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Issues & News From STSSA Friends & Family 9/14/2010

Issues & News From STSSA Friends & Family 9/14/2010

Marines Rescue Cargo Ship From Somali Pirates

September 09, 2010
Associated Press

MANAMA, Bahrain - U.S. Marine commandos stormed a pirate-held cargo vessel off the Somalia coast Thursday, reclaiming control of the ship and taking nine prisoners without firing a shot, the U.S. Navy said.
The Navy declined to give specific tactics used in the pre-dawn raid, but it ranks among the most dramatic high seas confrontations with pirates by an international task force created to protect shipping lanes off lawless Somalia.
Lt. John Fage, a spokesman at the U.S. Fifth Fleet headquarters in Bahrain, said the operation took about an hour and no injuries were reported among the Marines or crew of the German-owned Magellan Star, which was commandeered by pirates on Wednesday.
"There were no shots fired," Fage said in an e-mail to The Associated Press.
A Turkish frigate on anti-piracy patrols, TCG Gokceada, first responded to a distress call from the Magellan Star, which flies the flag of Antigua and Barbuda.
The U.S. team from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit's Maritime Raid Force launched the assault from aboard the USS Dubuque, an amphibious transport ship, a U.S. Navy statement said.
Fage said details of the operation could not be disclosed under Navy policies. But he noted the Marine Expeditionary Unit has the capability to board ships both by sea and air.
The Navy statement said nine suspected pirates were taken into custody.
U.S. warships are part of a 25-nation mission protecting merchant vessels from pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia and into the Gulf of Aden. The task force often opens fire on suspected pirates, but boarding raids are rare.
In April 2009, a team of Navy Seal sharpshooters positioned on the fantail of a U.S. warship killed a trio of Somali pirates to free an American sea captain who had been taken hostage and was being held at gunpoint onboard a lifeboat.
Last month, Denmark said a helicopter from one of its warships fired warning shots and foiled a pirate attack off Somalia.
At the United Nations, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said last month options under consideration to prosecute suspected pirates include creating a special international court.
More than 140 piracy-related incidents have been reported off Somalia's coast since January and more than 30 ships have been hijacked, according to U.N. and anti-piracy task force reports.
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NICWA Policy Briefing: Hogan v. Kaltag Tribal Council (No. 09-960)

Dear NICWA Friends:

We wanted to share a recent policy briefing developed by the NICWA's Government Affairs and Advocacy staff concerning an important child welfare case (Hogan v. Kaltag Tribal Council) developing in Alaska.

“In a startling move, the Attorney General (AG) for the State of Alaska is challenging a decision by the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld the adoption of an Alaska Native child from Alaska through the child’s tribe’s court. The petition for cert was filed in February, and the United States Supreme Court will likely render a decision regarding whether they will hear the case later this year. The case is Hogan v. Kaltag Tribal Council (No. 09-960). The AG’s cert petition is available at:


A copy of the opposition brief filed on behalf of the Kaltag Tribal Council is available at the same website. The case involves an Alaska Native child that was adopted through the child’s tribal court and then placed with another Alaska Native family shortly after the termination of parental rights proceedings, which also took place in tribal court. It has been reported that all of the parties, birth parents, adoptive parents, and child’s tribe, consented to the adoption, but the challenge from the AG’s office came when the adoptive parents asked the State of Alaska to give full faith and credit to the tribal adoption decree and issue them a substitute state birth certificate. The state declined on the basis that the AG’s office does not believe that the tribal court has subject matter jurisdiction over Indian child custody proceedings unless the tribe has reassumed jurisdiction under Section 1918 of ICWA. The AG’s office believes the state has exclusive jurisdiction over Indian child custody proceedings and also believes that the tribe does not have jurisdiction over non-members (adoptive parents). While Alaska Native village governments have been struggling for many years to get their jurisdiction recognized by the state government, there has been great concern and outrage over this latest attack on tribal sovereignty. NICWA is working closely with NCAI and the Native American Rights Fund Supreme Court Project to monitor this case and provide assistance when needed.”

