Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"The Ox" Runs Wild on Georgia Taxpayers!

"The Ox" Runs Wild on Georgia Taxpayers!

I forwarded this because this guy is a Lumbee.

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From: Jane Kidd
Date: Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 3:28 PM
Subject: "The Ox" Runs Wild on Georgia Taxpayers!
To: Sharon Kitchen


I bet you knew that Republican John Oxendine took over $100,000 in illegal campaign cash while serving as state Insurance Commissioner, right? If not, click here to learn more.

Oxendine is just one of the Republicans who abused his position of power as an elected official to line his own pockets, all the while ignoring the needs of everyday Georgians. Worse, he skirted laws set up to prevent state officials from using their offices for personal gain. And when confronted with information about his misdeeds, he blamed the media for his own ethical mistakes. I guess "the Ox" didn't like being exposed.

Now, John Oxendine wants to become Georgia's governor. Before you make the very important decision about who will lead our state, please go to our website - www.whotheyrepresent.com - and read about what John Oxendine - and other Georgia Republicans - have been up to.

Please consider a monthly contribution of $5 or whatever you can afford through 2010 to support our efforts to remove a self-serving and ineffective Republican leadership from the state Capitol.

You can also join us as we continue to expose Republican politicians who are just looking out for number one by forwarding this email to a friend and having them sign up to receive the latest updates from the Democratic Party of Georgia.

The Democratic Party of Georgia is committed to ethical leadership in the Capitol and throughout Georgia. You can keep track of us online at our Facebook or Twitter pages. We are working to bring new leadership to the Peach State that will ensure that working families don't get stiffed by corrupt politicians.

Democratically yours,

Jane Kidd, Chair
Democratic Party of Georgia

PS: Support our efforts to remove a self-serving and ineffective Republican leadership from the state Capitol!

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