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Issues & News From STSSA Friends & Family 09/27/2010 Part 1

Issues & News From STSSA Friends & Family 09/27/2010Republican Pledge Against America
pledge against america
One of the claims of the Tea Party movement is that they want a return to traditional values. They want to restore honor. They want more fiscal discipline in government. They want to put the Bible back into schools. But they have been very hesitant to disclose exactly what “values” means, or what legislative steps they will attempt if they gain power.
Following the primary victories of so many Tea Bag Republican candidates, an interesting thing has happened. As Tea Baggers move to take control of the Republican Party from the corporate lobbyists who have run it for decades, the factions have started to quarrel among themselves. Parts of the squabbling have led to publication of clearer information about what Republican plans are for after the elections.
The fiscal policies embraced by both parts of the Party are embodied in the Party’s new Pledge Against America. This is modeled on Newt Gingrich’s 1994  Contract on America. Remember that the Contract on America was followed by a period of total gridlock, where the Republicans blocked all government actions for a while, while letting corporations run free to pollute and rape the environment and grab as much tax money as they could.
This week, describing the Republican Party plan for after the November elections, Republican House Leader (and life-time corporate lobbyist) John Boehner said “We are not going to be any different than what we’ve been.” No Tea Bag faction leader has disputed this description. So we know that as far as fiscal policy, what a Republican victory in November means is a return to borrowing to pay for foreign wars, and for no-bid contracts, cuts in veterans’ health care, public schools, and an end to enforcement of environmental and other public benefit laws and regulations. For Tea Baggers, clean drinking water and safe bridges are luxuries we just can’t afford in the good old USA.
I know, I know. Elaine and Jay and Joshua and Marshall, and other Republican Party regulars will post long criticisms of my analysis. But will they be able to point to any Republican Party or “tea party” leader who regularly disputes Boehner’s description?
Fiscal policy is important, but it isn’t the only important thing. Tea Bag Republicans were coached for months to shout about “restoring the Constitution,” without ever risking any details of what parts of the Constitution need “restoration.” But the growing influence of the Tea Bag faction has forced the party managers to be more specific.
South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is now openly promoting repeal of the 14th amendment, to do away with automatic citizenship for non-white children born in the country. Kentucky Senator-in-waiting, Rand Paul, has called for the Roberts Court to declare civil rights legislation “unconstitutional.” Just this week, an email sent by Georgia Senator Saxby Chamblis’ office called for the death of all gays. Roy Moore, Republican leader from Alabama, has asked that Moslems be barred from holding elective office in the United States.
In the name of “freedom” these Tea Bag Republican leaders want to strip citizenship from brown people, want to take the life from gay people and want to deprive all citizens of the right to vote for candidates whose religion isn’t corporate “christianity”. Again, the critical comments will not point to any Tea Bag leader disputing these ideas.
Roy Moore provides some insight into the concept of getting back to traditional values. Moore was the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, elected on a promise that he would oppose 1st Amendment religious freedom for anyone other than “conservative christians.” After a few years of corruption, funded by some of the nations most profitable televangelists, and forcing Alabama tax payers to pay years of legal bills for his law firm buddies, a unanimous decision of an ethics panel tossed him off the Court.
Consider, for a few moments, the degree of dishonesty and corruption that is needed to offend an ethics committee in the Republican South. Remember that South Carolina’s Republican governor, Mark Sanford, used tax dollars to fund his affair, including travel to Argentina, while he was married. Then recall that the Republican Party accepted him back, not even making him repay the tax money he had stolen.
Moore has gone on to make millions of dollars hawking religious souvenirs. In 2006, as a fundraising stunt, he launched a campaign to bar Moslems from being allowed to hold elected office. His first target was a Moslem elected to the U.S. Congress. To “restore the Constitution,” Tea Bagger Moore wants to deny voters the right to elect candidates of their choice.
The ‘80s and ‘90s campaign to “defend” the 10 Commandments can help us understand Tea Bag Republican “values”. Roy Moore said that it was critical to Alabama’s (and the nation’s) survival that the state erect monuments to the 10 Commandments.
Although different religions number the Commandments differently, almost all proclaim that the 2nd Commandment is “Do not make or worship idols.” But making the 10 Commandments an idol to be displayed in every school and courtroom was just too profitable an opportunity. So people who had no concern for what the Commandments actually said made bucks promoting the sale of displays.
The 9th Commandment is “Don’t lie.” Promoters of 10 Commandments idol displays claimed that “activist judges” had driven religion out of our schools. Like “restoring the Constitution” this claim was always made without specifying legal cases in which this was done. Cases weren’t cited because those who actually reads the religion cases (as Roy Moore has done) knows that religion can be taught in school – schools just can’t teach students to favor one religion over another. So saying that Courts had pushed religion out of schools was simply a lie. The people promoting display of the 10 Commandments simply lied about the law to improve their sales.
This is the same value that we see in today’s Tea Bag Republican movement. Tea Baggers lie about death panels in the health reform bill. They lie about crime by immigrants, and about corporate welfare. They lie that Hawaii has not confirmed Obama’s birth there. They lie that Obama was raised as a Moslem. Statistics prove that the Obama administration is arresting far more illegal border crossers than the Bush administration ever did, but Tea Baggers lie that Obama encourages such border crossers. Lying is a value the Tea Bag movement embraces.
Sex is another favorite topic for Tea Bag Republican attention. While Tea Bag Republicans want to reduce government’s role in regulating polluters and corporations that sell us tainted foods, they want to increase government’s role in regulating people’s sex lives. They want more restrictions on, and punishment of, ‘evils; like homosexual conduct, and even birth control. And they want more regulation of salacious content on TV and radio. They do not believe in personal responsibility so much as making people turn off their own TVs – NO! Instead, it’s better to censor all programming to protect those who are too lazy to hit the channel change button or the off switch.
tom hall 2 Republican Pledge Against America
This leads to interesting conflicts between the love of lying and the hatred of other people enjoying sex. Many South Carolina and Washington conservatives have long accepted that Senator Lindsay Graham is gay. He served honorably in the military as a gay man. And he, with male lovers in private, publicly voted this month against letting other gays serve in the military that he served in. Graham is a Tea Bag supporter and is loved by Tea Baggers all over the South. He is beloved for both his lying and his sexual hypocricy.
This essay only skims Tea Bag Republican “values.” We still need to look at the idea of “restoring honor,” with a particular eye for what “honor” means to them. And although John Boehner has told us that their fiscal plan is to restore the glory of George Bush’s economics, we should look a little, in the next few weeks, about what that might mean for real working people.
Far North Act passed into law
From the Eagle Watch #75

