Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saturday 2pm Crow Creek Ceremony PLEASE FORWARD From: James Swan Saturday 2pm Crow Creek Ceremony PLEASE FORWARD

Saturday 2pm Crow Creek Ceremony PLEASE FORWARD
From: James Swan
Saturday 2pm Crow Creek Ceremony PLEASE FORWARD

Its 7:00PM Thursday night...I received this invitation. My heart says I should go and support Crow Creek in this unjust battle over Indian land. Sometimes we must just stand up and follow our hearts. I want to invite all my Relatives and Friends to join in support, I will be there! I just now decided to do this....As a Sun-Dancer we as individuals must take a stand for our people...They are Ours and we are Theirs ....Hoka hey....Hoka Hey..Time for the 7th Generation to stand up.

We will be leaving Saturday mornig for the day. If you have any donations our want to follow us please let me know right away (I will be taking my truck). Any money will be used only for the support of "Crow Creek Sioux Tribe" I promise.......Mitauye Oyasin.

James Swan (Magaska)
(605) 381-8612

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But I wanted to pass this along in hopes that we can keep the Crow Creek Oyate in our thoughts/prayers. Pidamayayapi.

From: Sara Childers
Saturday 2pm Crow Creek Ceremony PLEASE FORWARD
Please join us on Saturday at 2pm at Crow Creek/Ft. Thompson.
We will meet at 1pm at the Community Center across from Casino. Then we will caravan to Chairman Brandon Sazues location for a 2pm Ceremony.
Asking all Pipe carriers who are physically able to please attend.

Chairman Sazues number is

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December 7, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

Recently, the IRS has seized and auctioned 7100 acres of our prime development land on the Crow Creek Reservation. We have tried to raise funds for months to save our land. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. We have tried to stop them from auctioning off our land through the justice system, however justice did not prevail.

It is no secret that Buffalo County is the poorest county in the nation and that 78% of the people on our reservation live far below the poverty line; this is why we are reaching out to our Native Brothers and Sisters. Only you know the importance of retaining our land base.

Recently, we were granted a trial for a judge to decide whether or not we should be allowed to keep this property, which they already sold to a non-Indian. This allows us 120 days to raise 4 million dollars to purchase our land back and clear up the levy that the IRS ($600,000) has on the property.

Any financial assistance that you could give to us would be greatly appreciated. We have set up an account at Wells Fargo in Chamberlain, South Dakota and all donations are tax deductible. The bank can be contacted at 605-734-6001 or contact Leroy Bear Thompson at 605-245-2304. Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.

Contact: Wells Fargo Bank
Attn: Cindy Adams
201 S Main
Chamberlain, SD 57325
Account Name: Save CCST Lands Fund
Account Numer: 9917827345
Contact: Cindy Adams 605-734-6001
Contact: Leroy Thompson, Jr. 605-245-2304 or 605-730-0091


Brandon Sazue, Chairman
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe

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