I Read This

The Gitga’at First Nation has been saying no to the Northern Gateway pipeline project since 2006.

The project will bring more than 200 huge tankers annually through the waters next to their tiny community of 160 in Hartley Bay at the entrance to Douglas Channel on B.C.’s northwest coast. Another 500 Gitga’at live elsewhere, including in Prince Rupert, also on the northwest coast.

The risks and effect of an oil spill are simply not worth any economic benefits, which the first nation views as nil, says Marvin Robinson, a spokesman for the community.

It’s a familiar refrain among B.C. first nations.

Despite the argument that opening up a new market for Alberta oilsands in Asia will benefit all Canadians — and an offer of a 10-per-cent ownership stake in the pipeline for first nations — almost all first nations’ voices in British Columbia have been raised in protest.

Unlike in Alberta, most aboriginal land claims in British Columbia have not been settled with treaties.

Court decisions, including at the Canadian Supreme Court level, have stipulated that first nations must be consulted and accommodated when their traditional lands are affected by industrial development.

Last month, more first nations signed their names to a declaration calling for an “unbroken wall of opposition” to pipelines and oil tankers along B.C.’s coast. More than 60 first nations along the pipeline route, Fraser River and coast have signed the declaration.

Among those are the Gitga’at, whose concerns on the Enbridge project increased following the sinking of BC Ferries’ Queen of the North in 2006.

Hartley Bay residents were first on the scene to rescue passengers.

The fallout from the sinking — the leaking of diesel fuel and oil onto surrounding beaches, including clam beds — woke them up to the potential harm of a larger oil spill, said Robinson, who runs guided tours of the remote coastal area.

“It’s almost like a test run. You get to see little mistakes and things that shouldn’t happen. We’re talking about a really light oil — diesel — [from the Queen of the North]. Imagine if it’s one of these [large oil tankers]. That’s the part that really scares us,” said Robinson.

Some of the tankers will be able to carry as much as two million barrels of oil. Called VLCCs — Very Large Crude Carriers — their length is longer than three football fields.

The Gitga’at are among nearly 20 first nations from B.C. that have signed up as interveners in regulatory hearings that begin Jan. 10 in Kitimat.

Enbridge has said it has aboriginal support and it expects a majority of the nearly 50 first nations with territory along the pipeline route to sign on to its ownership offer, but only one B.C. first nation has declared its support publicly.

And when Gitxsan hereditary chief Elmer Derrick announced the nation in northwest B.C. had signed an ownership deal that would provide $7 million over a 30-year period, it sparked an immediate battle with other leaders in the community who say they don’t support the project.

Unlike in B.C., most Alberta first nations have not said whether they support or reject the 1,172-kilometre pipeline.

More than a dozen Alberta first nations have signed up as interveners in the hearings overseen by the National Energy Board, but none have issued public declarations on the pipeline project.

Contacted before Christmas, Alexis Nation leaders said they were not ready to say anything about the project.

Other first nations in Alberta — including the Horse Lake First Nation — did not respond to requests for comment.

But at least one Alberta first nation is saying no to Northern Gateway pipeline.

Driftpile First Nation chief Rose Laboucan told The Vancouver Sun that following the recent completion of a traditional land-use study, the community of 2,000 has rejected the project. About 1,000 band members live on the Driftpile reserve, west of Edmonton.

“The permanent right of way will be about a 25-metre-wide scar running through the territory, harming the plants and animals, things we rely on,” said Laboucan.

She said it is ridiculous to believe there is not going to be an oil spill.

“I understand there has to be progress. I understand they want markets outside of Canada, to Asia. But at the same time, when do we balance our Mother Earth? In my opinion, it’s in pain now,” said Laboucan.

The band had reached a deal earlier with the Pembina Pipeline Corp. to build a safe house in the community over a different project, noted Laboucan.

But she said Enbridge’s take-it-or-leave-it approach of its ownership offer in Northern Gateway turned the community off.

First nations who oppose the Enbridge project stress they are not opposed to economic development.

But it depends on the development.

The Nadleh Whut’en First Nation, located in north-central B.C., has signed on to an ownership deal with the $1.2-billion Pacific Trails natural gas pipeline, but is opposed to the Enbridge oil pipeline.

The community of 470 — about 250 of whom live on the shores of Fraser Lake — supports the natural gas pipeline because if there was a rupture the gas would dissipate, says chief Larry Nooski.

There is no support for the Northern Gateway project because the oil from a pipeline leak could remain in the environment for a long time despite efforts to clean it up.

Nooski points to the more than 22-year-old Exxon Valdez tanker spill in Prince William Sound in Alaska, where research has shown that oil remains in the environment.

Nooski said that community meetings early on showed this as a concern.

“The impacts on the aquatic life and salmon was just too great for our people to even consider something of this nature,” said Nooski.

“If there is an interruption in our fishing, a lot of people would be without food. I know it sounds strange today because you have the Safeways and what have you. Personally, I still rely on my catch. I still rely on the fish that is caught in the summer and fall,” he said.

He said the first nation is already involved in the forest sector through its logging business.

Nadleh Whut’en also recently became involved in Thompson Creek Metals’ nearby Endako molybdenum mine and operates a 350-person camp for the $375-million Endako mine expansion and modernization project.
© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

Read more:


Aim Southern Cal

7:34pm Jan 4

Please share

This morning the Today Show did a segment on 'The Quest for Quiet'. They were promoting high end resorts, one of which sells ceremony. Evidently NBC learned nothing from the James Ray fiasco seeing that they specifically mentions sweats.

TODAY Video Player


Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group working in the field
and in the policy arena to protect America's last wild buffalo.

Buffalo Field Campaign
Yellowstone Bison
Update from the Field
January 5, 2012

* NEW TAKE ACTION! Support No Cattle Grazing on Part of Gallatin National Forest
* Update from the Field
* More Important Actions to Take for Wild Buffalo
* New! Endangered Buffalo Fact of the Week
* Start 2012 with a Wild Bison Calendar!
* BFC Wish List
* By the Numbers
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* NEW TAKE ACTION! Support 'No Cattle Grazing' on Part of Gallatin National Forest!
No more cattle grazing in wild buffalo habitat! It's time to remove cattle from Gallatin National Forest to make room for these handsome and ecologically critical native bovines. Photo courtesey of Sandy Sisti. Click photo for larger image.

The Gallatin National Forest Hebgen Lake Ranger District is proposing to renew a 10 year permit to graze cattle within the wild American buffalo's habitat on the South Fork and Watkins Creek in Hebgen Basin, west of Yellowstone National Park. The South Fork of the Madison River is prime buffalo habitat and buffalo migrate through the Gallatin National Forest not far from Watkins Creek. Buffalo migrating west of the South Fork have been shot by private landowners and Montana livestock officials as the habitat is currently designated Zone 3 ("zero tolerance") by the Interagency Bison Management Plan agencies including the Gallatin National Forest.

Please tell Gallatin National Forest that you support the "No Grazing Alternative" to help protect habitat for wild buffalo! Comments are due by January 20, 2012. TAKE ACTION NOW!

REMINDER: There's just over a week left to comment on Montana's Gardiner Basin proposal and more actions you can take for the buffalo are also below. Thank you so much for being a voice for America's last wild buffalo!

* Update from the Field

Wild buffalo migrate through deep snow in single file, helping each other break trail. When the lead buffalo grows tired, she or he will step aside to pull up the rear and rest a little, with the next buffalo taking the lead. Photo by Ric Kessler. Click photo for larger image.

Eight more buffalo have been killed by hunters, bringing this year's kill up to sixteen. The only two buffalo that were in Montana north of Yellowstone - two bulls - were killed by hunters before the New Year, and the rest were killed on Gallatin National Forest lands west of Yellowstone. In one of these incidents, a group of buffalo had been in an area that is closed to hunting and all human activity to protect nesting bald eagles on Horse Butte. Unfortunately, it appears that a snowmobiler illegally violated the closure and pushed the buffalo out of their safe zone, allowing hunters to shoot one. This group of buffalo had already had a few family members killed earlier in the hunt, and they had gotten themselves to Montana's largest buffalo safe zone, on the private lands of the Galanis Family. Since their family has been shot at again, this family group - under the cover of night - walked all the way from Horse Butte to Yellowstone National Park, where they remain safe from hunters, but unfortunately unable to safely access critical winter range.

With the Interagency Bison Management Plan agencies aiming to keep America's last wild buffalo population at a ridiculous 3,000 cap, they are developing a recipe for disaster. Not only is it unthinkable to try to limit the buffalo to such life-threatening low numbers, but by also allowing for a state hunt, with the addition of four First Nations also hunting under treaty rights, there will never be enough buffalo to appease the appetites of hunters and maintain a viable population. It is as if the government is aware of this, and because they don't want wild buffalo in Montana, they are setting it up so that hunters will one day be fighting each other over the few buffalo that are available.

As BFC has always said, no habitat, no hunt! This is an ecologically extinct population, and America's last. Hunting these buffalo when their population is in such dire straights - and also subjected to the hazing, capture, slaughter, quarantine, research and other nefarious government "management" tactics - is clearly setting the stage for calamity. Wild buffalo need access to their habitat - wherever they choose to roam - all the time, through all seasons. They must be allowed to restore themselves in Montana and elsewhere, and become a viable population, or we risk their eminent extinction.