For more information, please contact:

Ashley Horne
Government Affairs Associate
National Indian Child Welfare Association
5100 SW Macadam Ave, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97239

Phone: (503) 222.4044, ext. 122
Email: ahorne@nicwa.org
Fax: (503) 222.4007
Website: www.nicwa.org


Join the "Chief's Challenge" this weekend in Tahlequah!
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AOL - 9/13/2010 Newsletter

As part of the “Chief’s Challenge” series of races, the Cherokee Nation will be hosting a 5K Run and a Fun Run on Saturday, Sept. 18, beginning at 8 a.m. at the Cherokee Nation Courthouse in downtown Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Learn more about the “Cherokee Challenge” and how it can help you develop a more healthy lifestyle by visiting our website:http://cherokeechallenge.cherokee.org

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Sequoyah Schools Can Help Children with Disabilities Find Services : 9/10/2010 11:06:00 AM
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Sequoyah Schools would like to help children with disabilities find appropriate services, as part of the Oklahoma Child Find initiative. According to Child Find regulations, all children with disabilities, residing in the state, whether attending public or private schools, should be identified, located and evaluated. This applies to all children who are suspected of having a disability and in need of special education and related services.


Sequoyah Cheerleaders Selling Tacos to Raise Funds: 9/9/2010 1:54:00 PM
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The Sequoyah Schools cheerleading squad will host an Indian Taco luncheon this Saturday, Sept. 11 at the Fairfield Community Building in Stilwell from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Cherokee language added to new iPhone and iPod software: 9/9/2010
(C) Cherokee Nation
The leap from Native culture to pop culture has officially been made. The Cherokee language is now available for the first time on iPhones and iPods for more than 300 million users across the globe. The Cherokee Nation has been working with the software developers at Apple, Inc. for several years to incorporate the tribe’s unique written language, called the Cherokee syllabary, into new technology offered by the software giant. Cherokee is the first Native language to be featured on Apple, Inc. devices, and one of about only 40 languages overall.

Slide Show - Cherokee National Holiday 2010: 9/7/2010 2:55:00 PM
(C) Cherokee Nation
Assorted photographs from the 58th Annual Cherokee National Holiday

Photo Slide Show from the 58th Annual Cherokee National Holiday: 9/7/2010
(C) Cherokee Nation
Assorted photographs from the Labor Day weekend celebration of the 58th annual Cherokee National Holiday

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**** Cultural Tidbits ****

Chief C.J. Harris worked on plans for a Cherokee emigration to the Mexican state of Sinaloa in 1895. Later, further plans to emigrate to Mexico were made. All 5 civilized tribes purchased 9,000 acres north of Tampica for settlement in 1901.
From the Eagle Watch #73

55,000 Solar Panels: Not in MY Backyard!
Detailed Report
September 13, 2010

While we were writing about an anti nuke flyer and the greenwash of alternative energy solutions, an article appeared in the local press, the Perth Courier.

Northland Power Corporation wants to set up 40,000 - 55,000 solar panels with accoutrements on a rural location south of Hwy 7 between Perth and Sharbot Lake, Ontario.

Residents are in an uproar over this new threat to their quiet, country living. Northland Power is surprised at the reaction. Why didn't they consult with their intended new neighbours?

The family who will be surrounded on three sides by the high fencing of the solar project are understandably the most upset of all. They recently moved from Ottawa to care for their disabled family member in a peaceful and healing environment.

Now, if Northland goes ahead, residents will be faced with first of all, construction noises and dust. About 70 acres of trees will be cut down and topsoil pushed into piles. A gravel road will be built and then tons more gravel brought in for the solar panels, inverters, etc to sit on. Finally a huge fence will be put up with electronic monitoring equipment installed. All the animals and plants that have been living on this 210 acres, will be evicted or killed.

If and when the solar panels get going, Northland says the steady and constant noise will not be more than the sound of a fridge. Do they mean a cheap, old fridge that roars through the night?

What about the emr electro magnetic radiation emitted collectively from this large number of solar panels? Has anyone ever studied these effects? Many concerns are dismissed by Northland.

We are not opposed to solar energy; the problem here is the disruptive scale of the project.

