Tuesday, December 8, 2009

INVITATION TO meeting RE: D-Q University: at UC Davis this Sunday

INVITATION TO meeting RE: D-Q University: at UC Davis this Sunday

An American Indian People's Resistance Movement of the 21st Century
Davis, California

December 4, 2009
8:10 p.m.

Brothers and Sisters,

We are passing along this announcement from our friends in the community who are working to rebuild D-Q University.

We invite and encourage all people within reach of this communique to attend this gathering.

And having said all that we would, we will be leaving you -for now.

We are this Nation,

sined: the A.O.N. NEWZHOUND


______________ ON TO ANNOUNCEMENT ___________

Next meeting regarding D-Q University will take place this Sunday, Dec 6th 2009
Thank you all for your combined support, cooperation, collaboration and contribution this far to unite our factions once again. No easy task.
Very short notice:
I am proud to inform us, we will be meeting this Sunday at the request of Elder Rudy James who came to our last meeting and so generously offered us the opportunity to learn tribal law so that we can be more aware of how it works and how can we utilize it as well as to help us gather a combined plan together. All who are interested in contributing energy towards continuing the Legacy of D-Q, please come and let’s share the work.

Thank you to Lisa for relaying the message and to Alapay for finding us a location again =) We are many groups who have many differences, but realize that we can come together for our youth and community to carry on the Legacy of D-QU.
This Sunday: (December 06, 2009)
We Meet in Room 151 of the Olsen Building, at UC Davis. from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Olsen Building is located at the southeast corner of the main quad on campus.
Campus maphttp://www.cevs.ucdavis.edu/..map/map_detail.cfm?assetInfo=..97
Please be prepared and ready to diligently study and learn, (2 ears – 1 mouth)
Any and all Documents, facts or evidence that we can use, will be appreciated to strengthen the transparency of what we are doing. If you have a laptop, please bring it =)
Let us unite to have a shared focus and direction so that we may continue the legacy laid out for us at D-Q U.
Everyone is doing an awesome job. Please let’s stay strong and focused.
Thank you to everyone!
In Solidarity

Steven Payan
(530) 402-6416
“Time 2 Get United!”
Sent from Brother Steve Jerome-Wyattthegreatlizardking@yahoo.com.

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