A beautiful, frosty-faced buffalo cow shows deep, gentle and timeless wisdom in her eyes. Photo by Mike Burdic. Click photo for larger image.

The buffalo seem to be cluing in to the human chess board that has been set up for them. Their wisdom in leaving hunting areas before they all get shot - which is exactly what would happen if hunters are given the chance - is a huge spark of hope. And maybe, just maybe, as buffalo get more savvy to these lengthy hunting seasons, they will become more and more unavailable to the hunters that come to kill them, and then hunters will finally begin to see that they will have to do their part in demanding that hunting wild buffalo is harmfully premature and these sacred beings must be allowed to restore themselves throughout their native range.

BFC is steadfast in our commitment and dedication to fight for the buffalo on their chosen ground, in the policy arena, in the legislative ring, and on the legal front to gain them access to their native habitat and the lasting protection that they must have in order to survive as a self-willed buffalo nation. You are the biggest part of this commitment - you and the buffalo - together, we will make it happen, with endless pressure, endlessly applied.


* More Important Actions to Take for Wild Buffalo

1. Montana Seeks Public Comments on Wild Buffalo - Comments due by January 13, 2012

2. Stop Federal Livestock Overseer from Harming Wild Buffalo!

3. Urge Congress to Pass Public Lands Grazing Bill!

4. Help keep BFC strong and effective in the field and at every level of the policy arena. Donations are tax-deductible and go directly to BFC's critical program work.

5. Volunteer with BFC! Field volunteers are needed now through June. BFC provides room, board, gear and training. Please consider joining us on the front lines, working in defense of America's last wild buffalo! Learn more and apply here and then contact our volunteer coordinators.

Thank you so much for taking these important actions! Please spread the word by passing these alerts on through all your networks of friends and colleagues!

* NEW! Endangered Buffalo Fact of the Week

FACT: "Today, the plains bison is for all practical purposes ecologically extinct within its original range." C.H. Freese, Second Chance for the Plains Bison

Published paper can be downloaded and reviewed from here.

Have a fact you'd like to share with us? Email it to us.

* Start 2012 with a Wild Bison Calendar!

BFC's Wild Bison 2012 calendars make terrific gifts, so if you're still looking for that perfect something for someone, please consider a Wild Bison 2012 Calendar, the gift that celebrates wild buffalo every single day of the year!

Order Your Wild Bison 2012 Calendars Now!

* BFC Wish List 2012

There are many ways for you to make a difference for wild buffalo. BFC's Wish List is one way to visualize the breadth of Buffalo Field Campaign's reach and capacity to work in defense of wild buffalo year-round. It's also a great way to match your interests with our day-to-day needs, prayers and wishes.

BFC Wish List 2012

* By the Numbers

AMERICAN BUFFALO ELIMINATED from the last wild population in the U.S. The last wild population is currently estimated at fewer than 3,700 individual buffalo. Wild bison are currently ecologically extinct throughout their native range in North America.

2011-2012 Total Buffalo Killed: 16

2011-2012 Government Capture:
2011-2012 Government Slaughter:
2011-2012 Held for Government Experiment:
2011-2012 Died In Government Trap:
2011-2012 Miscarriage in Government Trap:
2011-2012 State & Treaty Hunts: 16
2011-2012 Quarantine:
2011-2012 Shot by Agents:
2011-2012 Killed by Angry Residents:
2011-2012 Highway Mortality:

2010-2011 Total: 227
2009-2010 Total: 7
2008-2009 Total: 22
2007-2008 Total: 1,631

* Total Since 2000: 3,988*

*includes lethal government action, trap-related fatalities, quarantine/experiments, hunts, highway mortality

* Last Words

"Hard times can be the worst of times or the best of times. We appreciate all [Buffalo Field Campaign's] sacrifices 24-7-365 on behalf of our beautiful shaggy forest friends. If I had a wishbone and won 'the pull', I'd ask for more compassion and understanding from the state of Montana in the upcoming new year. Thanks for everything you do."

~ Gene, a longtime BFC supporter

Do you have submissions for Last Words? Send them to us. Thank you for all the poems, songs, quotes and stories you have been sending! Keep them coming!

Media & Outreach
Buffalo Field Campaign
P.O. Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT 59758

BFC is the only group working in the field every day
in defense of the last wild buffalo population in the U.S.


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Northern Ontario first nation wins injunction to stop exploration by Solid Gold

- A northern Ontario First Nation has won an injunction to prevent junior miner Solid Gold Resources from drilling on their land.

In a decision this week Ontario Superior Court of Justice Carol Brown sided with the First Nations community, saying Solid Gold (TSXV:SLD) failed to engage in consultation.

She prohibited Solid Gold from any further exploration in the area for 120 days, during which time the company and the provincial government must undergo a proper consultation process with Wahgoshig.

If the meetings are not productive, the community can go back to court to seek an extension of the injunction.

Wahgoshig Chief David Babin says he hopes the ruling sends a message to all companies that courts will not let First Nation rights "be trampled on by unilateral actions and failures of industry and government."

Solid Gold had argued that granting the injunction would jeopardize its financial well-being and essentially shut down its operations.


Aim Southern Cal

7:20pm Jan 5

_______________________________________________________________________ For Immediate Release Contacts: December 30, 2011 Jeneda Benally,(928)

Forest Service risks Safety of Children’s health by allowing sewage effluent snow on San Francisco Peaks !
Human health impacts of wastewater snowmaking to be heard at 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, CA
_______________________________________________________________________ What: COURT DATE, CARAVAN, PRESS CONFERENCE, RALLY When: Saturday, January 7th, 2012 Caravan launches from Flagstaff. Monday, January 9, 2012 – Court Hearing (see schedule of events below) Where: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals 95 Seventh Street, San Francisco, CA Who: The Save The Peaks Coalition
Why: The San Francisco Peaks, a holy mountain near Flagstaff AZ, are in danger of being used as a toxic recreation area exposing citizens to hazardous contaminants! Citizens are fighting the United States Forest Service in a legal battle to protect children from hazardous endocrine disruptors and to protect this sacred site from desecration. On January 9th, 2012 The Save the Peaks Coalition et al vs. the United States Forest Service will be heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, CA. The case argues that under the National Environmental Policy Act and the Administrative Procedure Act, the Forest Service failed to adequately consider the impacts associated with ingestion of snow made from reclaimed sewer water in its Environmental Impact Statement. The Forest Service approved reclaimed sewer water for the use of snowmaking at a local Northern Arizona ski resort in 2004. The reclaimed sewer water in question is from Flagstaff's Rio de Flag Sewage Plant. Since May, the owners of Arizona Snowbowl, with the support of the U.S. Forest Service and the Flagstaff City Council, have already laid 7 miles of a 14.8 mile wastewater pipeline and have clear-cut over 50 acres of rare alpine forest. According to Howard Shanker, attorney for the Save the Peaks Coalition and the other plaintiffs, “The Forest Service failed to adequately consider the impacts of potential human ingestion of snow made from reclaimed sewer water as required by applicable law. Our government should not be approving such projects without some sort of understanding of the anticipated impacts. By approving treated sewage effluent for snow making without adequate analysis, the government essentially turns the ski area into a test facility with our children as the laboratory rats. That is unconscionable.” Mr. Shanker, a former congressional candidate in Arizona Congressional District 1, represented a number of tribes and environmental organizations in prior litigation over Snowbowl’s proposed expansion and threatened use of treated sewage effluent. "It is deplorable that the United States Forest Service would allow known endocrine disruptors to come in to contact with our most vulnerable citizens, our children", states Berta Benally, a plaintiff in the case. "At one point DDT, BPA and asbestos were all considered safe. Years later, after many people have suffered, we now sadly know that they are hazardous!" The Save the Peaks Coalition is planning a caravan to the San Francisco Court of Appeals on January 9th.

Anyone interested in participating can call 928-380-8014 or email

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS January 9th 7:00 AM, Sunrise Gathering/Ceremony *Photo Opportunity* To Be Determined, San Francisco 8:00 AM, March to Courthouse *Photo Opportunity* 95 Seventh Street, San Francisco 9:00 AM, Prayer Vigil at Courthouse *Photo Opportunity*
95 Seventh Street, San Francisco


Update and changes to this week's show

Daphie Pooyak Joins Our Panel Discussion
by Hiddenfromhistoryin Politics ProgressiveAirdate:Sat, Jan 7, 2012 04:00PM remove reminder ✎Edit unfollow
Call in number to speak with the host

(347) 857-3524
skype If you liked this show, you can follow Hiddenfromhistory.
The panel and Daphie Pooyak, our guest from last week's show will be back with us again to have a general discussion on where ever the wind shall take us. Listeners with questions are welcome to call in. Kevin will be unable to join us this weekend.

Panel: Kevin Annett,Russ Letica as cohost,David Little Eagle,Carrie Lester,Bill Annett and Marcie Lane as Producer and Host


Kevin Annett Online Radio by Hiddenfromhistory | Blog Talk Radio

Telling the Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. Host: Kevin Annett and Russ Letica Tune in to Kevin's lively program "Hidden from History". Guests include activists from the West Coast native community, anti-poverty movements, and ordinary men and women battling injustice


CherokeeLink Newsletter

We hope that you and your family had a wonderful holiday. If your New Year’s resolutions is to quit smoking or to learn the Cherokee Language then we have just the thing!