Hydro One Bill - What's Yours Like?
Indigenous people pay hydro bills just like anybody else. Rural rates are often significantly higher than urban rates. The Hydro One bill in Ontario includes a line for "Delivery". These charges are often more than the cost of the actual electricity used. There is also a "Debt Retirement Charge" (apparently to cover nuclear costs) and "Regulatory Charges" so they can constantly change the rules and cover up their scams. Finally, there is the 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) tacked on.

Hydro One customers recently received notification that "Delivery" rates are going up anywhere from 5.8 - 15.5% of the Delivery Charge which is about 45% of the total bill before tax. The average residential consumer using about 1,000 kWh/month will pay an extra $4.75 while the "general" customer using 2,000 kWh will pay $7.98 more each month.

The notice explained why the increase was "necessary". One of the five reasons given is to "fund smart meter installations" that most people think are a ridiculous waste of money. Another reason is to "connect renewable generation projects (such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass and biogas) to our distribution facilities as part of the government's Green Energy and Green Economy Act." This latter is looking more dubious every time we shed some light on it.

Further down in the notice, we are told that electricity rates went up in May by about 8% from 5.8¢/kWh flat rate to this regulated price rate which requires the use of the smart meters. Current rates are 6.5 and 7.5 cents per kWh.

The bill is outrageously complicated. What's worse is that every increase takes food out of the mouths of Ontario working class people who are struggling to survive. Large numbers of "poor" people are children who don't get enough nourishment each day because their families can't afford it.

FIT Feed in Tariff
Ontario has a funding program called FIT Feed in Tariff for development of renewable energy that will be connected to the grid. The part for residential and small projects was recently canceled while the corporate program continues. A separate program addresses Indigenous communities. Northland Power gets its share of the handouts from the Ontario government.

Under the FIT program, the generating clients, ie corporate bloodsuckers who produce 10Mw or more of electricity, will be paid a set price on a 20 year contract. While biomass, biogas, wind and hydro will get about 15 - 20¢/kWh, ground-mounted solar panels like Northland's will get 44.3¢/kWh. Keep in mind the Hydro One bill rate of 6.5 - 7.5¢ per kWh. Where will the rest of the money come from?

Northland Power does thermal (biomass), wind, solar and hydro all over Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. Their facilities generate about 870 MW of electricity sold for about $200million. According to Northland, "Northland has received more than 200 MW of FIT contracts."

Besides the Rideau Lakes project near Perth, they have many new solar projects underway in Ontario at Belleville, Burks Falls, Crosby, Glendale, McCann, North Burgess and elsewhere. They are putting a wind "farm" on Manitoulin Island. Northland Power is involved with the the Constance Lake First Nation in four hydroelectric energy projects on the Kabinakagami River.

The People Who Run Northland Power
Northland Power's eight directors of the board or trustees are all moneymen except for Marie Bountrogianni. She's a moneywoman. Marie is also a former politician along with directors, John Turner and V. Peter Harder. While Marie was an Ontario MPP and minister of intergovernmental affairs, John Turner was a long time Federal Liberal MP and Minister of Finance, Justice and Consumer and Corporate Affairs. John, a lawyer, was the Solicitor General and Attorney General. He was Prime Minister of Canada for 3 months in 1984 and then leader of the opposition until 1990.

Pete Harder was never an elected official. Also a lawyer, he was a bureaucrat in Canadian parliament beginning in 1990 until 2007. We have completed a profile of Peter included at the end for your interest.

Pete and the people on Northland's board are pretty typical of the "energy money" grabbers all across the land. They include investment bankers and oilmen already flush with power and wealth.

Our man V. (Viagra?) Peter Harder has ties to Maurice Strong, billionaires the Desmarais family and John Manley. He has the same idiot grin that Maurice Strong wears. These guys are so sure of their wealth and power, it makes them drunk and delirious.

Pete Harder is the head of the Canada China Business Council set up by the Desmarais and Maurice Strong, some of Canada's biggest bigshots. These guys are all megalomaniacs who with their boundless ruthless energy, want to rule the world. They call it "global guardianship" as if all the rest of us are too dumb to know what we want. These guys are the Canadian contingent of the New World Order. They want to be sure to cover all the bases with alternative, so-called renewable energy. They intend to cash in as usual with corporate welfare doled out by the best government money can buy.

