Wednesday, December 9, 2009

URGENT: Senate Dems Ditch Public Option

URGENT: Senate Dems Ditch Public Option
These headlines broke late last tonight:
"Senate Leaders in Tentative Deal to Reject Public Option" -- New York Times
"Senate tentatively agrees to remove public option" -- Washington Post
This is outrageous. We need to fight back now
Please sign our emergency petition to the four progressive senators who can stop this.
PETITION: "Americans need you to stand strong and block any 'compromise' without a strong public option. If necessary, demand that Sen. Harry Reid and President Obama support budget reconciliation or other ways of passing a bill with just 51 votes -- at which point, the public option can be made even stronger."

Click here to sign the petition -- then, please pass this to others.
We'll deliver your signature directly to Senators Russ Feingold (D-WI), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Roland Burris (D-IL), and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) -- the senators who said in the past they'd only support a strong public option. (You can see their past comments on the petition page.)
The Senate has the right to pass a bill with 51 votes -- but to avoid offending Republicans, Democrats haven't used it. That's just weak.
Instead of daring Republicans and conservative Democrats to oppose a hugely-popular public option on the Senate floor, Sen. Harry Reid is now embracing the unpopular "trigger."
And after President Obama got elected with an outpouring of young people, this "compromise" has provisions that leave anyone under age 55 behind -- and actually creates perverseincentives for insurance companies to deny young people care.
An insurance industry insider told one news outlet, "We WIN."
Click here to sign the emergency petition telling progressive senators to stand strong and block this raw deal. Then, please pass this to others.
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
--Adam Green, Aaron Swartz, Stephanie Taylor, Michael Snook, Forrest Brown, and the PCCC team

BREAKING NEWS: Senate Democrats agreed to a health care "compromise" last night that eliminates a real public option and leaves young people behind.
Progressive senators can block this bad deal -- but they need to hear a public outcry right away.
Click to sign our emergency petition -- which we'll deliver directly to them.

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