Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cherokee Mounds Line Up


The image above shows how the three Cherokee Mounds align North to South.
Specifically what makes this interesting is how Cowee(B) and Kituwah( C)
almost align with one another perfectly. In a sense, it is almost as perfect
as you can get for nonmanmade Native American landmarks. What also makes this
interesting is that not only do these three mounds align North to South, but
the sun rises from the East, and sets in the West, and when you add them
together, you have the four directions.

In between Kituwah and Cowee, there are ancient Cherokee trails that lead
to one another. The trails will later be identified in the future, as this project continues.
Nikwasi(A), which is a mound that represents the last remnant of a Cherokee
Town, and was the spiritual center in its particular area, it is unfortunately
a victim of surrounding urban development. You can view this mound by simply
driving by it, as you drive into downtown Franklin.

- Source: Jeremy Wilson, Cowee Mound Project
Cherokee One feather 8/26/2010

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