Cherokee Nation is offering a free 6-week smoking cessation class, open to the public, and meets on Mondays starting Jan. 9 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Tahlequah. For more info:

Online Cherokee Language classes will begin next week (Monday Jan. 9) so it is not too late to register for class and have that LIVE experience with our language instructor Ed Fields. Soon you will be asking “hilaiyv adelenisgo gilagogeyi?” so you can step up your language learning. If you are unsure of what I just said, register for class at:

Wotsedohesdi. Hope to see you there too!
Wado! (Thank you)
Cherokee Nation
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***Cherokee Nation News*****
Stick to your New Year’s Resolution with Cherokee Nation’s Smoking Cessation Class:1/3/2012 8:40:58 AM
© Cherokee Nation
Do you make the same New Year’s resolution every year to quit smoking or dipping? Make a permanent change in 2012 with Cherokee Nation’s smoking cessation class starting on Jan. 9.

Cherokee Nation Volunteer Program offers Tax Prep Service:1/3/2012 8:26:36 AM
© Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Nation volunteers will once again be donating their time and expertise to file federal and state income tax returns for those earning less than $50,000 annually. The service is provided free to those who live within the Cherokee Nation’s 14-county jurisdiction.

Cherokee Nation offers Classes for New Business Owners:1/4/2012 10:33:03 AM
© Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation is hosting a series of business entrepreneurship classes in January that teach new business owners how to write a successful business plan. Classes are held in Tahlequah on Jan. 12, 17, 24 and 31 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Osiyo Training room, behind the Restaurant of the Cherokees, 17675 S. Muskogee Ave.


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Rosamary Rubio

7:26pm Jan 6


Apache - 01 Five Spirits

A while ago, on my crystalettes account, I uploaded a Native American song and you guys wanted more....


She's alive, beautiful, finite ,,,,,, and hurting - watch till the end

you owe it to yourself to watch this one.


Aim Southern Cal

8:09am Jan 7

Farewell Reception planned for our Pacific Islander Relatives that made the historic trek from thier lands to our lands on the west coast- Mark your calendars to join the celebration January 21st! Mark your calendars! in San Diego! more information to be announced fore more info on this historical voyage look to this link

Pacific Voyagers

Faafaite sailed with the film crew towards the island of Hawai'i, they reached the community of Kawa...


Billie Fidlin

12:32am Jan 9

"Eagle Creek Entertainment is a company founded & operated by Native American women." Read more about them at the Whisper n Thunder link Eagle Creek E. Interview below.

Eagle Creek E. Interview

Check out!


From the Eagle Watch #201

Imperial Minions,Transparent Rednecks and Dirty Drawers
January 11, 2012

Imagine someone coming into your home to inspect for cleanliness andwrite a report for his boss. He makes notes on the number of chairsyou have, what you do with your garbage, if anyone is sick and many otherthings. This is the kind of information in the Indian agents'reports to Ottawa about the various Indigenous people they wereresponsible for as "wards of the Crown".

One agent actually stated, "They are improving in sanitation, themajority now keeping their houses and surroundings clean, also havingregular weekly washings of underclothing." Note#1

The mentality reflected in such arrogance can be found throughout therecord and has not changed one iota. It is carried on today in theunmistakable tone of articles, reports and speeches such as thosediscussed in this report.

The Canadian Gov recently introduced a bill to legislate, First NationsFinancial Transparency Act. NOTE#2 They were under pressure fromelements who think that band council chiefs make too much money. They say they want to eliminate corruption in Native communities. Sounds more like they want to eliminate native communities and Nativepeople period. If they want to look for corruption, they could lookat their own colonial governments who have a long history of corruption,theft, fraud and criminal behaviour.

Another bill by former chief of Kamloops First Nation Manny Jules, is theFirst Nations Property Ownership Act intended to "transform"the way Indigenous own community land. Ultimately, it will take theland away and eliminate the rez, ie the community which is the basis ofIndigenous strength, identity and healing.

Speaking of big salaries, Manny, appointed by Prime Minister Stephen"Pinnocchio" Harper as head Commish of the First Nations TaxCommission FNTC to advise the Minister of AAND, makes about $200,000annually for nine years. NOTE#3

The groups and people behind this legislative campaign include federal MPKelly Block, Canadian Taxpayers Federation CTF based in Saskatchewan withoffices from BC to Ontario and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy FCPPas well as the strident imperial voices of well paid academics likeFlanagan, Widdowson and Bland. These people all act on theassumption that their way is always the better way for everybodyelse. They will "help" anyone.... as long as they are theboss...They are unscrupulous at twisting ideas and concepts.

Taxpayers Soapbox
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation CTF issued a highly controversialreport on Native band chief salaries being more than the PrimeMinister's. NOTE#4

The CTF is a nonprofit advocacy group that lobbies mainly on taxissues. They have a board of directors, researchers andspokespersons. They claim they have over 70,000 supporters whodonate money to finance their efforts.

The CTF web site boasts, "CTF offices field hundreds of mediainterviews each month, hold press conferences and issue regular newsreleases, commentaries and publications to advocate the common interestof taxpayers. CTF representatives speak at functions, make presentationsto government, meet with politicians, and organize petition drives,events and campaigns to mobilize citizens to effect public policychange."

That's a lot of propaganda and psychological warfare.

The CTF board includes director, Erin Chutter, Note#5 an aggressive andruthless young business woman who knows what she wants: to be theworld's biggest digger upper of cobalt and rare earth metals for themilitary and telecommunications industries. She's looking for biginvestors in her projects and schemes.

Ms "Chatterbox" Chutter is the head of Vancouver-based PugetVentures Inc./Global Cobalt Corporation with projects planned in Ontarionorth of Kenora and in Altai, Russia.

Puget Ventures say their Werner Lake claim is "Canada's next primarycobalt producer". The 1,700 hectares in Northwestern Ontario is inAnishnaabek territory (Treaty 3). It includes "three extremelyrare primary cobalt deposits and two significant nickel-copper-PGEdeposits...about 90 km north of Kenora, Ontario and 90 km east Northeastof the town of Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba."

Erin Chatter is also a founder and director of Sceptre Ventures andQuantum Rare Earth Development Inc. which is developing some rare earthelements near Uranium City, Saskatchewan and Niobium in Nebraska. They're looking for investors on the German stock exchange.

Remember Frontenac Ventures?? Watch out for phoney Native protestsas a way to raise funding for the many competing and scrambling venturecapitalists.

Another director at CTF is Andy Crooks who owns a company, RichCrooksEnterprises Ltd. Doesn't that say it all??

The MP Pawn in the Game
Kelly Block is a Saskatchewan MP in Harper's Conservativegovernment. She's a loyal minion and token affirmative action forthe colonial elitists. NOTE#6

Here's what Kelly Block said,
"This legislation helps pave the way to greater private sectorinvestment and economic prosperity for First Nations. I have heardfrom aboriginal community members, who have said this information isimportant and necessary for their communities and I am proud that ourgovernment is taking action to deliver results for FirstNations."

Stooges, Parrots and Other Unmentionables
Then token Indian, Chief of Whitecap Dakotas, Darcy "YogiBerra" Bear parrots her comments, "This bill will mean moreaccountability of First Nation leaders to our people. Transparentand accountable First Nation governments support a strong environment forinvestment leading to greater economic development."

That is what it is really about, "a strong environment forinvestment". But for whom? This is the fullthrottle Cons policy to welcome the global resource grabbers here. The aspiring minions invest their savings in developing resources whilethe corporate giants profit without apparent risk, growing fatter all thetime.

Don Sandberg, Cree from Norway House, is employed by the FCPP in theirAboriginal Frontiers Project. A few years ago, he was asked hisviews on Bill C-7, the Governance Act proposed by former Indian AffairsMinister Robert Nault.

Don said, "We had, for the first time that aboriginal people canrecall, a minister of the government saying to the ordinary people on thereserve, 'I know what your problems are through your many letters askingfor assistance and I want to assist by making band councils accountablenot only to you but the taxpaying public.'"

Dom maintains, "The government has to start policing theirfunding commitments to the native people and respecting the taxpayersthat fund aboriginal organizations." NOTE#7

"The taxpayers that fund aboriginalorganizations"!!??

Hold on now, that's backwards and very provocative. TheCanadian taxpayer who lives and works here and pays taxes is abeneficiary of Indigenous resources. The resources include water,trees, minerals, soil, etc. For example, the Cree share resourceslike petroleum with nonNative visitors. If all factors werecalculated in, the visitors have a big debt to pay.

Up to now, Indigenous have benefitted very little from the vast wealthtaken out of our territories in many and diverse forms. Thecolonial debt to us continues to mount into astronomicalnumbers.

Thought Control and Mass Thinking or Lack of
Making Mental Knots NOTE#8

"Go-To Think Tanks" NOTE#9
The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) of the Foreign PolicyResearch Institute FPRI at the International Relations Program,University of Pennsylvania is a think tank that studies thinktanks. Every year they publish lists of the top think tanks in theworld.

