Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dave Goes Off....

Let me Tell You About harassment & Racial Profiling and.....

When we moved to McIntosh County, Ga. I was a very sick, dying man, unable to think or help my wife. So what did the wonderful business owners of McIntosh do? They ripped off my wife for every penny that she had. Then we had the one where the deacon was a con man who deluded the church and pastor into a mind game control freak situation and tried to take us with them. (Thenks but no thenks. As the big Sara P would say)
Then another of the local churches had folks who came and begged us for money unitl we had none. Then when we were in trouble, they told us to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps. Niiice.
Then as I got better the local hoods were invading our property late at night to run us off. Cuz we was Injuns. Then at one point the medical establishment after trying to kill me with un needed drugs, would not/ could not help undo the destruction their colleagues had wrought upon an unsuspecting Native Guy, who went from atheletic to almost mindless invalid due to their incompetence.
The hoods tried to keep us up all night by sneaking in our fenced in property on the wooded side and destroying our stuff or poisoning one of our animals. Als they would punch holes in our water troughs for our horse and report that we weren't giving our horses water. Niiiice.

One even came to my front gate and said something stupid about Injuns. Niiiice.

So now the white trash have rigged the vote here and got one of the white trash, who has no law enforcement experience, in as sherrif. He promptly fired all African American people and replaced them with whites. Now the bubbas harrass the African Americans because "they impotent authority." Talk about racial profiling if your black, red or brown, don't drive through McIntosh unless you want to get stopped.....boy (not my words--- of coarse they us the N word also here)....yah heaya. Ahhh "Deliverance" Ahh "Cool Hand Luke" Ahh.....well you get the picture. Niiice. Welcome to Inbred White Trash Crooks In Charge McIntosh County, Georgia. Ohh don't get me wrong, some of the African Americans here are just as bad, especially elected or community leaders who constantly sell out ehir own people and lead them in the wrong direction to their own destruction. And do these sell outs really think they will be safe once their purpose of removing all people of color from McIntosh has been met? Niiiice.

I want ot be fair to the decent folks who have had to put up with this idiocy most of their lives because they were born her both whites and otherwise. By soem freak of nature, you were born to a normal family in an abnomal environment. Or you just turned out that way yourself. More power to you.

People tell us to move away. Hey folks, Turtle Island is ours. Stolen, yes. But still our folks were the originals here. We ain't leavin' ! Ok? They can go back to Europe or whatever foriegn county they or their ancestors came from. Some have said their white ancestors have lived here since caveman times. My first reaction was, "hey I didn't know you were native American. Do you speak the original language of your people, not his foreign English?" (Joke). No laughter?
Gee, we didn't invade Europe and put the people there in concentration camps called reservations. Hitler did. But he said he was just copying Americas treatment of Native Americans. Niiiice.

People in Glynn County told us they called this McIntrash County. Hmmm Wish they'd told us that before we spent a whole heap of money settling in. Niiiice.

Well to all the real Niiice folks out there who ask us what to do. The song "Rescue me" by Areatha Franklin (love her voice.. heck I was in love as a teen. OMG She's black and your.... oh......yeah...... your Native. Love knows no color friends in my book. My family is testimony to that.) LoL

Ok so I had my fun. Just remember us in your prayers. And of you got an Uzi or about 10 to 20 warriors handy, come on down (as they say on "The Price Is Right") One day they are probably going to take me out because I am able to take them on one at a time. And then they will be after Sharon. So when some "mysterious" thing happens and I aint here any more. Point you fingers at the local inbred white trash who run this beautiful countyside (with rats hiding underneath) behind the scenes.

Hey what about a movie on McIntosh called "Sicko?" Oh that's already been taken. Ironic isn't it, a movie about health care called "Sicko?" It would be much better uited to a certain group of "sickos" that I know. LoL

Old Dave, the mostly quiet until they poisoned one of my animals again guy.

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