Monday, August 24, 2009

Everyone Please Read This, Pray and Pass It On

Everyone Please Read This And Pray
Friends and family,

We (The Save The Sacred Sites Alliance) have a new friend in Greece. And he sent us the message below what I have typed, this morning when I asked him about the fires in Greece. Greed is universal, not just the Republicans or Democrats who want to play footsie with health care while their fellow Americans die out here by being denied health care but in so many other areas. I know it's easy to get caught up in this type of thinking. So please understand this is not about finger pointing. That is why we are asking all Peoples to join world wide in prayer for the releasing of our planet and all our spirituality from the evils of greed.

Let's pick one day to pray for this. How about, September 1st, 2009? They have two Jesus' here in America, the one that is of compassion, and the one that is of greed.
The one of greed wants to distort the real one.
Let us pray in all our churches, sweat lodges, temples, mosques, synagogues, all spiritual ways that we will break the spirit of greed all over the world. And that all people will follow the spirit of compassion, instead of the spirit of greed. Some may not understand this request because they have heard and believed what some news has said that we don't need a socialist system.

This is not about labels. It's about humanity and compassion and giving people something to fall back on if the private insurance companies are infected with the spirit of greed. Even the atheists, we ask that you put positive thinking into the universe.

I know may will disagree with some things that I have said. But let's not focus on our differences this time. For just one day in our lives, let's focus on getting the spirit of greed out of control of our businesses, government, churches, temples, whatever.
Please pass this on all over the world.
We are just one group of people starting this. But my heart is right. And my intent is to free all people from the spirit of greed. We had no other purpose for sending this than we care about you all and the whole human race.

There is no right or left in love/ compassion. We have sent this to both right and left. In the hope that even if you can't openly support this, you can privately pray for the spirit of greed to be taken from its place of power. We are not here to lecture, but to love.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
You can contact us at:

Kalimera (good morning in greek!)
Thank you for the friendship and your care!
I live in the center of athens and here we are ok and safe
but all around the town and also in other places in greece
big fires are causing serious damages to the environment and to people
You know?my appartment is near Lycabetus hill in the center of the city and the past few years many strange species of birds that used to live in the forests,are passing by
even step on my balcony,and try to find shelter in lycabetus hill or elswhere in the city!
My heart is in such pain for those innocent creatures including all animals and trees and the nature! and of course children and families...
and there is not much we can do....
we create chains of praying and sending possitive energy.............

and the worst of all is that those fires happen every year deliberately from
some people who want to burn the woods in order to built illegal buildings afterwards
and then (here comes the best part) the goverment will make them legal!!!!
Grece is such a beautiful country!
Unfortunately is in the mercy of a few monsters that don't care about anything apart
from money.................
i pray for their souls too
thank you again for your care and interest!
be well!

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