FYI, two very important articles from Wawatay News.  Sadly outrageous but no surprise.  The government of Ontario, Canada, whatever form the colonial entities take is NOT for our benefit.  In fact, they are always acting against us in presumptuous ways as if they know best in their patronizing, cultural chauvinism.


Far North Act passed into law

Thursday September 23, 2010

Nishnawbe Aski Nation will not recognize Bill 191, the Far North Act, despite being passed Sept. 23 in the Ontario legislature.

Shortly after the bill was passed, NAN Deputy Grand Chief Mike Metatawabin said the Ontario government cares little for the concerns of First Nations and northern Ontarians.

"It is a disappointing day for all of us who spent tireless hours opposing Bill 191 as our opposition was obviously ignored," Metatawabin said. "As we have stated time and time again, NAN First Nations and tribal councils do not and will not recognize this legislation on our homelands. We will continue to uphold our Aboriginal and treaty rights and jurisdiction over our land. The real fight is just beginning."

Despite the opposition, the Ministry of Natural Resources touted the legislation saying First Nation approval of land use plans is now required by law, a first in Ontario history. An MNR press release said First Nation communities can now identify and approve the areas in the Far North that require protection as well as those areas suitable for economic development.

"With the Far North Act, we have accomplished something ambitious, something exceptional," said Natural Resources Minister Linda Jeffrey. "Together we are entering a new era of social prosperity, economic certainty and environmental protection in the Far North. It is our responsibility as global citizens to make wise land use decisions for this vast and unique part of the province and the world."

The government said land use plans are key to developing the Far North, including the region known as the Ring of Fire, which contains one of the world's largest deposits of chromite, a key ingredient in stainless steel.

The Ontario New Democratic Party voted against Bill 191, stating the Liberals' decision to "ram" the Far North Act through the Ontario legislature is a big step backward for relations between First Nations and the provincial government.

"The premier went back on his pledge to First Nations leaders that he wouldn't move ahead with the Far North Act without their consent," said NDP leader Andrea Horwath. "Despite committing to a new relationship, the McGuinty Liberals think they know better than the First Nations who have lived in the far north for thousands of years. The attitudes displayed in the passing of this bill were supposed to be the attitudes of the past."

Timmins-James Bay MPP Gilles Bisson said the Far North Act remains deeply flawed.

"The act gives the government blanket powers to override local First Nations' land use decisions and does not respect Aboriginal rights to accommodation," Bisson said.