Peter Harder:
Profile of a Megalomaniac
1) Pete was Deputy Minister in at least five critical portfolios since 1991. Deputy Ministers are some pretty powerful bureaucrats in the Canadian parliament. Seldom elected by the people, they remain behind the scenes wielding power and influence through the nuances of leadership changes and the sham of elections. Peter was Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade from 2003 until 2007. Before that at Treasury Board, Solicitor General, Citizenship and Immigration, and Industry Canada.

Pete was Personal Representative of the Prime Minister to three G8 Summits (Sea Island, Gleneagles and St. Petersburg). Since 2008, he's independent advisor to the Auditor General of Canada. Harder first joined the Canadian Foreign Service in 1977.

2) Pete is senior policy advisor to Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP in Ottawa. He has legal "expertise" in Energy, International Natural Resources and Infrastructure, Public Policy and Renewable Energy. In other words, Harder is an expert at robbing Indigenous all over the world.

3) Harder is President of CCBC since 2008.
The Canada-China Business Council was started in 1978 by a group of ambitious rich men, Paul Desmarais [Sr.], Maurice Strong, Paul Lin, and one or two others. Together they have a lot of experience and contacts in China.

Some of the several hundred member companies in CCBC: Power Corporation, SNC Lavalin, Bombardier, AECL, banks RBC Capital Markets, Scotiabank, CIBC, BMO, law firms, Heenan Blaikie, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, Blake Cassels & Graydon as well as Sun Life Financial and Manulife Financial.

4)Pete is director of IGM Financial Inc.
These guys handle the big money and know how to make it disappear into their own deep pockets. IGM Financial Inc. manages over $119Billion worth of mutual funds and other managed asset products. Its activities are carried out principally through Investors Group, Mackenzie Financial Corporation and Investment Planning Counsel. IGM Financial Inc. is a member of the Power Financial Corporation Group of Companies."

5) Peter Harder is director of Power Financial along with the Desmarais, Andre and Paul jr. Power Financial is part ofPower Corporation of Canada. On the board at Power Corp. along with Desmarais, Paul sr and jr and Andre, we find John Rae brother to Bob Rae, former NDP premier of Ontario.
Maurice Strong was President of Power Corp. 1963-1966 and a founding member and first co-chair of the CCBC. Strong was Chairman and CEO of Ontario Hydro 1992-95 and is considered one of the chief architects of the Kyoto Accord.
Power Financial is into the insurance business where Harder has been director at some time. Some of their companies are Great-West Lifeco Inc., Great-West Life Assurance Company, Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company, London Life Insurance Company, Canada Life Insurance Company, Investors Group Inc., Mackenzie Financial Corporation and Investment Planning Counsel.
In Europe, Power Financial owns two big money manipulators, Parjointco N.V., Pargesa Holding S.A.,("holdings" in major media, energy, water, waste services, and specialty minerals companies, ie military supplies) through which these guys got tainted along with Paul Vollker, head of US Federal Reserve in the oil for food scandal in Iraq and Groupe Bruxelles Lambert S.A.
Power Financial is into financial services. They handle the money, really big money, a lot of the imaginary money they made up.

6) Pete is a director of Telesat.
Telesat, based in Ottawa, puts together and operates satellite systems for "satellite-delivered communications solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers: (like military spy satellites). Telesat does "high arctic data communications, military transportables, communications systems for off shore oil and gas platforms, and IP networks to vessels using stabilized antenna systems". They are one of the biggest in the satellite business.

7) Pete's a director at ARISE. ARISE Technologies makes "multi-crystalline silicon solar cells", PV cells at their plant in Germany. They work with other leaders in the huge German solar energy field.
ARISE Tech collaborate with Waterloo U in R&D on silicon production. "The biggest issue facing the photovoltaic (PV) industry today is the shortage of affordable solar-grade silicon... ARISE expects that its proprietary Silicon Refining Furnace (SiRF™) process will produce high-purity (7N+) polysilicon feedstock at costs that are significantly below those using the conventional Siemens process."
Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) paid for their pilot project in Kitchener, ON.
Pete is positioned to smoothe the solar panel deals between ARISE and Northland.

