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National Guard delivered over 40,000 meals to tribes

National Guard delivered over 40,000 meals to tribes
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National Guard delivered over 40,000 meals to tribes
Friday, February 5, 2010

The _Arizona National Guard_
( delivered over 40,000 packaged meals to members of the _Hopi
( and the _Navajo Nation_
( but some people -- particularly elders who may not understand
written English -- have had trouble with the rations.
The guardsmen took action after _President Barack Obama_
( signed a _declaration of
( that covered the
Hopi and Navajo reservations. The meals that were delivered came with
instructions that not everyone could understand.
"It is difficult for people who have never had them, and grandma and
grandpa can't read," Navajo Nation Emergency Operation Center spokeswoman Selena
Manychildren told The Farmington Daily Times. "There's a diagram, but you
have to understand a little bit about them before it makes sense. People are
saying, Gee, what the heck, how do I use this?'"
Guard teams are working with the tribe to help people with the meals. But
some are exchanging them for "real food," Manychildren said.
Get the Story:
_Guard drops meals on Navajo Nation, but language barrier keeps residents
from eating food _ (
m/farmington-news/ci_14338803) (The Farmington Daily Times 2/5)

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