Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ultimate Wolrd Domination/ Follow The Money

Ultimate Wolrd Domination/ Follow The Money
Founder's Comments:
At first glance, of a report from, dated Sept. 23, 2009, by Maranda Lieitesinger, I had a simple question. The questions was, what does Sara Palin, CLSA, and China have in common?

This lead me down a road of unexpected worry for all people no matter where they are located. With this article, you will begin to think outside current location on to a much broader scope as to how/why things occur in your world. Hence, "follow the money" will come into play. There are local things which take our iunterests every day and can keep us bound in our focus to only these events. This is neither good nor bad. It is just a fact.
These local events are like a veil that cover the major events which surely cause the local events. After this article I added comments to CNN after I had researched CSLA. In the comments that I made for CNN are many names of global corporations. Each has a nework tied to each other. The worst, or sacriest is the only named Euronext. This huge global corporation merged with the New Yrok Stock Exchange (NYSE) as of Jan. 31, 2006. And is now considered the largest exchange on the planet. The new name to really follow the money after 2007 is NYSE, then Euroinext, which is headquartered in New York. The CEO of the conglomerate is John Thain. He intends to use this company to for the worlds first global stck market. So of coarse this meeting had closed doors. From this article, to get a better picture Google each and every name listed, the corporate stafff, and the many countries world wide that are represented.

SLK Founder Save The Sacred Sites Alliance

Article on Sara Palin that lead to my research:


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