All the NDP MPPs voted against the bill, but it passed with the support of the Liberal majority. Notably absent from the vote were Premier Dalton McGuinty and Thunder Bay Liberal MPP Bill Mauro.

Bisson said the problems with Bill 191 go beyond the issues with First Nations.

"Chambers of Commerce, prospectors and developers, mayors, ... and business owners have all spoken out against the Far North Planning Act. So if everyone is against it, why are they proceeding with it?"
Metatawabin said in a Sept. 22 press release that NAN communities will not compromise their rights as treaty people.

"The law can be passed by the province of Ontario, but this does not promise industry free access to our lands," Metatawabin said, noting that NAN will maintain its former statements that uncertainty and unrest are imminent.

"This is not what we want, but given the province of Ontario and the premier's refusal to honor their commitments to the people of NAN, we have no other choice. First Nations in the Far North have voiced their concerns over and over again regarding this Bill, and yet the premier of Ontario remains unmoved. If there is conflict, if will be up to the province to answer as to why. This government has been given ample opportunity to work with us, but chooses otherwise."

NAN said its First Nations have not been properly consulted on Bill 191, despite the province of Ontario's continued attempts to state otherwise.

Chiefs say no to Bill 191
Thursday August 19, 2010
The Nishnawbe Aski Nation chiefs have said no to Bill 191, the Far North Act, and NAN Grand Chief Stan Beardy said trouble could brew if the bill comes into effect.

"If the bill is forced through, there will be conflict in the North," Beardy said. "There will be no certainty for the government or the investors."

Beardy said NAN chiefs met with Linda Jeffrey, minister of natural resources, Aug. 12 to hear proposed revisions to the act, but it wasn't enough for NAN chiefs.

"Nishnawbe Aski chiefs, communities, people are united," Beardy said Aug. 13 during a press conference in Thunder Bay.

"We are declaring our opposition to Bill 191."

Beardy is calling on industry and environmental groups to withdraw their support for Bill 191 for failing to meet Premier Dalton McGuinty's promise of a true partnership with First Nations.

"We have been very clear in our concerns with Bill 191 however the Ontario government has failed to respond to our issues," Beardy said, explaining that NAN has continually called for Bill 191 to include language and mechanisms to support First Nations jurisdiction and title. "The unilateral imposition of this radical transformation within NAN territory is inconsistent with the spirit and intent of Treaties 9 and 5. Therefore we have no choice but to take collective action to halt this Bill."

Bill 191 is scheduled for third reading in the Ontario legislature Sept. 16, which means the bill just needs royal assent before coming into effect.

NAN Chiefs met for a two-day Emergency Chiefs Assembly Aug. 12-13 to determine any necessary future action to withdraw Bill 191.

Beardy said just because NAN communities are involved in land-use planning it does not mean they support Bill 191. He said the bill would freeze most forms of development in the Far North.

Beardy said Bill 191 takes lands away from NAN First Nations without compensation and seriously undermines the long-term economic opportunities for the NAN communities.

"We will plan for our land and enforce our jurisdiction to make final land-use decisions in the north. That is our treaty right and we will enforce it."

First Nation authority must be recognized: Fiddler

Sandy Lake Chief Adam Fiddler said in the minds and understandings of the chiefs and communities, the province is basically creating one huge provincial park.

"That takes away the jurisdiction that we have, first of all to protect the land but also to look at opportunities for finding ways of developing economic opportunities on the land for our people into the future," Fiddler said. "First Nations are looking at different options, we are all at different stages, but by imposing parkland that takes away the jurisdiction we have."

Whitewater Lake Chief Arlene Slipperjack said her community's economic development opportunities have been lost since the community was surrounded by the Wabakimi Provincial Park, which was originally established in 1983 and expanded to an area one-and-a-half times larger than Prince Edward Island in 1997.

"Whitewater Lake First Nation totally opposes Bill 191," Slipperjack said.

She said her people have no jobs or homes and live "smack in the middle of Wabakimi Provincial Park."

"We have endured 16 years of broken promises by the province," Slipperjack said, explaining that 899 hectares of land was taken away from the community for the park.

"Our hands are tied by the provincial park system and then with this new Bill 191 it's going to be even worse."

By setting aside 225,000 square kilometres in northern Ontario, Fiddler believes the legislation is Ontario's "last-ditch effort" to save the environment after the land, air and water have all been polluted in the south.

"The reality is our people, our Elders, our ancestors, they know how to protect the land, they know how to protect the environment," Fiddler said. "They have been doing it for thousands of years."

Fiddler said the authority of First Nations in the Far North must be recognized, especially when it comes to land-use plans and decisions.