8) Pete Harder is on the board at Pinetree Capital.
Pinetree Capital "is a diversified investment, financial advisory and merchant banking firm focused on investing in early stage micro and small cap resource companies... primarily in Uranium and Coal, Oil & Gas, Precious Metals (gold, silver), Potash, Lithium and Rare Earths, and Base Metals (copper, nickel and zinc) as well as Biotechnology, Energy Related Technology, and Technology sectors...we are... opportunistic in our investing activities..."

"Pinetree is investing in junior uranium companies..."

"...World coal consumption is expected to increase to 9.98 billion short tons by 2030...Metallurgical coal is used for the iron and steel industry, foundries and other industries...The World Steel Association is forecasting a 9.2% increase in steel demand for 2010."

Do you notice how delirious these guys get when they imagine big deals and big money?

The devaluation of the US dollar is driving investors to gold and silver as a hedge. "There is also strong demand for silver from industrial applications including: electronic and electrical applications, semi-conductors and new applications taking advantage of silver’s anti-microbial properties...we believe... both silver and gold [will] support elevated prices as new mines are taking longer to come into production due to permitting delays, environmental activism and political risk."

Pinetree has investments in at least 2 dozen gold and silver mining companies alone and about 10 uranium companies, many of them on the Toronto Stock Exchange Ventures. No matter how things go, Pinetree and guys like Pete Harder expect to make piles of money, more than they can ever spend in a lifetime.

9) Pete was formerly on the board at Kria Resources. Kria Resources Inc. looks for base metals like copper, zinc, lead and silver. They figure they have about $250million worth to dig up near Bathurst in New Brunswick.

10) Pete is a director at Energizer Resources Inc. formerly Uranium Star Corp.
Energizer's web site has a picture of a wind farm. They have projects in Ontario and Quebec and Madasgascar.
In Ontario, uranium, copper, gold, silver, and cobalt in the Elk Lake area of northeastern Ontario.
Vanadium Project in Madagascar: Since vanadium has the ability to repel neutrons and also due to its strong internal structure, it is used in nuclear reactors during nuclear fission experiments. It is also used to extract pure uranium for nuclear testing experiments. One of the most important industrial uses of vanadium is its inclusion in the making of steel alloys with undoubted applications in the military industry.

11) Pete is a director of Northland Power which is setting up solar "farms" all over Ontario.

12) Pete was Director of Business Development Bank of Canada

13) In his spare time, Pete is on the Board of Governors of the University of Ottawa, The United Church Foundation, The Commonwealth Games Foundation of Canada, Canada World Youth.

14) He's the chair of the National Police Services Advisory Council (RCMP) We were not able to find any online info on this council.

15) He's on the board at Genome Canada. Since 2000, the Canadian federal government has invested $840 M in Genome Canada, to which has been added close to $1.0 billion in partnered co-funding and interest earnings.

17) Mr. Peter Harder is a director of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA) along with Ron Denom of SNC-Lavalin, John Place of Heenan Blaikie and Sandy Ferguson of BC Bioenergy Network. The Moscow directors include Madina Assylbekova of Gowlings Intl. Inc., Sergey Lobov of Fedorovo Resources (Barrick Gold) and John Campbell of PricewaterhouseCoopers as observer. The over 200 corporations and individuals in the group, meet and exchange information regularly and put out choice propaganda. They lobby the respective governments to get the business deals they want. The Eurasia part consists of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Azerbajan. Kazakhstan has oil, gas and uranium and lots of nuclear waste. Some of the companies involved are Alcan, BMO Capital Markets, Bombardier, Cameco, Centerra Gold, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Kinross Gold, Mcmaster University, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, Nortel, Petro Canada, Pepsi, University of Guelph, York University and Uranium One Inc.

