Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Information on Prayer Ceremony, "Hemblaca" and location of Camp for Ceremony

Information on Prayer Ceremony, "Hemblaca" and location of Camp for Ceremony
Hello everyone,

I will be headed down to Crow Creek tomorrow late afternoon and will be there off and on during the week. Will send updates and pic’s as I am able to. Will get more info on items needed for their encampment, in case anyone is able to help out.

It is below 0 here at night and expected to be a high of 15 tomorrow!

In peace & solidarity,

Dear Tribal Leader,
By now, you have read that IRS auctioned off 7100 acres of land owned by the Crow Creek Farm, a Corporation under the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe. IRS sold the land to pay for employment taxes unpaid by the Tribe after the Tribe was informed by a BIA official (erroneous advice) that they did not have to pay taxes because the Tribe was a federally recognized sovereign nation.. The Tribe was negotiating a loan at the time IRS auctioned the land.

Chairman Brandon Sazue and the Tribe are setting up Camp on the Land and Chairman Sazue will "Hemblaca" (Fast and Pray) for "as long as it takes!"

I am receiving many e-mails from people who wish to help. In case you wish to travel to Crow Creek to Pray and support the Crow Creek Sioux, the location is below.

Chairman Sazue states: "I am now marking the spot,"SIOUX LAND IS NOT FOR SALE", 2 miles west of the CrowCreek High school ( HWY 34 )." The land is located North of Ft.Thompson, on highway 34, west of Stephan ( CrowCreek High School ). Between Stephan and the BigBend District.Maybe 5 or so miles west of Stephan on highway 34.

It is Winter and the Temperature in central SD is bitterly cold with expected highs around 0 to 5 degrees only. The wind can blow on the Prairie, creating even more extreme severe cold. Those who enter into Hemblaca (Prayer offering and sacrifice) will give all that they have to the Creator, for the land is not for sale. The Tribe has no money or riches to give to the Creator, just themselves to offer. The Crow Creek reservation is on the poorest County in the United States. How does one explain the true meaning of what our land where our ancestors lay, means to us as Sioux People? In this day of greed ("wasinicu" takes the fat!) and the Me generation, there is no way to relate our feeling for our land Your Prayers are appreciated.

Please join in Prayer!
A. Gay Kingman

On December 7, 2009, the CrowCreek Sioux Tribe will be holding "HEMBLACA" on the lands the I.R.S. auctioned off December 3, 2009,(7,112 acres). I Brandon J. Sazue Sr. will "HEMBLACA" for as long as it takes! It is time the Sioux Nation makes a statement and we will stand strong! We will not be pushed "NO-MORE"! we will be preparing tepees for each tribe. On this day, together our voices will be heard, in the spirit of our ancestors! Please come and join the CrowCreek Sioux Tribe in making a statement, " OUR LANDS ARE AND NEVER WILL BE FOR SALE"!


CrowCreek Tribal Chairman- Brandon J. Sazue Sr.
Phone: 605-245-2221, fax: 605-245-2470

CrowCreek Sioux Tribe
P.O. Box 50
Ft.Thompson SD

Finance Department
C/O : Leroy Thompson
Phone: ( 605 ) 245-2304.

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