"With the implementation of Bill 191, our rights and title to the land would be stripped from us giving us no control over what happens in our traditional territory," Fiddler said.

Jessica Edwards, spokesperson for NAN Oshkaatisak (Young Peoples Council), said young First Nation people today are more aware than ever of the issues pertaining to their land and the jurisdictional rights they have in their traditional territories.

"It's important for us to have a say in how our lands will be used for our generation and future generations to come," Edwards said. "We too as the NAN Young Peoples Council will stand and oppose Bill 191."

Donna Orr, spokesperson for NAN Women's Council, said they will do whatever it takes to ensure their family's futures are protected.

"As a mother, it is my duty to ensure my children have the right to determine what and when our lands will be used," Orr said. "This should not be up to the Ontario Government to decide on our behalf."

Emergency Actions to Support Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists


Stop FBI Raids and Harassment


We denounce the Federal Bureau of Investigation harassment of anti-war and solidarity activists.  The FBI raided seven houses and an office in Chicago and Minneapolis on Friday, September 24, 2010.  The FBI handed subpoenas to testify before a federal grand jury to eleven activists in Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan. The FBI also attempted to intimidate activists in California and North Carolina.

This suppression of civil rights is aimed at those who dedicate their time and energy to supporting the struggles of the Palestinian and Colombian peoples against U.S. funded occupation and war.   The FBI has indicated that the grand jury is investigating the activists for possible material support of terrorism charges.

The activists involved have done nothing wrong and are refusing to be pulled into conversations with the FBI about their political views or organizing against war and occupation.  The activists are involved with many groups, including:  the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee, the Palestine Solidarity Group, the Colombia Action Network, Students for a Democratic Society, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization. These activists came together with many others to organize the 2008 anti-war marches on the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.  

We ask people of conscience to join us in fighting this political repression, as we continue working to build the movements against US war and occupation.

Take Action:

Call the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder at 202-353-1555 or write an email to:


**Stop the repression against anti-war and international solidarity activists.

**Immediately return all confiscated materials: computers, cell phones, papers, documents, etc. 

**End the grand jury proceedings against anti-war activists.

Plan and Support national days of protest at FBI offices or Federal Buildings, September 27 and 28th. 

A demonstration has been called at the Minneapolis FBI Office Monday, 4:30, September 27th (111 Washington Ave. S.).

In Solidarity, the Anti-War Committee –

The following is a list of the 19 planned protests that we have heard of so far, and the list is growing. Please participate in the one nearest you, or if there is not one in your city, organize one and let us know at so we can publicize it and add it to the list:
Please be in touch with the Minnesota Anti-War Committee 

Monday 9/27:

Minneapolis, MN - 4:30, FBI Office Monday, 111 Washington Ave. S.
Chicago, IL - 4:30 Fedeeral Building, Federal Plaza.
Kalamazoo, MI - 4:30 Federal Building, 410 W Michigan Ave
Salt Lake City, Utah - 9 AM at Federal Building
Durham, NC - 12 noon Federal Building, 323 E Chapel Hill St

Buffalo, NY- 4:30 pm at FBI Building - Corner of So. Elmwood Ave. & Niagara St.

Gainesville, FL - Monday, 4:30 PM at FBI Building

Tuesday 9/28:

NYC, NY -  4:30 to 6pm Federal Building, 26 Federal Plaza,
Newark, NJ - 5 to 6pm Federal Building Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA - 4:30pm Federal Building, 6th & Market,
Washington DC -  4:30 – 5:30 FBI Building, 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW.
Boston, MA -  5 pm, JFK Federal Building
Detroit, MI -  4:30 pm McNamara Federal Building, Michigan Ave. at Cass

Raleigh, NC -  9 am. Federal Building, 310 New Bern Ave
Asheville, NC -  5 pm Federal Building,
Atlanta, GA - Noon, FBI Building
Los Angeles, CA - 5 pm, Downtown Federal Building, 300 N Los Angeles St

Tucson, AZ - 5 pm Federal Building

Wednesday 9/29:

Albany, NY -  5 to 6 pm Federal Building


Hi all my friends!
It has been a long and fruitful summer. 
I do apologize for not writing for too long a time. I have married and moved to SD. I have been refurbishing and renovating space in our place to make an actual office for Red Shoulder Council. I'm making great plans for a new organization geared to our children, elders and veterans. I will send details soon. It will be a 501C3 corporation with a not for profit status.

Red Shoulder Council will be reopening approximately October 15th. I will have an actual office and telephone line for emergency situations. My office hours will be 9-12noon from Monday through Friday with prayer service continuing on Friday nights.

