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Issues & News From STSSA Friends & Family 09/20/2010

Issues & News From STSSA Friends & Family 09/20/2010

Buffalo Field Campaign
September 17, 2010



Support the Right Choice for Buffalo! Support "Wild Buffalo Trust Alternative D"

Dear Friends of the Buffalo,

There is just one week left to submit your comments to Yellowstone National Park, convincing them to abandon their ill-conceived and harmful plan to vaccinate wild buffalo. Comments must be received by Friday, September 24, 2010, 12:00 MST. Encourage Yellowstone to make the right choice for wild buffalo by choosing "Wild Buffalo Trust Alternative D." Take action now or review new information below.

Sparring youngins, playful and wild. BFC file photo by Stephany. Click here for larger image.

Rather than shooting wild buffalo with an ineffective, costly, harmful, intrusive, and culturally unacceptable brucellosis vaccine, Yellowstone National Park should, instead, choose an alternative to buy out cattle in the buffalo's range.

Buffalo Field Campaign and our strong allies at Western Watersheds Project have developed just such an alternative: "Wild Buffalo Trust Alternative D." This alternative is a common-sense approach that respects the wild integrity of Yellowstone's bison - America's last wild population - and effectively addresses brucellosis risk management by removing potential host cattle from the American bison's native range.

Read more about "Wild Buffalo Trust Alternative D" in this joint letter BFC & WWP recently sent to key Members of Congress, and the leaderships of non-government organizations from indigenous, conservation, sportsmen and animal rights communities.

Please TAKE ACTION NOW for the last wild buffalo!

More information including helpful talking points, BFC & WWP official comments, news articles and more can be found here.

Please help spread the word to save these herds! Share this alert with everyone you know - on Facebook, Linkedin, other email lists, blogs, etc. - and encourage everyone who cares about wild buffalo to send in comments supporting "Wild Buffalo Trust Alternative D." Thank you!

And many heartfelt thanks to Western Watersheds Projectfor their powerful commitment to America's last wild buffalo! It is an honor to work with you in their defense.

Roam Free!

Buffalo Field Campaign
P.O. Box 957
West Yellowstone, Montana 59758

BFC is the only group working in the field every day
in defense of the last wild buffalo population in the U.S.

Donate to help keep Buffalo Field Campaign on the front lines.


Meet Me at the Border
From the Eagle Watch #72

Meet Me at the Border
September 19, 2010

The powers that be put out misleading information in the mainstream media all the time. They tell the general public that border security is being tightened to protect the US from Islamist terrorists.

This is a load of hoo-ee!

The real purpose of the US border, both in the north on Canada and in the south on Mexico, is and always has been to divide and conquer Indigenous people. The Canada-US border runs through many Ongwehonweh and Nishnaabe communities disrupting the daily lives of everyone living in and visiting these communities.

In 1794, after the American War of Empire (Independence), the US and British signed the Jay Treaty. Not a treaty with Indigenous, it was an agreement between the two colonial entities to "allow" Indigenous to travel and trade through the new borders as had been done for 1,000's of years before the arrival of the European newcomers. The parties to the agreement have never fully respected it, "Indian lanes" notwithstanding.

Since the pretext events of 9/11 and the escalation of resource pillage and plunder, border guards have been harassing, intimidating, disappearing, locking up, raping, groping, beating and x-raying Indigenous people, men, women and children by the thousands. The general public is mostly oblivious as the mainstream media is mute. Hundreds of cases have been filed with Human Rights Commissions with little satisfaction or change.

In June, 2008, two prominent Mohawk grandmothers and journalists were attacked by CBSA Canada Border Services Agency goons at Cornwall. One woman was held incommunicado for two days. The other, a 70-year-old woman suffered a heart attack induced by a stress hold used on her by big burly border "guards".

In June 2009, CBSA introduced armed border guards all across the land following instructions from US Homeland Security. Akwesasne Mohawks would not allow the armed guards at the border crossing in their community. After the guards walked off the job in protest, CBSA moved the border crossing to Cornwall itself.

Meanwhile, a vicious colonial campaign has been waged to destroy any free and independent Native trade in the area. Resistance continues and the struggle for sovereignty is far from over.

Indigenous people who are unwilling to take out Canadian or US passports are prevented from traveling. We are not able to meet with family and friends on the "other side". We are prevented from getting together to share ideas and knowledge, to simply socialize and strengthen our ties with each other. We cannot hug each other or look into each others' eyes. This is meant to be demoralizing.

