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Papal apology...

Papal apology...
Papal apology...
Breaking News:
from the Mohawk Nation of the Grand River,
near "Brantford, Ontario, Canada"
May 22, 2009

Secretary-General of the Mohawk Nation of the Grand River Rejects Pope's "apology", Disassociates from "chief" Phil Fontaine

In a letter to Pope Joseph Ratzinger at the Vatican, dated May 3, 2009, Arnold Douglas, Secretary-General of the Grand River Mohawk Nation in Ontario, Canada, rejected Ratzinger's recent "apology" to Indian residential school survivors, and disassociated his nation from the actions of the so-called "chief" Phil Fontaine of the government's Assembly of First Nations.

Copies of Arnold Douglas' letter were sent to the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Fontaine, the Eastern Orthodox church, Elizabeth Windsor, aka "queen of England", the Canadian government, and Kevin Annett.

The letter stated, in part,

Dear Pope Benedict,

... We are amazed that your advisors have not advised you that the Assembly of First Nations do not represent the Ohnkwehonwe. We are the original beings and thus the caretakers of this Land ... The Assembly of First Nations, however, represents only those of our People who have become citizens of Canada and do not, in any way, represent us ...

Your Church must accept responsibility, not only for the acts of genocide during the twentieht century but, more importantly, for the original Papal Bulls which confirmed that, as we were without Christian souls, European nations were authorized to seize our lands and, by extension, to murder our People in an endeavour to seize the great wealth which your Church realized we possessed.

As an ongoing integral part of your culpabaility in relation to the acts of genocide committed against us, your church then actively participated in the kidnapping of our children by armed thugs, otherwise known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, forcing them at gun point into residential schools where they were raped and murdered by your clergy and others in a campaign which included germ warfare against us.

At a time when the world still seeks punishment against those responsible for the holocaust against our brothers and sisters of the Jewish tradition, we are offended and, indeed, enraged in the knowledge that over 50% of our children were murdered at the hands of Canada's servants in concert with the action of the Christian church and yet you, as the Head of that Church, appeat to think that all you have to do is offer an apology and all is forgiven.

... We do not accept your apology.

You must be aware and you must not be allowed to forget that clergy, many of them under the authority of the Catholic Church, murdered our children by exposing them to deadly diseases (smallpox, tuberculosis and others) and this in a deliberate attempt to eliminate us ... Accordingly, neither you nor Canadian officials will be permitted to plead ignorance in this regard. Being aware of these atrocities, you have a moral and a legal obligation to seek justice for the victims of such crime. Clearly, therefore, you were, are and always will be held accountable for this mass murder of innocent children.

... We will not enter into a common future with people who would allow such injustice to continue. We demand a full and impartial investigation of those atrocities and that those responsible for them be brought to justice.

We can advise you further that, in view of the ongoing policy of genocide being perpetrated against us by Canada, we have expressed our concerns, as representatives of the sovereign Mohawk Nation, to the International Criminal Court at the Hague and this with a view to having the Court acknowledge our sovereignty as a Nation, and, by extension, to seek an investigation of the atrocities being perpetarted against us by Canada.

... As an initial step in that process, we would anticipate that you would withdraw the Papal Bulls which, in our opinion, were responsible for the genocidal policy ... throughout Turtle Island.

Please acknowledge receipt of the present correspondence.

Arnold Douglas
Secretary General, Mohawk Nation
RR #1
Mohawk Territory at Grand River
Trutle Island N0A 1M0

Please circulate this statement to the world media and add your name to this rejection of the papal "apology" for the genocidal crimes of his church, and send us copies of your statement.

with thanks,
Kevin Annett - Eagle Strong Voice

Read and Hear the truth of Genocide in Canada, past and present, at this website:

“Kevin is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than many who have received it in the past.”
- Dr. Noam Chomsky
Institute Professor Emeritus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“A courageous and inspiring man." (referring to Kevin Annett)
- Mairead Corrigan-Maguire
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Belfast , Northern Ireland

The very lands we all along enjoyed
they ravished from the people they destroyed ...
All the long pretenses of descent
are shams of right to prop up government.
' Tis all invasion, usurpation all;
' Tis all by fraud and force that we possess,
and length of time can make no crime the less;
Religion's always on the strongest side.

Daniel Defoe, Jure Divino (England, 1706)

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