Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Little More Optimism would be good... But it can be hard at times...

A Little More Optimism would be good... But it can be hard at times...

Our dog who was poisoned, Sebastain, is going to live now and is getting healthier. I hope that I did not sound like I had a problem with white folks in an earlier email that I blurted out because of upset, because I don't see color in whom I love or befriend. I was/ am pretty upset about another animal of ours getting poisoned. (Yes, this one lived. But that is not the point here.) And it was most likely the white guys who try to bully everyone here who did it. But in Atlanta, Ga. we had African American drug dealers who were trying to rule our neighborhood and bully everyone. So who knows. I'm Native. But I'm also white (with a little Moor in there waaaaay back). Race just isn't important to me. BUT............................................
My Native mama always told me > "Dave there's two types of people in the world. And it doesn't matter about money, race, how much power you have, how big your home is, what position or office you hold, etc.... Nothing matters but what's in your heart. Those who care are the ones you befriend. The others are trash toi be thrown away. And don't look back." Well I guess it's time to take out the trash. And treasure you wonderful friends that the Creator/ God has given me.
Love (in a good way),

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