Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rules For This Website

Rules For This Website

This bulletin is not aimed at anyone. It is just time we set the rules.

1) No curse words. People can express themselves without being offensive.
We have tried to talk to some of these folks about this and verbal battles go into the toilet quickly without any positive results.
2) We will not repost any conspiracy stuff that we do not fully know about or comprehend ourselves. There are too many right and left wingnuts out there spouting false and damaging things like the birthers or other conspiracies that have forged documentation and unfounded violent tedencies. We want no part of this.
3) Respect for people who we repost their stuff on here, especially elders, is not asked for. It is demanded. If you are rude, we don't want you.
4) Disrespectful responses to posts on here will be deleted. We are not CNN nor any other big money organization. We receive money from no one. So freedom fo speech to us does not include- insults, character judgments of people posts on here, cursing, etc...
5) Read the posts totally before responding. This is not for just us but for you.
People look really stupid when they respond to something they haven't totally read. And they get all upset for nothing. If you can't read and understand something totally, skip it. Don't make yourself look stupid. I try to delete folks when they are saying something totlally non related to the subject or they are making judgments about things when their facts are skewed. THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE AND POST. We just hate to see our friends look stupid. This is for your benefit.
6) If you come here all puffed up and thinking that you know it all, expect your ego balloon to have a pin stuck in it. We don't like know it alls who really show they have no idea what they are talking about with some of their comments.
7) Don't attack us for telling you that you are wrong when you say something that we know is wrong. It won't be good for you.
8) If we warn you about something and any of the preceeding or other annoyances become too way out there, and you persist or come back at us with an attitude, be expected to be deleted as a friend. We are not here to coddle egos.
9) Dont come her telling us what we need to focus on or how we need to do things. Suggestions are always welcome. But demands are not. And if we don't want to follow your suggestion and you come back at us with venom and stupidity, it will be "See ya. Wouldn't wanna be ya." You will be deleted and blocked form this website.

Our major focus is indeed on sacred site protection. But we also believe in networking somewhat. But we try not to be too extreme on that either.

10) If we miss something that you want us to repost. Don't get all offended and call us names. Just remind us. We are old folks. And even if we weren't people miss things.

Lastly, this list will probably be added to. And I will update it as we find new and more wierd actions. We are not from the computer generation so be patient with us. I, Dave, am the one who figured this computer stuff out. But I'm not like some of you young folks who can kae these things just about talk. So, be patient with us. Don't get too nasty. It's just about being respectful and mannerly towards others. It's an Indigenous thing. If you know what I mean. people who talk rude to elders on the REZes leave quickly with escorts on either arm "helping" them leave. If they are too rude, well accidents happen.......
But it's not liek that on here. Just use common sense about how you would like to be treated. And I'm not talking about how you would like to be treated if you have low self esteem. Just keep the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the back of your mind when you come here or approach us. And also, read the from page of this website where it says>>>>>

I guess if your Native and rude, you got no place to go back to. But the elders will hear about it and have a "private meeting" with you.

To put it simply, SHOW RESPECT OR YOUR GONE. (Deleted and blocked).

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