Most think tanks were new in the 1980's and 90's. Today, there areover 6,000 think tanks worlwide. Most of them are "right"leaning in their politics though they may pretend otherwise. Whilethe US boasts 1816 thinking organizations, Canada has just 97. TheUK has 278, France, 176, China 425, Israel 54 and the Vatican has 1 thinktank.

Think tanks are the people who influence government policy far more thanany person who casts a vote in any election.

The top US think til you stink tanks for 2010 are Brookings Institute,Council on Foreign Relations (the US counterpart to the RIIA) and theCarnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The #1 nonUS think tank isChathamHouse (AKA The RoyalInstitute of International Affairs RIIA), UK, founded with Cecil Rhodes'imperial ideology and financing from Sir Abe Bailey and the Astorfamily. The epitome of the British colonial elite, Rhodes made hisfortune when he "was able to monopolize the diamond mines ofSouth Africa asDe BeersConsolidated Mines".Note#10

#2 on the list of 50 is Amnesty International, UK which does a good jobof pacifying outrage among the populace.

The FraserInstitute is Canada's top thinktank at #17. The Centre for International Governance Innovation(CIGI)Canada is #32 and at #48 is the International Institute forSustainable Development, (Canada)IISD, one of many creations of NWOpromoter,MauriceStrong. NOTE#11

Strong is or has been influential in think tanks all over the world,including Trustee at the Aspen Institute USA and Chair of the WorldResources Institute at Harvard University. He was a Member of theSociety for Development, Justice and Peace at the Vatican. He is apast Chairman of the advisory board of the United NationsUniversity. The UNU is the publisher of the GLOBAL "GO-TOTHINK TANKS" 2010.

The Club of Rome is #17 on the Top 25 International Development ThinkTanks 2010. Mau is a Member of the Executive committee. Wedidn't set out to write about him yet again, he just keeps popping upeverywhere like a stalker.

A Trying to Think Tank - the Frontier Centre for Public PolicyFCPP
Hawks and ConArtists in Sheep's Clothing

The anti Indigenous FCPP was started in Winnipeg in 1997 by PeterHolle. It now has offices in Calgary and Regina, maintaining a"Western" focus. The FCPP propagandists write a lot ofarticles for mainstream media, post their favourites on their web sitesand vigourously lobby government. See endnotes for more on thepeople at FCPP. NOTE#12

FCPP managed to get onto the prestigious "Go-To Think Tanks"list in 2008. They were ranked at #22 after Preston Manning'sCanada West Foundation at #21. NOTE#13, NOTE#14

Pinnocchio, PM of Canada, gushes, "Over the last decade, theFrontier Centre has grown into a sturdy Manitoba Maple, with solidbranches reaching into every major area of public policy research andadvocacy and did it without taking a nickel in government money.Frontier's ongoing contribution to serious, informed public policy debatein Canada has been outstanding."

The FCPP boasts, their "Radio and TV personnel and advisorsappear regularly on TV current affairs programs and radio talkshows" like Ottawa's CFRA580. NOTE#15 Their obnoxiouscomments are calculated to incite, insult and provoke while pushing theenvelope of what can be said. Being government approved, theyreflect and influence public policy.

This excerpt from a December, 2011 Globe and Mail article, sums up theirargument. The prolific and vociferous Tom Flanagan has a neat formulathat sure looks like a capitalist recipe, capitalism being the economicsystem of colonialism and imperialism. NOTE#16

"...Parliament is considering bills to make public the salariesof chiefs and councillors and, on an opt-in basis, to extend electedterms of office of reserve governments from two to four years. Thesesteps in the direction of greater transparency and stability shouldenhance the rule of law for first nations. But much remains to be done,particularly to strengthen the property rights of first nations people,to give them real ownership, so they will have the same opportunities asother Canadians to make better lives for themselves." NOTE#17

The articles compiled at the fcpp web site suggest a massive mediacampaign aimed low at everybody's gut level. It's a flawed campaignthat does not stand up to reason or hard data. It leaves outcompletely the Indigenous way.

More on the Academics
Thought Leaders Behind the Rhetoric

Tom Flanagan was a behind the scenes manipulator for Preston Manningof the Reform Party which morphed into the now Conservative Party led byHarper. Flanagan managed Harper's campaign career which broughtStephen Pinocchio to power. Tom is still an Advisor to the PrimeMinister of Canada.

"Our parliamentary government creates a concentrated powerstructure out of step with other aspects of society." - Harperand Flanagan

It appears they prefer a totalitarian system totally run bythem.

A 2004 article by Marci McDonald in Walrus Magazine NOTE#18 gives adetailed rundown on Flanagan's career and the influences in hislife. This includes how Flanagan in turn influences the federalgovernment "led" by Stephen Pinocchio Harper.

Flanagan, now pushing 70, grew up in Ottawa, Illinois and had a solidRoman Catholic education. He no doubt carries dualcitizenship.

The Calgary School of Redneckology
Flanagan is the longtime head of a clique of "like-minded ideologues from the University of Calgary'spolitical-science department... collectively dubbed the 'CalgarySchool'. Flanagan won his conservative spurs targeting theprevailing wisdom on the country's native people...

"... in Calgary, one of his former students, Ezra Levant... seesFlanagan and Harper more as "symbiotic partners...I call him DonTomaso. He is the master strategist, the godfather - even ofHarper." "

Radha Jhappan, associate professor in poly sci at CarletonUniversity, refers to the Calgary counterpart as the "departmentof redneckology." NOTE# 19, 20

Another major influence at the Calgary School is Leo Strauss.

"...Leo Strauss, the philosophical father of the neo-conservativemovement... argued that a ruling elite often had to resort to deception -a noble lie - to protect citizens from themselves. To that end, herecommended harnessing the simplistic platitudes of populism to galvanizemass support for measures that would in fact restrict rights...there's nomystery in the appeal of Strauss's theories to Flanagan or Cooper, whoedited Strauss's thirty-year correspondence with Voegelin, Faith andPolitical Philosophy." NOTE#18

Flanagan on Louis Riel
Flanagan warned, "...Rehabilitating Riel's reputation couldcost Canadian taxpayers billions in Metis land claims."

According to McDonald, "Between 1972 and 1994, he received nearly$620,000 in research grants on the subject from the Canada Council andthe Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council...[including]$500,000 for a five-year project with four other academics, co-editingthe collected writings of Louis Riel.

" 1986. The Justice Department offered him a $103,000 contractas its chief historical consultant on ... a suit by the Manitoba MétisFederation for 1.4 million acres promised to Riel and his followers in1870..."

Flanagan is an expert witness for the Government in numerous casesagainst Native land claims.

He wrote a provocative book in 2000, "First Nations? SecondThoughts". NOTE#21 It was denounced by Native leaders andorganizations. Joyce Green, associate professor at the Universityof Regina and Metis herself tells McDonald, "These aren't secondthoughts. They're the same old first thoughts that the colonizerscame with from Europe. It's a celebration of the original arguments thatsupported the subordination of indigenous peoples." NOTE#22

Flanagan contended that "European Civilization was severalthousand years more advanced than the aboriginal cultures of NorthAmerica, both in technology and social organization...Owing to thistremendous gap in civilization, the European colonization of NorthAmerica was inevitable and, if we accept the philosophical analysis ofJohn Locke and Emer de Vattel, justifiable."

""There's a fundamental racism that underpins his view,"says Radha Jhappan. "It's an amazingly selective reading ofhistory...""

In the Ottawa/Hull War Rooms and backroom company of the colonial agents,the racist language continues seamlessly from the earliest IndianReports. That it is now coming out in public more and more is asignal for great concern. Many people are so inured, embitteredor/and oblivious that they are not paying attention.

Tom Gets Ted to Wash His Dirty Drawers
Flanagan is "active in the Society for Academic Freedom andScholarship, an aggressive lobby of professors fighting politicalcorrectness, on whose board he now sits."

Ted Byfield, Alberta "elder of ConRants" NOTE#23 writes"in terms Leo Strauss might have approved. 'All these positionswhich Harper cherishes are there because of a group of people in Calgary- Flanagan most prominent among them. I don't think he knows how tocompromise. It's not in his genes. The issue now is: how do we foolthe world into thinking we're moving to the left when we'renot?'"

The Royal Society of Canada Note#24
In 1996, when Flanagan was bashing Louis Riel, longtime friend andcolleague, Barry "Cooper thumbed his nose at his pal's critics bynominating him to the Royal Society of Canada. "I don't think Idisagree with Tom on anything," Cooper says. "Political orintellectual.""

According to their web site, the Royal Society of Canada RSC"exists to recognize academic excellence, to advise governments andorganizations, and to promote Canadian culture... the responsibility of anational academy is to provide expert advice on matters of nationalinterest or urgency and to promote its national culture abroad... onmultilateral agencies (G8, UNESCO, IAP)..."

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) got its Royal Charter NOTE#25 fromQueen Vikki in 1883.

Maurice Strong was a member for decades while Tom Flanagan has been afellow since 1996. At first glance Tom and Mau would appear torepresent opposing interests. This is the illusion of thetwo-headed monster. If you only see the heads, you may not realizethey are attached to the same body.