18) Pete is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), based in London, England.
The 8th IISS Global Strategic Review took place this past weekend, September 10-12, 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland. The keynote speaker was none other than, Henry Kissinger himself. Looking very old and weak, he spoke on "Power Shifts and Security". He said, "Chaos may occur, but when it does it will sooner or later settle down to some new order." Kissinger pointed out "the centre of gravity of world affairs has left the Atlantic and moved to the Pacific and Indian Oceans". Likely Pete was there rubbing shoulders with the old criminal.

That Pete Harder is one very busy guy.


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The Eagle Watch Newsletter is sent to interested individuals, both Indigenous and nonNative, politicians especially the Canadian ones and an assortment of English language media

Notes, sources and MORE info:

Northland Power


Canada China Business Council and the G20

Peter Harder, president of the Canada China Business Council (CCBC), said his group expected Hu's visit to stimulate stronger bilateral links between the two countries.

"The visit of the Chinese president will be a welcome return visit to Harper's successful visit to China last December," the Ottawa lawyer told Xinhua....

Sarah Kutalakes, executive director of the CCBC, told Xinhua that Hu's visit for the G20 comes at a time when the organization is hosting a major policy conference in Ottawa to discuss bilateral investment and market access.

Even before Hu's trip was announced, the conference had already attracted important executives from Chinese technology, agrochemical, industrial, energy, lumber, construction and investment companies.

"We are very pleased that President Hu is coming," Kutalakes said. "The G20 is very important and it integrates the development of international trade patterns in a way that the G8 was never able to do."


Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

November of 2001, Mr. Harder was appointed by Secretary Koffi Annan to the United Nations ICT Task Force on digital divide and development. Mr Harder worked for CN in Montreal and has also been a member of the board for the Business Development Bank of Canada, the National Research Council, the Communications Research Center, and the Canadian Tourism Commission. He has been a member of the Canadian Space Agency Advisory Council and an honorary Governor of the Public Policy Forum.

North American Forum (Banff 2005)
"Secret Banff Meeting of CEOs and the Defense Establishment: Militarization and the Deconstruction of North America" by Michel Chossudovsky

Top execs from the military-industrial complex and the oil companies were present including Lockheed Martin, Chevron, Mexico's PEMEX and Suncor Energy. Harder was there.

Top officials and policy analysts from the military's research labs and thinks tanks including Livermore were invited to integrate several of the specialized panels.

The meetings focused on the interrelationship between North American defense systems, militarization, national security, borders, immigration, military production and the control over North America's energy reserves.

It was all about "profit driven militarization" and ways of crushing the people's will.

Canadian participants include Perrin Beatty, Stockwell Day, Rick Hillier, former head of Canadian military in Afghanistan, Gordon O'Connor, then Minister of Defence, John Manley (event organizer and NAU architect), Peter Harder (also a member of the Crossing Boundaries National Council think tank) and Peter Lougheed, member of the Trilateral Commission and former Premier of Alberta (1971-85). Lougheed is on the Canadian Advisory Board for the Carlyle Group which handles investments in the military industry. US participants include James Woolsey Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, Donald R. Rumsfeld and James Schlesinger, Former Sec. Of Energy & Defense. Mexican representatives were there in good numbers too.

V. Peter Harder LL.D, M.A., B.A. (Hons) (Manotick, Canada)
Chairman, ARISE Technologies Corp.
This person is connected to 76 board members in 8 different organizations across 16 different industries.

Power Corporation


ARISE Technology
Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, ARISE is focused on the design and installation of grid-tied PV solutions for buildings and solar farms throughout Ontario.
Arise also got money through Ontario's FIT program, both commercial and residential:
ARISE has been involved in a number of important solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in Ontario including Toronto’s largest solar neighbourhood, the West Initiative Solar Energy project (WISE).

Pinetree Capital
Pinetree has investments in Energy Fuels:
Energy Fuels is actively consolidating uranium mining in the Uravan Mineral Belt of western Colorado and eastern Utah. Through the development of its Piñon Ridge Mill, Energy Fuels is facilitating the opening of both developed and new mines and will return this region to its former position of prominence as a source of uranium to fuel the US nuclear power industry. Energy Fuels is also actively seeking properties with known resource near the Piñon Ridge Mill to expand its resource base. The 2009 merger with Magnum Uranium and the addition of Magnum's properties to the Energy Fuels portfolio was one result of this strategic effort.

