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MNN. May 22, 2009. There are several types of mind control: cults, phony religions and off-the-wall therapies. A new world religion is being invented to force on everybody. It’s a mishmash of legitimate religious movements, new age psychobabble and a sprinkling of so-called traditional ideologies. We are all supposed to be drawn in to be controlled by a small group of cult leaders.

Their mission statement to the masses is that the end justifies the means to bring about universal peace, harmony and love. Psychological coercion through manufactured religion is part of setting up a worldwide totalitarian society.

At one time several elite factions fought each other to rule the world. Now they work together. The cultist leaders are secret, self-appointed, dogmatic, messianic and not democratically accountable. They want to whack everybody into enslavement. “The easier to control you, my dear!”

Is the 11th Century Inquisition being resurrected? This was a time when critics of the politicians controlled by the Catholic Church killed off millions who didn’t agree with them? Will the military brutalize objectors and those not devoted enough to these newly constructed universal beliefs? Where’s the holy land this time? Everywhere there’s oil and other valuable resources!

Manitou Foundation in Colorado run by Maurice Strong uses cult principles to develop the new world religion and to implement it. These same maneuvers underlie the corporate world, campuses, religions, medical and other professions, prisons and advertising campaigns. President Obama’s speech writers use these same tactics all the time.

Crafters of mental tyranny go after the upper crust who become the mainstay of their hierarchy. They are indoctrinated into the new plan through powerful secret societies in ivy league universities. They are trained to run the new world order and the global mind control needed to sustain it. To keep their loyalty, cult leaders get something on each, usually of a sexual or more unsavory nature.

Worldwide we are being weakened by depravation, wars, diseases and various fears. We are deliberately being made vulnerable, confused, anxious, depressed and hurt to ripen us for the new world religion.

New world religions are narcissistic, quasi-therapeutic and eastern oriented. Strategies are humility and public confession to lower self-esteem; threats and guilt; no thinking; and critics are accused of siding with the devil. Some start hallucinating about having contact with extra terrestrials who give them orders.

Some manipulation techniques are love bombing which is giving love and then sudden disapproval, contradictions and verbal abuse. The altered state is brought on by hypnosis, trances, prolonged chanting, deprivation of privacy, sense of time, food and sleep. Other tactics to force conformity are overly strict rules, guilt, fear, no questions and tight rules on living, dressing, information, music, reading and the internet. Some cult leaders have sex with anyone, male, female or child, within their orbit under their control.

Individual reasoning powers have to be weakened so we can be broken down physically and mentally to become highly vulnerable to suggestions. It takes 3 days to two weeks to bring draftees into line. We are supposed to go through a sudden drastic personality change called “snapping”. We will have difficulty reasoning, choosing or criticizing. The new world religion steps in and interprets our reality and reason for living. Then we can be put into intense robotic group thinks and then told what to do.

Followers who are no longer valuable are thrown to the wolves. Those wanting to leave will be threatened. The successful walkaways will have to hide. They will be hunted down, ostracized and disappeared for having too much inside information. They will suffer from withdrawal such as confusion, depression, disorientation, insomnia, amnesia, suicidal tendencies and violent emotional outbursts.

We are seen as human livestock that belong to the few. The whole world is their farm, with electronic dog collars and brain chips called licenses. Schools are training children to love the farm. The leaders don’t want us to be free who can manage our own lives. Today’s brutality is staged for us to get used to the idea that we must conform or else!

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The new world religion promises faith, safety and prosperity. They are pyramid authoritarian regimes, using deception to recruit and maintain themselves. Since we are half starved, blinded and abused, we are being forced into having no choice but to embrace it.

Who will try and convict those opposed to this new dogma? It could be a charismatic leader that everybody will have to bow down to. It will be a universal concoction staffed by priests or faith keepers of the new world order. Their job will be to seduce, terrify and wean us away from our real custodial relationship with the natural world and each other. Those questioning their newly formed orthodox doctrines will be tortured. Concentration camps will hold critics before they are shipped to parts of the world with grotesque punishments and no human or civil rights.

The Iroquois Confederacy could be deemed as terrorists for our efforts to assert our inherent sovereignty. Since everybody will unilaterally become an international person, we could be taken to The Hague and charged with war crimes. We’re being brainwashed into becoming universal humans for their ends. Wiretaps, surveillance and imprisonment will be justified under new international security laws.

Unethical double standards have to be pointed out. Deprogramming requires critical thinking, seeing the contradictions and twisted ideology. Self-reflection and will power break down the control pyramid. We need truthful information so we can clear our minds of the big lies that have been constantly fed to us worldwide. We have to relearn how to think and control our will. Group consensus gives each a voice to fully discuss issues before making a decision. Tight family relationships keep us from being isolated and victimized.

Sending us to the Gulag [Stalin’s Soviet prison] is an old threat. We ask too many questions. They think they have to control our minds. The supposed world rulers of the masses will call their critics crazy and paranoid. Watch out for anyone who calls up your friends and tells them you have had a mental breakdown!

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Biggies in the new age movement: Robert Muller, former Secretary General of the UN; James Parks Morton, Dean of Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine NYC; Episcopal Bishop of San Francisco; William Swing, Rudolph Steiner Foundation, World Goodwill; Lawrence S. Rockfeller, whose fund has financed new agers; Mathew Fox, Barbara Marx Hubbard; power brokers ArcherDanielsMidland; CNN; Hewlett Packard; Occidental Petroleum; Carnegie Corp.; Kellogg Foundation; Rockfeller Brothers Fund; Georges Berthain, president the Tri Lateral Commission; Desmond Tutu; Gorbachev, Ted Turner; Fredrico Mayer of UNESCO; Maurice Strong and his Manitou Foundation in Colorado, and many other biggies.
Manitou Foundation owned and run by Maurice Strong and his wife, Hanne.
Raelian Movement

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