Tom is in the British imperialist, expansionist, anything but"conservative" faction seeking global empire. Mau is inthe environmentalist/capitalist NWO UN global governance faction. Their end goals are identical - to serve the interests of the globalelitists and destroy Nature and Indigenous by whatever meansnecessary. NOTE#26

A person who sits out on a hill comtemplating the universe is morelikely to "get it" than many who have a big education, read andexpound, their heads always buried in mindless comatose realms.


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Notes, Sources and Contact Info
Note #1

First Nations Financial Transparency Act On November 23, 2011, theproposed First Nations Financial Transparency Act was introduced inParliament.


NOTE#3 Manny Jules
First Nations Tax Commission
321-345 Yellowhead Highway
Kamloops, BC V2H 1H1
Phone (250) 828-9857 or 1-855-815-9857
Fax (250) 828-9858

National Capital Region Office
160 George St., Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K1N 9M2
Phone (613) 789-5000
Fax (613) 789-5008
First Nations Tax Commission
Manny Jules' salary is listed as GCQ - 7 on the followingwebsite:

Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Office location:
265-438 Victoria Ave E
Regina, SK S4N 0N7
Ph: 1-800-667-7933
Fax: 1-800-465-4464
a citizen's advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste andaccountable government
Their web site has loads of links to articles, issues and petitions,mostly about taxes...
This is the doozy that took a shot at band council chiefs:
Disclose Reserve Politicians' Pay

On CTF board, director Erin Chutter, President & CEO, Director PugetVentures/Global Cobalt
Canada's Next Primary Cobalt Producer

Hits on Quantum Rare Earth Development Inc. all coming up inGerman. Google is playing games!!! We can see it is based inVancouver:
Quantum Rare Earth Developments Corp.
Peter Dickie
Suite 1128 - 789 West Pender St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V6C 1H2
Tel.: +1 604 669 9335

investor & media relations
Königstraße 26
70173 Stuttgart
Tel. +49 (711) 25 35 92-30
Fax +49 (711) 25 35 92-33
By using a different search engine, we found some more stuff onQuantum at Bloombergs business which led to their web site finally.
Quantum Rare Earth Developments Corp., an exploration stage company,engages in the acquisition and exploration of mineral resourceproperties. The company explores for rare earth elements. It holdsinterest in the Elk Creek Carbonatite located in southeastern Nebraska;the Archie Lake rare earth element property consisting of 1 mineral claimcovering an area of 2,108 hectares in Uranium City, Saskatchewan, Canada;and the Jungle Well rare earth project located west of Leonora,Australia. The company was formerly known as Butler Resource Corp. andchanged its name to Quantum Rare Earth Developments Corp. in March 2010.Quantum Rare Earth Developments Corp. is based in Vancouver,Canada.

Mr. Peter Dickie has been Vice President of Corporate Affairs at WestHawk Development Corp. since April 12, 2006. Mr. Dickie has been theChief Executive Officer and President at Quantum Rare Earth DevelopmentsCorp. (also known as Butler Resource Corp.) since August 19, 2009. Mr.Dickie has been Vice President for Corporate Affairs of Lateegra GoldCorp. since July 12, 2006. Mr. Dickie served as the President ofUniversal Potash Corp. (formerly McNab Creek Gold Corp.) ... from March8, 2007 to August 4, 2009 and its Chief Executive Officer until August 4,2009. Mr. Dickie is a businessman with over 20 years of experience withboth public and private companies holding numerous senior managementpositions. He has successfully operated his own consulting business forthe past seven years. He has a broad range of management level experienceand has a variety of senior management experience with private and publiccompanies. He has been a Director of Soldi Ventures Inc. since February10, 2010; Butler Resource Corp. since March, 2009 and Lateegra Gold Corp.since November 21, 2008. He served as Independent Director of SolitaireMinerals Corp. from August 13, 2009 to December 19, 2011. He served as anAdditional Director of Universal Potash Corp., from March 8, 2007 toAugust 4, 2009. Mr. Dickie is a graduate of both the University ofVictoria and the University of British Columbia.

1050 West Pender Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 3S7

There's a photo at this link with Kelly "Transparent Redneck"Block grinning the shit-eating grin, John "Deadpan or Alive?"Duncan and Darcy "Yogi Berra" Bear.
"First Nations Financial Transparency Act.Whitecap Dakota FirstNation, Saskatchewan (November 23, 2011) - ...This legislation, announcedby the Honourable John Duncan, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs andNorthern Development and Kelly Block, Member of Parliament forSaskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar, is part of the Government's commitment in the2011 Speech from the Throne to support democratic, transparent andaccountable First Nation governments by requiring that chiefs andcouncillors publish their salaries and expenses."
Contact Information
904E 22nd St. West
Saskatoon, SK
S7M 0S1
Ph: (306) 975-6555
Fx: (306) 975-5786
email address:
First NationsAccountability
Written by Paul Burke
Wednesday, 23 November 2011 11:10

First Nations' financial statements, as well the expenses andcompensations of their elected officials, will have to be made publicthanks to a new bill introduced in Parliament.

The First Nations Financial Transparency Act was announced Wednesday fromthe Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

Don Sandberg is the Frontier Centre’s research fellow on aboriginalpolicy. He was born in the Pas, Manitoba and raised in the northerncommunity of Gillam, Manitoba. He attended school with the peoples of theFox Lake First Nation. He is a Band member of the Norway House CreeNation, where his mother attended residential school. Don has lived inFirst Nations communities in B.C. and Manitoba, and is a first cousin toformer Assembly of First Nations Grand Chief Ovide Mercredi. Don has beena columnist for the aboriginal paper The Drum for the past 4 years. Hehas been employed with many First Nations in both Manitoba and BritishColumbia over the years in senior management positions. He is currentlyemployed seasonally with Manitoba’s Department of Conservation. In1999, Mr. Sandberg ran as a Liberal candidate in the Manitoba provincialelection. He has spoken on native issues at political forums and ontelevision and radio over the years. He is constantly in touch with thepeople and the issues on many First Nations and brings forward on theirbehalf the problems and possible solutions that affect them.

"...I knew that what was said to be driven from the bottom up, fromthe grassroots, was actually being driven from the top down. I hadcome to this conclusion by following the interconnections among theNGO's...many shaping this environment debate were connected...A centralfigure...was Maurice Strong...He played a large role in selling the worldon the Global Governance Agenda...- NGOs, governments, politicians,native peoples, Marxists, Maoists and democrats tied in knots with powercompanies and other great trade empires..." from Elaine Dewar,"Cloak of Green"

"Go-To Think Tanks"

Carroll Quigley in "Tragedy & Hope", p.132-3, 1966,
"The power and influence of this Rhodes-Milner (Lord Alfred) groupin British imperial affairs and in foreign policy since 1889, althoughnot widely recognized, can hardly be exaggerated."

November 18, 1996
Strong Report Proposes That Knowledge Become the Basis of InternationalDevelopment
"Connecting with the World" was sponsored by three Canadianorganizations, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), theInternational Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and theNorth-South Institute (NSI).
The group recommends that the International Development Research Centre(IDRC), the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD),the North-South Institute (NSI) and other relevant institutions developcloser ties with the private sector and other donoragencies..."

Maurice Strong was the Chairman of the group producing the report. He is also past Chairman of the Board of Governors of IDRC and a directorat IISD.
Club of Rome Programme on
"A New Path for World Development"

Contact information
Frontier Centre for Public Policy
Suite 25 Lombard Concourse, One Lombard Place,
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3B 0X3
Tel: (204) 957-1567
Fax: (204) 957-1570
FCPP Board of Directors
Wayne Anderson, Chair
James Blatz
Rob Coghlan
Sue Hicks
John Heimbecker
Peter Holle
Peter Jessiman
Alexander McKenzie (Secretary)
Hon. Charlie Mayer
John R. Messer
Rick Riffel

Peter Holle, President
Dennis Owens, Senior Policy Analyst
Robert Sopuck, Director, Rural Renaissance Project
Claire Toews, Director of Administration
Henry Dyck, Director of Business Development
Robert Sopuck, Rural Renaissance Project
Donald Sandberg, Aboriginal Frontiers Project

"Peter Holle is the founding President of the Frontier Centre forPublic Policy, an award-winning western Canadian based public policythink tank. Since its founding in 1997, Frontier has brought adistinctive and influential Prairie voice to regional and nationaldebates over public policy in areas such as core public sector reform,housing, poverty, aboriginals, consumer-focused health care performance,equalization, rural policy and much more. Of the nearly 100 recognizedthink tanks in Canada, Frontier is one of only 5 to make the 2008 global"Go-To Think Tanks" list published by the Think Tanks and CivilSocieties Program of the Foreign Policy Research Institute inPhiladelphia. "
Expert Advisory Panel

Also on the 2008 list: Adam Smith Institute, Canadian Institute ofInternational Affairs CIIA, International Institute for SustainableDevelopment IISD, Centre for International Governance Innovation CIGI,C.D. Howe Institute and the Montreal Economic Institute. Thislatter organization headed by Helene Desmarais is a driving force behindwater diversion schemes. See Eagle Watch #2 "Ole Man PeteNever Quits Trying to Flood out Indigenous" July 22, 2009 at

This link goes to a list of Canadian Think Tanks. The North SouthInstitute is included.