Energizer Resources Inc.
Energizer Resources Inc. (formerly Uranium Star Corp.) is a mineral exploration company whose prime focus is the exploration and development of its Green Giant Vanadium Property in Madagascar.

Maclean's magazine top 50 for 2009 includes Harder, Manley, Maude Barlow, John Reynolds and ...

Afghanistan and Foreign Policy
http://www.canada.com/story_print.html?id=98f06f62-5155-4dc3-9bae-241d8f6086ea&sponsor =
Manley saluted for balanced, sophisticated conclusions, January 28, 2008
“I strongly commend Mr. Manley and his colleagues for coming to grips with a very complex problem and writing a clear, compelling story, with recommendations I hope can create a degree of political consensus — that has eluded us, but is highly needed,” says Peter Harder, a former senior bureaucrat who until last March was deputy minister of Foreign Affairs.

Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute
Mission: to be a catalyst for "innovative global Canadian engagement" like the occupation of Afghanistan.
...Harder was at the 2006 Annual Conference on "Foreign Policy Under a Conservative Government: An Interim Report Card".

Harder is an extremely busy man. He was at an IDRC International Development Research Centre meeting in Ottawa in 2004 to discuss the formation of the G20 and several issues including global finances, global health and agriculture. Maurice Strong, special UN advisor, was also there.

Genome Canada
"Of high importance to Genome Canada is assuming the role of facilitator, drawing together industry, government departments and agencies, universities, research hospitals and the public in support of large-scale genomics and proteomics research projects of strategic importance to Canada, and to the global community."

Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association

International Institute for Strategic Studies
Jan 31, 2006 - - Toronto Star - Afghans fighting for a future
"Karzai and British Prime Minister Tony Blair will jointly host the two-day conference. Canada will be represented by deputy foreign affairs minister Peter Harder. Foreign affairs officials flatly refused requests for interviews to explain Canada's position at the conference".

Kissinger's Speech Excerpt
The 8th IISS Global Strategic Review: 'Global security governance and the emerging distribution of power'
Keynote Address: Power Shifts and Security
Dr Henry A Kissinger
Former US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor
[he's looking very old and weak in the photo...]

"...In a way, the European Union has diminished the importance of the sovereign state, but it has not yet replaced the sovereign state and the commitments of its population. With a reduction in the centrality of the sovereign state it has become more difficult to frame policies in terms of national security and the use of force for specific strategic objectives.

"...Military missions and foreign interventions are often defined as a form of social work. Wars in which Atlantic countries have been engaged in the past two decades have become extremely controversial, tearing at the domestic consensus...

"Let me turn to nuclear proliferation... United States and some of its allies ... Korea and Iran as the major proliferating countries ... China ... Korea ... Vietnam... Japan... Russia ... nuclear-armed Islamic border states. ..

"... America has been involved in three successive wars with vast domestic consequences: Vietnam, Iraq, and now Afghanistan. This pattern of a war being fought while domestic divisions dominate the discussion, and where exit strategy becomes the defining objective, will, in my view, not be sustainable. Any future military engagement on behalf of the United States will have to be based on clarity of objectives, coupled with unambiguous definitions of attainability of these objectives; they have to be distinguished from primarily social programmes; and they have to be related to timeframes, which the political process can deal with.

"A different attitude towards strategy exists in Asia, where major countries are emerging into confident nationhood, and the term ‘national interest’ has no pejorative implication...China ... is prepared to fight, if necessary. India ... I have personal experience with Vietnam..."

In "The Trial of Henry Kissinger", Christopher Hitchens states, "...Kissingerian offences that might or should form the basis of a legal prosecution: for war crimes, for crimes against humanity, and for offences against common or customary or international law, including conspiracty to commit murder, kidnatp and torture."

Hitchens quotes H.R.Haldeman, "Kissinger came in and the discussion covered some of the general thinking about Vietnam and the P's big peace plan for next year which K later told me he does not favor. He thinks that any pullout next year would be a serious mistake because the adverse reaction to it could set in well before the 72 elections. He favors instead a continued winding down and then a pullout right at the fall of 72 so that if any bad results follow they will be too late to affect the election."

