Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Got A New Program for Kids Starting And I Could Use Some Help

Got A New Program for Kids Starting And I Could Use Some Help

First let me say that I do not expect people who can not help to help with this.
But if you could pass it on, that would help. But for those who can this is an awesome program.
It started back in the 1990's when Sharon and I lived in the inner city portion of downtown Atlanta, Ga. We moved there to do security for a lady who was trying to get food and clothes to poor people at a low to no cost.

I met some kids there who were at risk because they lived in that drug infested/ gang controlled portion of Atlanta. The kids wanted me to teach Aikido, a martial art that I had been doing since 1970 or so. My then sensei (teacher) George Kennedy was awesome with his help. he even donated mats. Aikido is a highly moral martial art with no attacking moves. And these kids ate it up. And everyone of them has gone on to do well in life. What happened? They got the same mentoring that my sensei, Rodney Grantham gave me. And it made a difference in their lives.

Now I live half way between Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia. And, guess what, another group of not so wealthy kids wants to learn martial arts.

But for safety sake these kids need mats, so that when they fall, they don't get hurt.
This is the part I need help with. For a couple of hundred dollars I can get some mighty fine mats. It's not a fortune. But it can be for those of you who live like we do on a shoe string. So, if anyone has a few bucks to help, that's good. It adds up. Or if you know someone you might pass this info on to that could help, that helps also.

If you can do nothing, that's ok also. I'll find other friends. LoL ;-D Just kidding.
Look everyone knows, I love kids. And this is fun for me. Of coarse I asked Sensei Kennedy before I started this little scenario. And you can believe that I will do nothing that will dishonor Aikido or any of my senseis.

Do I add some spiritual values? What do you think? ;-)

So that's it. P.O. Box 324, Townsend, Ga. 31331 is our mail box at the P.O.
That's where to tell folks to send it. I guess I'll do this until I can't stand up.
Then I'll probably try it in a wheel chair. LoL

Anyway, thanks everyone for even considering. And thanks from the kids also.


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