Monday, August 10, 2009

My Personal Thoughs On Health Care Debates & Mobe Rule

My Personal Thoughs On Health Care Debates & Mobe Rule

My Personal Comment: I do not mind anyone disagreeing with me that universal health care is very important to make everyone healthy and our country more secure. But I do not like someone using intimidation, violence or shouting matches to kill free speech/ debate and freedom period.
As kids, we were taught to be more civil in our discussion. This is not an American way to act. This is youth or adults for Hitler way to act, the way the Nazis shouted down the Jews. I'd like to say to those who think it's ok to carry guns into church that "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God" (the Creator). Those who don't know that. Don't know the REAL Jesus. It makes me remember how the troops felt when they came home from Vietnam and there were our fellow Americans yelling at brave young men who had sacrificed, who had nothing to do with policy making. And they spit on those young men. And right now my eyes are filled with tears, because I vivdly remember the looks on those young men's faces. And it makes me sick that in this country that our soldiers love and die for, these people take our freedom of proper debate away. I have to quit now. I can't see to type any more. There's too much water in my eyes and pain in my heart.

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