Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Pal Bluejay Is Sick

Sorry for this "carbon-copied" email but I am needing to save energy and ask a few of my special praying relatives for some GOOD ONES for me please?

I sure can use some of those good prayers right now. I am not sure if I am going to make it through this latest deal... I caught a horrible virus from my hubby and brother in law that has hit so many people here in Bozeman...terrible cough and lung/sinus infections. On Mother's Day, I was in the ER at 4 AM because I couldn't breathe. So they gave me several breathing treatments and loaded me up on high dose steroids...even though the side effects are hitting me very hard, I HAVE TO be on them anyway or I am a dead duck. So, today, I have to head into the local health clinic because the steroids are not working and the breathing is even worse. That seems impossible in my mind because I know what these heavy-hitting steroids are SUPPOSED to do, but they aren't helping me now. So, I would sure appreciate some of your good prayers. The local health clininc doesn't even have their ONE doctor in the clinic until next week because he is on vacation. So I have very little faith that some physicians' assistant will know what to do to help me when the best research hospitals on the planet have not been able to "fix" me. Yesterday when I called in with more complications to ask about what to do from the clinic, the woman I spoke with didn't even know what Mixed Connective Tissue Disease with Interstitial lung disease even was!!! let alone, how to treat it. Not a good sign there! LOL!!!

thanks dear ones, prayers are about all that will keep things going in a good direction right now I think.
much love and biggest hugs, will keep you posted!

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