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American Jihad Terrorists

American Jihad Terrorists
Siyu Everyone,

Well, I can say this time my feeling on this subject are not a rant.
This has taken some cool hard looking at the bad guys and how my little corner of the world reflects on the bigger picture.

I have done some sample testing by saying certain things and planting certain things on my property to see how the night destroyers who invade people property in McIntosh County Georgia would react. Now my premise in all this is to look at them like Pavlov's dogs, without the salivation thing that the dogs had.

I this discussion I am not going to get racial or show any prejudice what so ever.
American Jihad Terrorists

This is going to be cold logic.

In dealing with these types of people who tend towards violence/ intimidation to get their way we can also look at the larger picture of what is happening on our National stage and find a pattern or a play book that certain types who like to call themselves "conservatives" and "patriots."
But who I will prove are neither. They are not Liberals either. What they are will form the basis of my theory that I hope all of you will understand.

First, They claim to be the real hard working Americans. And the rest of us are lazy so in sos. Let us examine that "hard working" concept. We had many things destroyed on our property by them and my animals poisoned. When that did not totally destroy us, they began howling in the woods at night to keep the dogs barking so my wife and I would get no sleep. In order to do this they had to stay up all night and not work at any kind of respectable work.
Ok scratch off the hard working Americans part. They can't be that.

Second, They claim to be law and order advocates. Let us see how this plays out. They hate African Americans. So they rigged the elections and got their corrupt sheriff elected. (We have the evidence to prove this. African Americans who were registered to vote, and their registration was signed but the head registrar, were turned away at the door. We have documented proof of this.) Now African Americans have been profiled, stopped, and some beaten up for no reason other than they are black by local sheriff's deputies. They have broken into people's houses just to take what they wanted while people were gone from home. They run drugs on their boats because fishing and shrimping is not profitable enough for them. Therefore, they owe their soul to the Mexican Drug Cartels.
They carry guns, not to protect themselves, but just to show they can to events where kids and families are. Law and order, I don't think so.

Third, to test their so called loyalty to their "Christian" principles, I hung a water proof poster with the Ten Commandments on it at the front gate of our property. It took some time, but they destroyed it. So, the conclusion on my part is they have no respect for the "Christianity" that they claim to follow. Therefore, if they destroy the basic tenants of "Christianity," they can not be really "Christian."

Fourth, They say they are Patriotic. To test this I put up a Marine Corps flag, an American flag and a P.O.W. flag. The only flag they did not tear up was the P.O.W. They really ragged on the marine Corps flag. Basically they don't care about those brave Marines that the Corps flag stands for who gave them the right to have the freedoms that they spit on.
So, patriotic, I don't think so.

Fifth, They say they are against "illegal aliens." Ok let's put aside for the minute that their ancestors invaded a peaceful continent and committed genocide on it's Native American residents. (If that ain't big time illegal aliens.... Well you get the picture.) And just examine the other facts. They are big into drugs here with the big money that they make on them.
But besides the boss hog here who controls the drug traffic, who really pulls the strings on the drug traffic here? I would say the vast majority comes from the friendly Mexican Cartels.
Against illegal immigration, yeah and you do business with Mexican drug lords.

Sixth, They claim they don't like terrorists or Arabic people. Now this one is especially hypocritical.
With the above actions and the destructive nature of these folks, it came to me their actions are more like terrorists than they were "Real Americans." And if they want to stop terrorists so badly, why do they support the keeping of these gas hogs that use tons of Arab oil that they themselves claim goes to fund terrorism? A large percentage of them drive Hummers.
Not very gas efficient. As real Americans, it would seem to me that they would be buy at least fuel efficient personal vehicles. I am not counting work or farm vehicles that have to be heavy duty to do their jobs.

Let's ask some other questions. What do terrorists do? They try to terrorize their victims into submitting to their demands. What has been happening in America with these town hall meetings across America, with the intimidation techniques they use to disrupt free democracy? Is that not the very definition of terrorism. Just as these terrorists come at night an try to get me to submit to leaving my home because they don't like Native Americans, African Americans or anyone who is white is not from here or has a differing world view than theirs. They us terroristic techniques to get people to cut and run or submit to their demands.

The same game plan on both the national and local level seems to be working for them.

People have called them Nazis. They do want racial purity. But so do many terrorists.

So I submit my simple theory to you as this. With careful examination of the facts, I have come to the conclusion that their actions are just as much Jihad driven terrorist techniques for a way of life that is rapidly disappearing for them. In just a few years, the face of America has been changing for them. They are seeing America go from a whit majority to where people of color (African Americans, Native Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans, Middle Eastern Heritage Americans, etc) are advancing on their numbers. And they see the youth or newest voters of America coming to terms with racial biases and voting for the best candidate, whether man or woman. These wiling people on TV wanting "their" America back are not afraid of communists or Nazis. They see their control dwindling and is scares them.

America is changing rapidly before their eyes. So now they are using tried and true terrorist techniques that they have used on people of color for years, whether African, Native, Latin, Asian. They are afraid of us taking over and, God forbid, actually having a real democracy of the people by the people and for the people.

So I submit that the way to stop all this is to call a rose by any other name a rose.

When people act as terrorists, call them terrorists. Stop this race baiting that separates us and just say, no matter what their race, anyone who uses these tactics is a terrorist, whether home grown or foreign. And we need to stop letting their tactics control our debates on topics the way they are succeeding with these tactics in the health care debate.

Now behind the fear tactics, you have the entities that fund these things. If they keep the status quo they keep big profit margins. But at what expense?
The world market is opening up and the status quo is on the way out. Those who are holding on to their old ways of getting profit margins are sooner or later going to be bought and sold by those actually competing in the new global market place. And they don't care if they take America down with them.
Kinda UnAmerican wouldn't you say?

Now if I and my wife can take my horses and dogs being poisoned and other terroristic techniques, and still stand up to these guys, so can you, or brothers and sisters in the congress and senate show the same intestinal fortitude. In other words this old Marine is asking you to get some ..... well you know the word. lets do like the brave men and women like my dad who rolled up their sleeves and fought in WWII, like my dad. And did not back down when they sent those vets to a losing battle in Korea. But those WWII vets turned the tide and took back the turf and drove North Korea out of South Korea. And were on their way to taking all of Korea until politics raised it's ugly head and made them stop.

My fellow Americans lets get some guts to do a good work no matter the personal consequences. That's what makes the difference in a real man or woman and a push over for terroristic actions. Let's go out and kick b*tt. And take names. And I'll be proud again to stand with you, not matter the consequences to me. Hey they've tried to run me down here a couple of times. Who cares. This is for my grandkids future. I can die for that. Our ancestors did. Or doesn't their sacrifices matter anymore?
Dave Kitchen

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