=======further search terms:
Mega Uranium Ltd. Niogold Mining Corp., Lithium Americas Corp., Crossing Boundaries National Council
from the Eagle Watch Re: #73 The Big Greenwash

Kittoh wrote in the Big Greenwash:

"The front person is Angela Bischoff. She sends out regular energy newsletters to dazzle and baffle and satisfy people's hunger for more information. Angela did not respond to our enquiries about OCAA, its directors and its funding." End of quote.

Angela has emailed us repeatedly since the article came out. She is saying that she did indeed respond to our email. She said on Aug 3 or 4 or 8, she sent an email.

We did not receive any emails from Angela on those dates. We delayed publishing the article hoping to hear from her. When we did not, we concluded she had not written back.

In the article, we should have written "...We did not receive any response from Angela on our enquiries about OCAA, its directors and its funding."

May this clarification put the matter to rest.


In law, jurisdiction (from the Latin ius, iuris meaning "law" and dicere meaning "to speak") is the practical authority granted to a formally constituted legal body or to a political leader to deal with and make pronouncements on legal matters and, by implication, to administer justice within a defined area of responsibility.
The Mcguinty government is guilty of treason when they choose to ignore a Royal Proclamation, the supreme law in the British Empire. Each individual whom chooses to ignore the law are liable in military court, where jurisdiction lies. In high school “Law 101” taught us that ignorance is no excuse for the law. The NDP aboriginal critic stood up in the legislature and talked about one of our longstanding disputes, in June http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rksNYP96MMs&feature=related
We had been trying to conclude a peaceful, legal arrangement for the return of this part of the “Haldimand tract” long before Gilles stood up, then I received a letter from” McCarthy Tetrault” pquinn@mccarthy.ca, a firm representing the Toronto District School Board regarding the hijacked property. They put me on notice that I would be charged with trespassing if I entered this property. I copy my response; In response to your letter of May 17. We, the people of the Mohawk nation do hereby notify your client TDSB that they also do not have permission to enter this property, or sell it to any other entity except the Ontario government. I remind your firm that this land is within the 6 mile limit of the source of the Grand River and therefore by order of "Royal Proclamation" 1784, this is no longer in the jurisdiction of Admiralty court. Military law now applies to this land.We are desirous of working with TDSB to provide educational services to their students at this centre, which will now be a "Mohawk outdoor educational centre". In the interim we still want the keys to the gate. Please advise if they will participate in a peace ceremony and when. The entire confederacy is watching and waiting for Truth and Reconciliation.
Without prejudice, thahoketoteh of Kanekota.

The firm never responded to that letter as they know they have no jurisdiction, legally.
I also met with the “Melancthon (band) Council” Mayordfawcett@melancthontownship.ca as they were trying to permit a corporate hostile takeover bid of a British protectorate, with a picture of the Queen and her husband right on their wall. I put them on notice that they were liable in military court also. Their planner specifically chose to ignore my advice and stated he will deal only with “SixNations (band) Council” for approvals of his outrageous changes to the official plan. Then I read this story in the Bannerhttp://www.orangeville.com/news/local/article/868492--shelburne-calls-on-governments-to-resolve-native-land-claimsThe Six Nations (band) Council is a corporate entity owned by the corporation of Canada. They have been properly warned they have no business within the land claims process. They need to remember our law and the Black Wampum. This action is to keep the illusion of progress alive and it is as old as the Boston Tea Party, where they all dressed as Mohawks and threw the tea into the harbor.
They have been asking the same stupid question since the first boat arrived, “who is your leader”. We can ask that question to every leader and they admit there is a “secret power” they are beholden to. To end the war problem we need to restore shareholder liability and put an end to corporatism as it is artificial and non-sustainable. When the true owners are known and held liable for their crimes, the peace will be achieved. We will have peace and sustainability on kayanerakowa territory. The end of Corporatism will signal the beginning of the peace.
Unity, Strength, Peace,
thahoketoteh of Kanekota

"When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane.
When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person.
When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful.
Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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