The North-South Institute receives two grants to support the financing ofits program of work at the Institutional level. These are a core grantfrom: CIDA and IDRC"

Strong is also the founder of CIDA which evolved out of the External AidOffice. He was President and Chairman of the Canadian InternationalDevelopment Bank CIDB. He has also been Senior Advisor to thePresident of the World Bank.

While searching the NSI, we came across this document.
"The Group of 78 Statement on Canadian Foreign Policy in the1980s"
Peace. Justice. Survival.
The statement of the Group of 78 - for which the prime mover has beenAndrew Brewin, former NDP MP for Toronto Greenwood - follows:

The basic priorities of Canada's foreign policy should bethreefold:

Removal of the threat of nuclear war, the greatest danger facing mankindtoday;

the strengthening of the United Nations and other global institutionsdesigned to bring about a pacific settlement of disputes, fosterinternational cooperation, promote the growth of world law and theprotection of basic human rights;

the mobilization of world resources to achieve a more equitableinternational order and bring an end to the crushing poverty which is thecommon lot of the majority of the Third World...

Canada should make it clear that from the beginning it regarded the NorthAtlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as an interim security measure untilsuch time as a general system of collective security could beestablished...
Canada should also support UN efforts to establish an InternationalSatellite Monitoring Agency (ISMA). Such an agency, at present beingactively studied at the United Nations, is a proposal for a peacekeepingforce in space..."

Signatories include many academics, church leaders, Maurice Strong, (thendirector, International Energy Development Corp., London, first presidentof CIDA), Bernard Wood, (executive director, North South Institute),Margaret Laurence, (author and educator), George Ignatieff, (Mike'sdad, chancellor, University of Toronto and retired diplomat) andMarion Dewar, (then mayor of Ottawa).

see Eagle Watch #187
Radio Broadcaster Denies Allegations of Mass Genocide of Mohawk Childrenby UK Queen and Vatican in Canada
October 23, 2011

Because someone opposes capitalism does NOT make that person aMarxist. Both capitalism and marxism derive from the same source,judaism.

How First Nations Can Own Their Future
Tom Flanagan, Globe and Mail, December 16, 2011

excerpt from a 2004 article in Walrus Magazine,
The Man Behind Stephen Harper
The new Conservative Party has tasted success and wants majority rule. IfTom Flanagan and his Calgary School have their way, they'll get itwithout compromising their principles
By Marci McDonald

"He went to Marquette High where the nuns on the Roman Catholicschool's teaching staff... "focused on the heroic feats of theFrench missionary who gave the school its name: Father Jacques Marquettewho teamed up with the voyageur Louis Jolliet to become the firstEuropeans to discover and trace the Mississippi. The emphasis was onFather Marquette and how he brought Catholicism to theIndians."

Tom went on to the Catholic bastion of Indiana's Notre Dame and then toDuke University in Durham, North Carolina where he got his PhD inpolitical science."

Some of his mentors are Eric Voegelin, a German-born philosopher who hadfled Hitler...John Hallowell, head of the political science departmentand one of Voegelin's disciples, Allan Kornberg, Duke's expert ondecoding the statistical mysteries behind voting patterns, Austrianeconomist Friedrich Hayek [adored by Maggie Thatcher] and Frans deWaal.

"1996 ... paper from a scholar at Johns Hopkins' School of AdvancedInternational Studies in Washington... twenty-page treatise entitled"The Calgary School: The New Motor of Canadian PoliticalThought" reported that a band of Alberta academics had "givenbirth to a new form of nationalism, that in turn is changing the terms ofdebate in English Canada."


"In 1983 Flanagan published Riel and the Rebellion: 1885Reconsidered... with a motive: to block lobbying for a posthumous pardonthat would exonerate Riel in time for the 1985 centennial of theNorthwest Rebellion. A pardon, he declared, "now strikes me as quitewrong."

"... Rehabilitating Riel's reputation, he warned, could costCanadian taxpayers billions in Metis land claims. What seems moststriking about the revised text is its notched-up adversarialtone...

...more research - an exercise that turns out to have been financedlargely from federal coffers. Between 1972 and 1994, he received nearly$620,000 in research grants on the subject from the Canada Council andthe Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. That largesseincludes a rare scholarly bonanza: $500,000 for a five-year project withfour other academics, co-editing the collected writings of Louis Riel.

" 1986. The Justice Department offered him a $103,000 contractas its chief historical consultant on one of the biggest land-claimscases before the federal courts: a suit by the Manitoba Métis Federationfor 1.4 million acres promised to Riel and his followers in1870...

"...Flanagan has... that role in a half-dozen other federalaboriginal disputes, including Victor Buffalo, et al. vs. The Queen - alandmark claim for more than $1 billion in damages by the Samson CreeNation at Hobbema, near Edmonton, over Ottawa's handling of its oil andgas royalties. The Manitoba and Alberta governments have also hired himfor their own battles over treaty rights. "What he's become is avery convenient tool for the government," says David Chartrand,president of the Manitoba Métis Federation.

..."He's concerned the state should not adopt people as wards,"says Allan Kornberg. "It eventually has a corrosive effect on theentire society." That libertarian loathing of special rights for anygroup is the philosophical underpinning of Flanagan's most provocativework, First Nations? Second Thoughts, which unleashed outrage not only inaboriginal circles, but in the usually restrained corridors of academe."These aren't second thoughts," says Joyce Green, an associateprofessor at the University of Regina and a Metis herself. "They'rethe same old first thoughts that the colonizers came with from Europe.It's a celebration of the original arguments that supported thesubordination of indigenous peoples."

What ignited the most fury was Flanagan's contention that aboriginalswere simply conquered peoples who'd been bested by Europeans with ahigher degree of "civilization," as he termed it. Thatargument, peppered with references to "savagery," hadn't beenheard in polite company for decades. "There's a fundamental racismthat underpins his view," says Radha Jhappan. "It's anamazingly selective reading of history and it's driven by a particularright-wing agenda that wants to undermine the claims ofcollectivity."

When First Nations? Second Thoughts won the $25,000 Donner Prize in 2001,Flanagan's foes weren't surprised. The award is funded by the DonnerCanadian Foundation, which set out to promote a Reaganite agenda in thiscountry. The foundation, in fact, funded Flanagan's basic research with a$25,000 grant.

...the Canadian Political Science Association cpsa awarded Flanagan'sbook its prestigious Donald Smiley Prize...

...Calgary's Canada West Foundation, Preston Manning and the foundation'spresident, Roger Gibbins...
[Manning says that Flanagan and Harper are the ones who deposedhim]

[After some brainstorming with Manning who went on to found the Reformparty....Flanagan had other interests] By then, Flanagan had plunged intoa new intellectual passion, the theories of the once scorned Austrianeconomist Friedrich Hayek, who lauded free markets as the cornerstone offree societies, impervious to intrusive government meddling. In the late1970s when Flanagan stumbled on his work, Margaret Thatcher had just cutshort a Conservative policy confab in Britain by slapping down Hayek'sThe Constitution of Liberty on a desk. "This," she said,"is what we believe."

[then after mulroney showed what he could do, flanagan joined manning in1990. but manning was a populist who wanted to communicate with thegrassroots while flanagan found this disgusting. he figured heshould run the whole show but they didn't listen to him]

When Manning's closest collaborator had suddenly become Anderson, aveteran Ottawa operative who'd run the Washington office of the lobbyinggiant, Hill & Knowlton, [Flanagan quit in 1992].

bio-politics - a collection of controversial theories on thebiological basis for power that had become the rage of the Americanright.

"Tom just fell in love with that literature," Gibbins recalls,"and brought it into the classroom." Indeed, on Flanagan'sreading list was one book that had sparked a personal epiphany: Frans deWaal's Chimpanzee Politics, which won raves from Newt Gingrich in The NewYork Times. A study of the world's largest captive chimp colony at aNetherlands zoo, it chronicles the scheming, coups, and ultimate murderof the would-be alpha male, Liut. Ezra Levant, then still a student,remembers being riveted by Flanagan's lectures on the subject. "Itwas the most radical class I ever took," he says. "If a seriesof young males were fighting for power, a thoughtful chimpanzee wouldmake alliances with all the losers and eventually take over thegroup."

... In de Waal's Dutch colony, savvy chimps built coalitions and bidedtheir time. Over the next years, Flanagan and Harper might not have beenon Reform's main stage, but they were far from inactive. A newintellectual infrastructure was taking shape on the Canadian right,echoing the web of conservative foundations and think tanks that pavedthe way for Reagan's 1980 ascension to the White House. Flanagan becamean activist in Civitas, a network of 300 conservative thinkers spawned bythe 1996 Winds of Change conference that Levant and fellow National Postcolumnist David Frum had organized in Calgary. Toronto's C.D. HoweInstitute - whose researcher, Ken Boessenkool, would later becomeHarper's policy chief - and Vancouver's Fraser Institute, which opened aCalgary office under Cooper, were routinely proffering policies onceconsidered too radically right wing for mainstream consumption

[after backing stockwell day, flanagan soon realized that was a mistaketoo...and threw in his lot with harper]

In one of their last joint literary efforts, Flanagan and Harperco-authored a public missive to Alberta premier Ralph Klein - co-signedby Boessenkool and two other members of the Calgary School - calling onhim to build a political "firewall" around Alberta. Thatfirewall letter, as it became known, demanded Klein use the muscle ofAlberta's oil wealth to sieze control over health care, opt out of theCanada Pension Plan, and send the rcmp packing in what would amount toquasi-secession from the federal bosom.