I have needed this hiatus in order to establish an actual office. I am 
doing everything from scratch, including refinishing old furniture, etc. It will be a wonderful place for actual sit down meetings with our members. This is being done out of the goodness of my husband Louie's heart. He has given 100% to this cause by getting me a new computer which operates wonderfully, a new desk and many things I need to build this office.

There are issues we have all worked hard for. I would appreciate it if all petition signatures are sent to me at Star Blue Coat, 520 W. Missouri Ave., Apt. 4, Pierre, SD 57501. If we do not have enough signatures, we will continue to collect them until we have the necessary 10 million to abolish the BIA once and for all. Living in SD, I have witnessed poverty beyond comprehension. This stiffling organization must cease and desist once and for all!

I am also getting a petition to have a National Dennis Bank's Day, in which we will all celebrate our Native American Heritage. Mr. Banks has done so much for our people and he is a kind and intelligent wise soul. I can think of no one better to dedicate this day to. I will be sending all the petition to circulate as soon as I regain my files. There was a problem uploading them to my new PC, but this will be rectified.

I pray day and night for your health, safety and guidance. You are all loved and missed dearly. 

Red Shoulder will official be open full strength, with renewed energy and spirit. 

Love and peace to all,
March for Medicare for All on October 2nd
People want more healthcare reform, not less. We have to stay strong for the single-payer healthcare system we need.
This is why Healthcare-NOW! is mobilizing for the 10/2/10 March on Washington for Peace, Jobs and Justice.
On October 2, we will tell the world that One Nation Needs One Healthcare Plan: Medicare for All!
Here are some things you can do to make 10/2/10 a success:
    On October 2nd, march with the single-payer contingent, including National Nurses United/California Nurses Association, Physicians for a National Health Program, Progressive Democrats of America, and more. Meet at 10:30 AM at West Potomac Park between Ohio Dr. and Independence Ave (Map). Look for nurses in red scrubs and doctors in white coats.
    Find a bus near you and get on it with your coworkers, neighbors and family.
    Help get thousands of post cards signed to tell Congress "Hands Off Social Security and Medicare!" We must protect, improve and expand our social insurance programs. We are asking people to pledge in advance how many post cards you will collect during the One Nation March to keep building the movement for single-payer national healthcare. Can you pledge to collect 25 post cards? Let us know! Email
    On October 1, walk the halls of Congress for jobs, justice, peace, and healthcare for allLearn more here.
    Attend a reception on the Hill with PDA Advisory Board members Rep. John Conyers, Rep. Raul Grijalva, and Bill Fletcher, Jr. on Friday, October 1st, 4:00 - 5:00 PM, at the Capitol Visitor Center. Get details and RSVP here.
    Single-Payer Party! Join us for speakers and live music. Food and drink are available for purchase. We will pass out signs and materials and go over logistics for the next day. For more information, contact Margaret at Friday, October 1st, 6 to 8 pm at Busboys and Poets, 5th and K Sreets, N.W., Washington, D.C.
    If you can't make it to Washington, participate in a local event or plan one of your own. Request post cards from ..or download them here.
Looking forward to making our demands loud and clear for single-payer Medicare for All.
In Peace and Health,
Katie Robbins
Healthcare-NOW! National Organizer
Aim Santa BarbaraSeptember 27, 2010 at 2:16pm
Don't just say you support the American Indian Movement- Do something about it! Do just write a little note saying "Will be there in spirit" or "I live to far away"

Everyone can help- no matter where you live-

It only takes 5 minutes out of your day to do something good, to do something right, and have your voice heard- It will make a difference! Together there is nothing we can not accomplish!

The bull dozers will be coming to Glen Cove on Oct. 16, IF YOU CAN MAKE PLANS TO BE THERE. For more background see:;

If you can please contact the individuals below by emails, letters etc.

Greater Vallejo Recreation District 
395 Amador Street Vallejo, Ca 94590 
(707) 648-4600 FAX (707) 648-4616; ,

City of Vallejo 
Mayor Osby Davis
5553 Santa Clara Street
Vallejo, Ca 94590

mayor@ci.;, hsunga@ci.;, martibrown@ci.;, sgomes@ci.;, mwilson@ci.;,
jschivley@ci.;, ehannigan@ci.;, mwilson@ci.;

440 Curtola Parkway
Vallejo, CA 94590 

P.O. Box 3188
Vallejo, CA 94590

City Editor 
Mary Enbom
(707) 553-6840

Ted Vollmer
(707) 553-6827

For a great interview on Wounded Knee De Campo and on other related issues watch this Youtube by Native TV;

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