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Letter To Macon County Airport Authority for 5/26/09 Meeting

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Founder Save The Sacred Sites Alliance

Meeting date 5/26/09

Date: 05-13-09

To: Macon County Airport Authority #1A5 / K1A5
1241 Airport Rd. Manager: Neil Hoppe & Peggy Milton
Franklin NC. 28734 Owner:Publicly owned (per advertisement online)
Phone: 828.524.5529 Fax:828.369.5889 Owner listed: Macon County
Macon County Courthouse 5 W. Main Street
Franklin, N.C. 28734

From: Save the Sacred Sites Alliance
Sharon L. Kitchen (founder)
P.O. Box 324
Townsend, Ga. 31331

Re Cherokee burial / village site @ airport site

To whom it may concern,
The following are just some of my concerns for your 05-26-09 meeting, that everyone was to prepare for you so that you could provide answers:

First: On what date was the Environmental Impact Study done?

Second: When will a copy be made available to all interested parties?

Third: When will the current archeology study being preformed by TRC be complete and available to all interested parties?

Fourth: Why is this study not the 100 percent requested by the Eastern Band of Cherokee?

Fifth: When Will all the compliance under Section 106 of the NAGPRA law be completed?

Sixth: Are you aware that the Western and Eastern Band of Cherokee are opposed to ANY & ALL destruction and desecration of this VERY important historical/ heritage site?

Seventh: If the answer is yes to number six, then why are bulldozers on the property? In such sensitive sites usually the site is further protected from any and all machinery and all work MUST be done by hand and brushes.

Eight: Since this airport receives “Vision 100” federal grant monies, why are you asking for money outside of the usual channels?

Nine: Why have you not repaired your existing 2 runways, as the FAA list all repairs needed.

Ten: in 2006 the FAA had only 8 unscheduled srnall/ single airplanes landing and taking off from this facility, so why just 3 years later do you feel the need for this expansion and the destruction/ desecration this action is having?

Eleven: in the May 7 Macon News, they stated that airport personnel stated, that Mr. Phil Drake of Drake Enterprises, was the BIGGEST customer you had and that due to his wanting a bigger jet / and of course a longer runway to accommodate this 1 jet, for his “new” theater, the Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts, @1024 Georgia Rd., is this the reason for this need? One person? Of Wealth?

Twelve: Will the homes / elementary schools that are within 900 feet of the existing uncared for runways be safe from “crashing/accident” planes? Not long after one of your meetings a small single engine airplane, also a Cessna, crashed into a graveyard, so can you 100 percent guarantee this Will not happen at this airport if you are granted the right to continue with your plans?

Thirteen: As many have wondered and have been on the Internet asking, is this also the reason why Macon County and the Airport Authority, (under Macon County) have also launched building of roads in the area that have been approved by NCDOT ? Again, for one man and his theater? If the answer is yes, then do you not care at all about the citizens of Macon county, or has the dollar bill blinded you ? Please keep in mind anyone, anywhere can Google for information on just about any topic. This has been done. People have done their own investigations concerning this “desperate” need for an extension to the existing runways. These were also put on top of “sacred sites.”

Fourteen: If this addition is so badly needed, why does this airport not have: a control tower, lighting after dark, FSS on field, airport certification, aircraft rescue & fireflght, airport of entry, custom landing rights, joint civil/military, precision instruinents, visual guide path, RVR/RVV equipment, Approach lights, REIL, Centerline lights, Touchdown lights, markers, markers lighted?

Fifteen: When last inspected by State Aeronautical Personnel on 09/09/2008, why were there remarks such as:RQY 07/2 RY 07/25 has severe cracks and vegetation through the cracks and joints, rapidly rising terrain in all quadrants and 1511 drop off?

Sixteen: all the above lead to this final question....If you can not take care of what you currently have, what makes you think we believe you could take care of more responsibility?

Conclusion: This airport is NOT safe. This airport is a tiny airstrip for a local small airplane club that has stated in the papers, that they were so poor they all had to learn on one plane. There is no need to expand. There is no need to continue the destruction and desecration of a VERY historical site. THIS IS THE HERITAGE OF THE CHEROKEE NATION. THIS AREA SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE

If the wealthy feel they need a “LARGE” airport let them go through all the steps and channels and permits and hassle and build their own. Then they can be liable for all the crashes/deaths/injuries that accompany an airport. They can be liable for non-compliance with who ever they go around. Their greed and uncaring will get them. Do you really want to take their blame on?

Also, if you still plan on going ahead with your plans do you think your sign stating that
you “honor” the Cherokee people still makes sense since you have desecrated “Sacred
Ground” ? Think on this awhile.

Sharon L. Kitchen

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