On Sunday, December 7, Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Canada's Chief ElectoralOfficer, went to the office. He almost never worked weekends, but Harperand Progressive Conservative leader Peter MacKay persuaded Kingsley theycouldn't wait to register their new Conservative Party of Canada, forgedfrom a merger that had been ratified by MacKay's members in a vote onlythe night before.

[as harper's campaign manager, flanagan cut out a lot of otherpeople]From a war room that ironically once housed Groupe Action, the adfirm behind the Liberals' sponsorship scandal, he directed an electioneffort that stunned even veteran Parliament Hill reporters with itsfortress mentality. "Everything was very tightly held," saysone Tory. "It was circle the wagons completely."

As official co-chair of the Conservative campaign, Deborah Grey refusesto badmouth Flanagan - at least not in so many words. "He's brightand he's capable - a university guy - and I wish him well with hisclasses," she says. "Some guys fit and some guysdon't."

Flanagan has never blanched at owning up to his most contentious beliefs:scrapping medicare in favour of personal medical savings accounts - apolicy adopted by some U.S. corporations - and whittling aboriginalclaims on land and self-determination down to individual property rightsand municipal self-government. Alberta, Ted Byfield, the unabashed voice of the West since theCalgary School's professors were pups, sees it another way - in terms LeoStrauss might have approved. "All these positions which Harpercherishes are there because of a group of people in Calgary - Flanaganmost prominent among them," Byfield says. "I don't think heknows how to compromise. It's not in his genes. The issue now is: how dowe fool the world into thinking we're moving to the left when we'renot?"

Flanagan regrets WikiLeaks assassination remark
Liberals file complaint with CBC ombudsman
Last Updated: Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Radha Jhappan
Associate Professor Degrees: BA (Oxford) MA, PhD (British Columbia)
Phone: 613-520-2600 x. 2788

What is a RedNeck??
The meaning of the word "redneck" has been muddied by thepassage of time. To some it refers to some Scots loyalists; toothers it refers to "poor whites" whose necks got burned redfrom bending over working in the sun all day.

The self-proclaimed Redneck is sometimes not a bad guy. He's aworking class individual who never expects to rise much above his currentstatus in society.

The real and dangerous Redneck considers the term to be a "veryoffensive epithet". (see Walrus magazine) The real redneckfeels superior to others and aspires to be like the imperial elite. He cannot see or refuses to see the glass ceiling that will always keephim down at a certain level. Maybe that is why in denying his ownidentity, he needs others to downpress. He needs to be sure thereis someone lower than himself.

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
Media Release
National Aboriginal Leaders Want Stephen Harper to Explain Writings OfTom Flanagan

Joyce Green
Political Science University of Regina
Joyce Green
PhD - University of Alberta; MA - University of Calgary; BA/BSc -University of Lethbridge
Research Interests
"The indigenization of the university, a project ranging frominclusion of Aboriginal ideas and people to transformation of the canon,is a matter at the top of [my] research agenda for the forseeablefuture." Canadian constitution and politics, Aboriginaldecolonization, and critical post-colonial and feminist theory
Current Classes
On disability leave until further notice
Office: CL 209
Phone: (306) 585-4444
Fax: (306) 585-4815

Ted Byfield has been writing conservative rants for decades. In1998, he published ""The Book of Ted: Epistles From anUnrepentant Redneck. Now an old man, he is working on the 7th in aseries of books, "The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years; AGlorious Disaster A.D. 1100 to 1300 The Crusades: Blood, Valor, Iniquity,Reason, Faith.

The Royal Society of Canada

"The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) is the senior national bodyof distinguished Canadian scholars, artists and scientists. It isCanada's national academy. The primary objective of the RSC is topromote learning and research in the arts and sciences. The RSCconsists of nearly 2000 Fellows, men and women who are selected by theirpeers for outstanding contributions to the natural and social sciences,in the arts and in the humanities.

"As Canada's national academy, the RSC exists to recognize academicexcellence, to advise governments and organizations, and to promoteCanadian culture.

"... The second responsibility of a national academy is to provideexpert advice on matters of national interest or urgency. The thirdresponsibility of a national academy is to promote its national cultureabroad. This occurs in a variety of ways, and includes service onmultilateral agencies (G8, UNESCO, IAP), ...

In the late 1870s, the Governor General of Canada, the Marquess of Lorne,determined that Canada required a cultural institution to assist withCanada's development. In 1883, the Royal Society of Canada (RSC)was granted its Royal Charter and, since that time, succeeding governorsgeneral have remained closely involved with the affairs of thesociety. One of the functions of the President of the RSC is toserve on the Governor General's advisory council for appointments to theOrder of Canada. [like the recent appointment of Paul Martin, RickHillier and others].

The founding Fellows of the RSC included Sir Sanford Fleming, theoriginator of the world system of Standard Time, and Sir William Osler,one of the greatest physicians of his day. The "Fellows"of the RSC were nominated by a committee headed by the Principal ofMcGill University, Sir John William Dawson, and by the former Premier ofQuebec, Pierre J.O. Chauveau. These two men served as the first andsecond presidents of the society.

The RSC elects a total of approximately 75 Fellows per year. The RSC alsoelects up to 6 Specially Elected Fellows per year, for contributions tothe objectives of the society other than by scholarship andresearch. Finally, a number of Foreign Fellows are electedannually.

The RSC is governed by a 19-member Council, and by a 9-member ExecutiveCommittee of Council. Financial support is mainly from three sources:Fellows' subscriptions, membership contributions from 42 universitiesthroughout Canada, and private sector support.

...the RSC advises governments and organizations through the provision ofexpert reports that address matters of national urgency from aninterdisciplinary perspective."

Their expert panel reports include "Environmental and Health Impactsof Canada's Oil Sands Industry
(December 2010); A Review of the Potential Health Risks ofRadiofrequency Fields from Wireless Telecommunication Devices(1999)(2001-2003); Recommendations for the Disposition of the HealthCanada Primate Colony (1997) and their most recent, End-of-LifeDecision Making (November 2011).
Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
DAWSON, Sir JOHN WILLIAM, geologist, palaeontologist, author, educator,office holder, publisher, and editor; b. 13 Oct. 1820 in Pictou,N.S.
The Geological Society of London awarded Dawson the Lyell Medal in1881 for outstanding achievements in geology. In the same year thegovernor general, the Marquess of Lorne [Campbell*], called upon him toset up a royal society in Canada. Dawson envisaged a society similar tothe Royal Society of London, but Lorne was adamant that the Canadiansociety's scope be broader and that it embrace not only science but alsoarts and literature. Lorne realized that only in this way would it bepossible to involve to any significant extent the scholars andprofessionals of the French-speaking community. Accordingly, aprovisional council met with Lorne at Dawson's home in December 1881.Present were Dawson, Hunt, Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau*,Narcisse-Henri-Édouard Faucher de Saint-Maurice, Daniel Wilson, GoldwinSmith*, Charles Carpmael, Alfred Richard Cecil Selwyn*, George Lawson,and John George Bourinot*. Together they drew up a constitution andproposed candidates for membership. The society was to be organized intotwo sections for the humanities and two sections for the sciences.Dawson, the founding president, remarked in his address to the firstmeeting of the Royal Society of Canada in May 1882 that membership was tobe limited to "selected and representative men who have themselvesdone original work of at least Canadian celebrity." The society wasto provide, in his words, "a bond of union between the scatteredworkers now widely separated in different parts of the Dominion."Its Transactions, to which Dawson would contribute numerous papers,notably on the fossil plants of western Canada, was for many years one ofthe principal Canadian outlets for the scholars of Canada.


A royal charter is a formal document issued by a monarch as letterspatent, granting a right or power to an individual or a body corporate.They were, and are still, used to establish significant organizationssuch as cities or universities. Charters should be distinguished fromwarrants and letters of appointment, as they have perpetual effect.

At one time a royal charter was the only way in which an incorporatedbody could be formed, but other means (such as the registration processfor limited companies) are generally now used instead.

The Hudson's Bay Company building in MontrealA Royal Charter is grantedby Order in Council, either creating an incorporated body, or giving anexistent one special status.[7] This is an exercise of the RoyalPrerogative, and, in Canada, there are hundreds of organizations underRoyal Charters. Such organizations include charities, businesses,colleges, universities, and cities. Today, it is mostly charities andprofessional institutions who receive Royal Charters.