While our settler neighbours travel freely to visit their families and friends, we are stuck on the sidelines like spectators in our own lives.

In July, 2010, one of the two women attacked in June, 2008, was arrested and charged for assaulting the CBSA agents who attacked her. See attached article for details.

There is only one solution to this ongoing divide and conquer campaign. The answer is neither in the courtroom or the newsroom alone. The answer is with Indigenous people ourselves. Only when large numbers of people converge on the border from both sides will we be able to put a stop to this injustice and abuse. It is time to bury old tribal conflicts and unite for the sake of our children and future generations.

This sounds simple. However, it will take great effort and insight to accomplish. It will also be met with vociferous opposition from within.

Tribes and nations come and go. Clans and families are forever.


We welcome your feedback! Forward, post and consider printing for your cyberphobic friends and relatives.
The Eagle Watch Newsletter is sent to interested individuals, both Indigenous and nonNative, politicians especially the Canadian ones and an assortment of English language media

--- On Wed, 9/8/10, kahntineta Bear wrote:


MNN Sept. 7, 2010. On July 19, 2010 the police of the town next to the Mohawk community of Kahnawake arrested Kahentinetha Horn, the 70 year old editor of MNN Mohawk Nation News. She was unaware that two cross-Canada warrants for unspecified charges were issued by the Akwesasne Mohawk Police on behalf of the Canada Border Services Agency CBSA.

Kahentinetha was ordered into the back seat of the police car. They made arrangements to transport her out of Quebec to parts unknown to her! She was not allowed to phone her family. The 90 degree F heat wave turned the police car into an oven. The windows were tightly shut.

Kahentinetha started to suffer heart palpitations, shortness of breath and sweats. She banged on the windows, coughing for air, as she waved her nitro emergency heart attack spray at the two officers. Two years previously on June 14, 2008, she had been assaulted by CBSA at Akwesasne near Cornwall Ontario. This caused a trauma induced heart attack. Since then she has not left her home and continues to receive medical care.

Kahentinetha asked the Chateauguay police to call an ambulance immediately. She was taken to nearby Anna Laberge Hospital where she remained for 2 days. The police called the Akwesasne Mohawk Police, who told them to release her and for her to call them from home.

She called the Akwesasne Mohawk Police. Jeff Bova and John Cook refused to tell her the nature of the charges and to go to Akwesasne to find out.

A lawyer made some calls. She apparently was charged with assault and obstruction of the CBSA on June 14, 2008, the day she was assaulted by about a dozen special CBSA commandos. They were wearing flak jackets, leather gloves, steel reinforced boots and various weaponry hung around their waist.

After roughing her up and cuffing her, two commandos applied the “stress hold†. The cuffs on her arms behind her back were tightened to stop blood circulation to her arms and chest. Then her head was pushed forward and downward to cause blood to rush into her heart, which could cause instant death. Her brother’s sudden appearance at the checkpoint saved her life.

The lawyer said they intend to proceed to a trial on the charges and asked for their evidence.

Kahentinetha, MNN Mohawk Nation News


Colin Powell Decries 'Nonsense' Attacks on Obama

Retired Gen. Colin Powell, a moderate Republican who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, says the president's critics should be going after him on policy, not "nonsense." "Fringe" elements on the right are taking a low road when they label Obama a foreign-born Muslim and peddle other theories about non-American influences on the president's character, Powell said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press." Obama was born in the United States and is Christian.

The former secretary of state said he still sees Obama as a transformational figure, if one who has lost some of his ability to connect with people.

Powell welcomed Obama's policies in healthcare and education while saying the president may have taken on too many problems at once and not done enough to control the deficit.

"There are so many rocks in our knapsack now that we're having trouble carrying it," he said.

Powell said the tea party may not become an enduring force unless it moves beyond slogans and promotes an agenda that people "can see, touch and actually believe in." It's not enough, he said, to call for goals that most Americans support, such as controlled federal spending and adherence to the Constitution.

And in challenging Obama, Powell said, "Let's not go down low . . . Let's attack him on policy, not nonsense."

Powell says he's not giving up on the GOP, despite its rightward drift, and says it might actually help Obama if Republicans win the House in November and gain responsibility for driving policy, not just opposing Democrats at every turn.

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"When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane.
When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person.
When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful.
Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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