Thursday, October 8, 2009

An Honor Student Dies

An Honor Student Dies

I live in McIntosh County, Ga. Maybe it is like many highly conservative locations throughout America. People go to church here every Sunday to worship Jesus. And they fight to keep the 10 Commandments up at the county's government building and place 10 commandment signs in their yards to show support for the 10 commandments. They say they are one or two issue people. No abortion. No gay marriage. They say abortion is murder. And being gay is an abomination.

Then on Monday morning they go out to treat their fellow man like something less than human.
African Americans are called "N" word and about half of them are turned away at voting places, even when they are registered to vote and have proof of it.

And health care to them is socialism. And to them our president is Chairman Mao. And people with no education who can not read or write call him a stupid "N" word. And oppose everything he does to help our country. While the elected officials from these areas do everything in their power to make our president look bad. No matter what he does, it's going to be wrong to them.

They call health care reform socialism and are guided by the talking heads at Fixed News, which is not news, but propaganda. They believe it because the talking heads say certain key phrases that play into their world view and hatred of the "N" word who became president.

And so they fall prey to big insurance companies like the rest of us with little to no health care. And they die just as readily as the rest of us, because, even though they are not part of the top 1% of American wealth, they are used and manipulated by them, to their own self detriment.

Then we come to Jacobi Palmer. Jacobi was around 8 years old., he was an honor student in school. He was bright. He had a positive attitude. He loved school and made high marks.
But Jacobi was not in the top 1% of wealth. This African American child had asthma and bronchitis. And then he got swine flu.

His mom is a trauma ER nurse at a hospital in Brunswick, Ga. So she took him to that hospital's emergency room. The doctor told her it was just a stomach virus and sent him home.
Even though warnings are clearly set up by our Health and Human Services branch of the government that say not to ignore this, especially in high risk patients such as this child with asthma. Jacobi was throwing up so badly and getting weaker at home and couple of days later his mom took him back to this ER. They sent Jacobi back home saying it was just a stomach virus. And Jacobi died at home.

Was this incompetence at the hospital? Maybe, but I see a bigger problem here that is endemic to the system. Now, I can not speak to all health care systems throughout our country. But I can say that according to the World Health Organization the USA is 37th.
One of the lowest of the industrialized nations. And it is number 2 in health care costs.

Something's wrong here folks. And I am not the only one who sees it. Our president and vice president see it. I know they can't say it our loud. But some of our elected officials are betraying those they represent.

And I don't know how many people have told me about volunteer work and that the churches and individuals do. I am sure they do this wonderful work. And I am proud that one of my family members is one of those who volunteer. But folks this is not near enough to help all those who need it and are dying for lack of health care

In my mind, to call those who oppose health care reform and other acts of compassion "Christian" is an insult to the "Christ" that it is named after.
My God people, Jesus fed 4 and 5,000 people at a time and didn't charge them. Jesus healed folks over and over again.
And I got news for the racists. Jesus was a Jew. A brown race at that time.
If He was racist no whites would be "Christian."

Read Acts 4: 32-35. This is what Christians were about. It is not called "socialism."
It is called compassion and sharing. Something we are supposed to be taught from childhood. And it is sorely lacking in many so called "Christians" today.

If not for people like Keith Olbermann, Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow, President Obama, and many others who take the heat to speak up for the other 99% who are not wealthy, we would have a much worse time of it than we do.

To end this I'm going to say that there are several more children who are sick here in McIntosh County, Ga. with swine flu. And another precious child has died because, in my mind they are not listening to those who are warning them to take this seriously. We don't need to fear phony "death panels" that are made up to kill support for health care reform.
They are already here. It's called health insurance from the greedy big money insurance companies.

Kathleen Sebelius can only warn people to take this seriously. She can't be in every nook and cranny to make sure they do it. So how many of our precious little ones have to die before someone takes this health care situation seriously? How many babies have to die before pro life people stand up for not only the unborn, but also those precious babies that are born and die with little to no compassion for them?

What happened to the fervor for life after people are born?

And so another innocent will die in McIntosh and another and another and.........

Who decides who has the "right to life?"

Jacobi Palmer's spirit cries out for justice with thousands of others.
Dave Kitchen
Townsend, Ga.

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