Application for a charter is a petition to the Queen-in-Council. Toreceive a Royal Charter, the organization must have corporate members whohave at least first degree level in a relevant field, consist of 5,000members or more, be financially sound, and it must be in the publicinterest to regulate the institution under a charter. However, meetingthese benchmarks does not guarantee the issuance of a RoyalCharter.[8]

[edit] Companies and societiesCompanies, corporations, and societies inCanada founded under or augmented by a Royal Charter include:

The Hudson's Bay Company; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1670 byKing Charles II[9]
The Royal Commonwealth Society; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1882by Queen Victoria[10]
The Royal Society of Canada; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1883 byQueen Victoria
The Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club; founded by a Royal Charter issued in1898 by Queen Victoria[11]
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada; founded by a Royal Charterissued in 1903 by King Edward VII[12]
Scouts Canada; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1912 by King GeorgeV[13]
The Royal Academy of Dance; founded in 1920 as the Association ofTeachers of Operatic Dancing; reconstituted by a Royal Charter issued in1936 by King George V[14]
The Royal Conservatory of Music; founded in 1886 as the TorontoConservatory of Music; reconstituted by a Royal Charter issued in 1947 byKing George VI[15]
The Royal Winnipeg Ballet; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1953 byQueen Elizabeth II[16]
The Royal Life Saving Society of Canada; founded by a Royal Charterissued in 1960 by Queen Elizabeth II[17]
The Royal Hamilton College of Music; founded in 1897 as the HamiltonConservatory of Music; reconstituted by a Royal Charter issued in 1965 byQueen Elizabeth II[18]
The Royal Western Nova Scotia Yacht Club; founded in 1898 as the DigbyYacht Club; reconstituted by a Royal Charter issued in 1969 by QueenElizabeth II[19]
Royal Ontario Museum, created in 1912 under the Royal Ontario Museum Actby the Province of Ontario, hence not created by a royal charter
Royal Canadian Yacht Club created by Royal Charter 1854
The Royal Heraldry Society of Canada; founded in 1966 as the HeraldrySociety of Canada; reconstituted by a Royal Charter issued in 2002 byQueen Elizabeth II[20]
[edit] Territories and communitiesCities under Royal Charter are notsubject to municipal Acts of parliament applied generally to othermunicipalities, and instead are governed by legislation applicable toeach city individually. The Royal Charter codifies the laws applied tothe particular city, and lays out the powers and responsibilities notgiven to other municipalities in the province concerned.

Saint John; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1785 by King GeorgeIII[21]
Nova Scotia; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1621 by King JamesI[23]
St. John's; claimed as England's first oversea colony by Royal Carterissued in 1583 by Queen Elizabeth I
[edit] Universities and collegesA number of Canadian universities andcolleges were founded under Royal Charter.

The University of King's College; founded by a Royal Charter issued in1802 by King George III
King's-Edgehill School; founded as King's Collegiate School by RoyalAssent in 1788 and granted Royal Charter in 1802 by King George III
McGill University; founded as the Royal Institution for the Advancementof Learning by a Royal Charter issued in 1821 by King George IV;reconstituted by a Royal Charter issued in 1852 by QueenVictoria[24]
The University of Toronto; founded as King's College by a RoyalProclamation issued in 1827 by King George IV[25]
Upper Canada College; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1829 by KingGeorge IV
Queen's University; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1841 by QueenVictoria[26]
Université Laval; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1852 by QueenVictoria[27]
The University of Trinity College (later became a constituent college ofthe University of Toronto); given university status by a Royal Charterissued by Queen Victoria in 1852
Bishop's University; founded by a Royal Charter issued in 1853 by QueenVictoria[28]

"...the patterns of the Global Governance Agenda - NGO's,governments, politicians, native peoples, marxists, maoists and democratstied in knots with power companies and other great trade empires. His [Maurice Strong] cv was a record of a lifetime ofarrangements."
Cloak of Green, Elaine Dewar, p.252

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From the Eagle Watch #202
January 11, 2012

What do you think?
Should UN inspectors "visit the lodgings of the indigenous citizens" as suggested by Iran??

4 articles:
Iran summons Canadian envoy
Tue Jan 3, 2012 4:28PM GMT

Iranian Foreign Ministry
Iran has summoned the Canadian charge d'affaires over the increasingly concerning situation of the aboriginal citizens in the North American country.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned Dennis Horak on Tuesday to convey Tehran's concern over the violation of the rights of the Canadian aboriginal peoples, which has also drawn criticism from international human rights organizations.

The ministry cited a report by UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of the indigenous peoples James Anaya about "the dire social and economic condition" of aboriginal communities in Canada.

"As stated in the report, the unfavorable condition of the indigenous Canadians is a cause of sorrow and grief for the international community and the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly protests against the blatant violation of these people's rights by the Canadian government," the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

The statement referred to the poor educational, economic and professional condition of the indigenous Canadians as a violation of their basic rights, calling on Ottawa to immediately allow UN inspectors to visit the lodgings of the indigenous citizens and to facilitate the activities of international human rights groups.

Iran also called on the Canadian government to respect its international commitments and obligations and cooperate with the country's aboriginal community to find a permanent solution to their problems.


Related Stories:
Iran raps UN over US, Canada HR flouts Iran to pursue Canada rights violations
Iran raps UN over US, Canada HR flouts
Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:24AM GMT

Secretary General of Iran's High Council for Human Rights Mohammad-Javad Larijani
Secretary General of Iran's High Council for Human Rights Mohammad-Javad Larijani has criticized the UN for its failure to address the violations of human rights by the US and Canada.

Speaking at a Monday meeting of the UN General Assembly's Third Committee, Larijani pointed to frequent instances of human rights breach in the US and Canada and said, "Unfortunately, the human rights committee has issued no resolutions against these two countries."

He denounced the UN rights committee's approach as "discriminatory," and noted, "Why shouldn't the US and Canada come under pressure for their numerous violations of human rights?" IRNA reported.

On Monday, the UN General Assembly's Third Committee passed a Canadian-drafted resolution which expressed concern over what it called "human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran."

The resolution was approved with 86 votes in favor, 32 against, and 59 abstentions.

The Iranian rights official described the resolution as "substantially unfounded and absolutely preposterous," and condemned 'the double standard' policies adopted at the UN committee, when it came to human rights issues in different countries.

Larijani pointed to the encroachment on human rights in the West and stated that Islamophobia and infringement of the basic rights of Muslims are widespread in the Western world.

The UN's human rights special rapporteur has reported on cases of violations of women's rights, particularly the rights of African American women, in the US army and prisons, he pointed out.

The Iranian official also made reference to the daily killing of Afghan women and children in the US assassination drone attacks and said that such instances constitute "another case of human rights violation by the US" in Afghanistan.

The US regularly carries out assassination attacks by unmanned aircraft on Afghanistan and Pakistan's tribal regions, claiming that the airstrikes target pro-Taliban militants. However, local people say that civilians are the main victims of the non-UN-sanctioned strikes.

Larijani also lashed out at the Canadian government for its "racist nature," and pointed out that the international Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination has expressed concerns about the situation of minorities in Canada.



Iran to pursue Canada rights violations
Thu May 6, 2010 2:54PM GMT

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki Iran slams Canada for its stance on Tehran's election to a UN panel on women's rights and says Ottawa should answer for the violation of the rights of its indigenous groups.

Canada on Saturday reacted to a UN decision to appoint Iran, along with 10 other countries, to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) for the term beginning in 2011.

"The approach adopted by Canadian authorities toward human rights is influenced by political grudges and suspicious lobbies that serve Zionist interests," Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Thursday.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said in a Saturday statement that there was "serious concerns" about Iran's election to the UNCSW.

"We deplore this development but will use Iran's membership on this body to take the Iranian authorities to task for their systemic human rights violations," he added.

The UNCSW seeks to ensure women's rights by investigating nations that violate women's rights, monitoring their efforts to improve women's equality and detail their shortcomings.

Mottaki also said that Iran would "seriously pursue the violation of the rights of women and indigenous groups" in countries such as Canada.


Car bomb kills Iranian scientist
Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:20PM GMT

Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan's partly-blown car is seen in this photo after his assassination in Tehran on January 11, 2012.A car bomb explosion in the Iranian capital, Tehran, has killed a nuclear scientist and his driver, and wounded one bystander.

On Wednesday morning, an unknown motorcyclist attached a sticky bomb to Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan's car near Allameh Tabatabaei University in Tehran.

Ahmadi Roshan was immediately killed as the result of explosion, and his driver and a bystander, who had sustained injuries, were transferred to Resalat hospital.

The driver, identified as Reza Qashqaei, passed away later on Wednesday in hospital.

Ahmadi Roshan was a Sharif University of Technology chemical engineering graduate and served as marketing deputy of Iran's Natanz nuclear facility.

On November 29, 2010, unidentified terrorists slapped adhesive bombs onto the vehicles of Iranian university professors Majid Shahriari and Fereydoun Abbasi and detonated them.

Professor Shahriari was killed immediately, but Dr. Abbasi, the current director of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, and his wife sustained minor injuries and were rushed to a hospital.

On December 2, 2010, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced that the Israeli Mossad, the American CIA, and the British MI6 all played a role in those attacks.

Professor Masoud Ali-Mohammadi, another scholar at Tehran University, was assassinated by a booby-trapped motorbike in the Iranian capital in January 2010.

The bombing took place near the professor's home in northern Tehran.



Aim Southern Cal

2:41pm Jan 11

The Infestation of Apathoids in Indian Country - Native News Network

American Indians afflicted by apathy, have become Apathoids. We that are comfortable with oppression...


"When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane.

When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person.

When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful.

Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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