Friday, May 29, 2009

Rep. Murtha is no rookie when it comes to corruption

Rep. Murtha is no rookie when it comes to corruption


Today, CREW posted, You Don't Know Jack, an interactive graphic illustrating Rep. Jack Murtha's (D-PA) labyrinth of shady dealings involving defense contractors, lobbyists, family members, and friends - and a lot of money. Rep. Murtha's unrivaled ability to direct federal earmarks has earned him the title of the "King of Pork," which, he shrugs off, with "If I'm corrupt, it's because I take care of my district."

Find out more about why Rep. Murtha has been anointed the "King of Pork."

Rep. Murtha has a long practice of trading lucrative earmarks for generous campaign donations. In 2008, he earmarked $192 million for entities in his district, and in the first half of 2009 he requested $134 million, including $75 million in defense spending.

Now that the Justice Department is investigating the PMA Group and Kuchera Corporation -- companies with close ties to Rep. Murtha -- scrutiny by the national news media of Rep. Murtha is increasing.

Rep. Murtha's pay-to-play activities have been in CREW's sights for years. He is a three time all-star on CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress.

CREW's new interactive You Don't Know Jack page gives you a guidepost to the crooked connections between Rep. Murtha's earmark requests, campaign donations, and numerous special interests.

As we learn about Rep. Murtha's newest pay-to-play activities, CREW will expand You Don't Know Jack, creating the most comprehensive site on Rep. Murtha's unseemly activities to date.

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