Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Wild Dogs Save My Life

When I was a young man a pack of wild dogs saved my life. I was lost in the swamp near Mcrae, Ga. I had been bitten by something in the water, (but not a snake because there was only one puncture wound) and was getting weak. Then I heard this growling. I knew it was the wild dogs that lived in the area. I also knew that they loved the county dump.
So I just said, "Guys I'm not here to invade your territory. I just want to find my way home. Can you lead me to the dump?" They grumbled a little. Then started off in another direction. And I followed at a safe distance. In about 30 minutes they had lead me to the dump. I got out and went to my camper park at the local camper park and fell into bed with a high fever from the bite I had and was delirious for about a day.
But I came out of the fever and the dogs had saved my life. So I went to the dump and saw them there. They looked this time but did not grumble. I guess because they knew my scent this time. I left them a very special treat for them to eat and they were already on it before I left. Looking at me with no hostility what so ever.
I'll never forget those guys. They saved my life. And I'll be darned if they didn't seem to know they had saved my life. And I felt that they felt my gratitude.
But maybe that's just an old mans foolishness.

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