Friday, February 12, 2010

BIA March to Save Sacred Sites

BIA March to Save Sacred Sites / Feb. 22 / Sacramento, Calif.

From: Bay Area Indian Calendar janeenantoine @ (take out spaces)

Walk to Support Sacred Sites
Date: Monday, February 22, 2010
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Bureau of Indian Affairs
Street: 2800 Cottage
City/Town: Sacramento, Calif.

This is a critical time in indigenous people's history. It is time for people to step up & support the sacred sites and burial grounds of our ancestors. What are you going to do?

The Vallejo Inter-Tribal Council of California is asking that people donate water and fruit or snack bars and volunteers to help drive the elders.

We are also accepting donations for our legal defense.

The G.V.R.D. plans to commence construction at Glen Cove in the spring. Glen Cove is a Native American burial ground and sacred site for thousands of years. They plan to build a Crapper and Parking lot over the Sacred Site.

Their way of "respecting" and "comprimising" is to put 2 ft. of dirt over the land before building and putting up an educational plaque at the site. They have already disrupted the land and desecrated the site and now they want to continue desecrating the area.


We are marching 3.62 miles from the B.I.A. to the C.I.L.S. building February 22nd at 8:15am. If you can't come out, please help in any way possible even if it's just getting the word out. We need as much support as possible.

They have already done too much as it is. We are done comprimising. We will continue to fight this. We have asked the CA Indian Legal Services to help us to fight this legally, and now we are DETERMINED TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD....

Please pass this message on if you support our struggle and your ancestors The time is NOW!

For More info of the March, Contact:
Jenni Lawrence 916-256-9997 Feather Wolfin (916) 715-5114
or visit online

(707) 557-2140
LindaRodrn @ (take out spaces)

Teresa Anahuy

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