Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh, God no

Oh, God no
Lieberman is a suck up snake, who will turn on anyone if it suits his weasel, slimy, back stabbing needs. Kick him off all leadership any way.

Joe Lieberman says "Oh, God no" to losing his committee chairmanship if he blocks health care reform.
Join us in saying: "Hell yeah!"
Can you forward this email to friends and ask them to join you in signing our petition asking Democratic senators to hold Lieberman accountable?
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You may have heard the news. Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is threatening to help Republicans block a vote on health care reform if the bill includes a public health insurance option.

But when reporters asked Lieberman if he'd be willing to lose his powerful committee chairmanship as a consequence, he said: "Oh, God no."

What's our answer? Hell yeah!

You and 90,000 others signed our petition to Democratic senators asking them to strip leadership titles from Lieberman (or others) if they block reform. Can you help us get to 100,000?

Please forward this email to your friends. Ask them to sign our petition to Democratic senators by clicking here.
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Are we going to let Joe Lieberman screw up health care reform? Hell no! Sign the petition to hold him accountable --> http:​/​/​salsa.​wiredforchange.​com/​dia/​track.​jsp?​v=​2&​c=​9f3J3PY5IqDtc0i​N6KN0dheLI1NlVX​k1
We'll deliver this petition to Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN), among others. After Lieberman endorsed John McCain for president, and Democrats let Lieberman keep his chairmanship, Bayh said:

"If he does retain his chairmanship, we still exert oversight over him... He doesn't have the ability to just do whatever he wants. The caucus still has the right to remove him from that position at any time..."

Now's the time for Democratic senators like Bayh to let Lieberman know they'll make good on that promise. Lieberman needs to be held accountable.

Please forward this email to friends -- and share on Facebook and Twitter -- so we can deliver 100,000 signatures to Democratic senators!

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

--Adam Green, Stephanie Taylor, Aaron Swartz, Brian Bills, Michael Snook, and the PCCC team

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