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The Corporation Jesus

The Corporation Jesus
Note: This is a personal view from another website. And does not reflect the views of all of the Save The Sacred Sites Alliance or their membership or board. All comments to the writer should be directed to>>> http://www.myspace.com/davethnative where this was taken from.

Many years ago as children, I, my brother and sister were excited to find out that at this season called Christmas, we got all these gifts. My family celebrated this gift giving season as part of the fitting in with the dominate society. We put up one of those Christmas Trees and helped mom and dad decorate it with beautiful lights, ornaments and tinsel. It was an awesome sight to see to three kids. On Christmas Eve, mom let us open one present each. We were ecstatic. And that night we could not sleep. But our parents had told us that we had to wait for morning to open the presents. I am sure it was because they wanted to be part of the fun and take pictures. But little kids don't understand grown ups need to record everything. And I wandered out at 5 am like a magnet was pulling me. The same magnet must have gotten my sister and brother because they were there also. My sister, who was always the mom and dad follower and snitched on my brother and I, said we should wait for mom and dad. I, being the oldest and a ring leader in much of the trouble, said that mom and dad said wait until morning. And 5 am qualified as morning. In this event she did not need coaxing. So we plugged in the blinking tree lights and I started handing out gifts. And my brother and sister started hastily opening them. There were wrapping papers all over the place. But my sister saw one more for my brother on the back side of the tree. She went back to get it and the tree fell on my brother just as my shocked mother walked into the room. The entire scene was too much for Mom. She grabbed the tree up and said, "We are not going to have Christmas here." And began to head out the door, with the blinking lights still plugged in. Unfortunately for him, when the tree fell on my brother, he became entangled in the still blinking lights. And he was brought to his feet and was being drug out the door with Mom pulling him just as Dad entered the room. To me the whole thing made my brother look like one of those cheaply made monster movies with my brother as Godzilla who was destroying the manger scene beneath the tree as he and the blinking lights went out the door. Dad was the voice of calm. He said, "Wait Helen (Mom's name). We can't throw away Christmas for some gifts and a tree." Things calmed down after that and we did have a more quiet solemn Christmas.

My Dad who was always teaching me something (much to my dismay as a child) taught us all something that Christmas. Christmas is not about corporations, profits and gifts. It's about Jesus.

But this lesson began to shape later in life as I began to see a difference between the way Indigenous people who became Christians stayed true to their traditions and still followed Jesus. As I grew up I saw the greed, and multiple, binding rules of some of those who called themselves "Christians." I saw how their ways had destroyed so many lives and had driven people away from the Creator. I wanted no ore part of that way. So I rejected it for the old ways of those who followed the Creator. I hated Christians and would tell them off or fight them if they even spoke to me about their god of war, destruction and genocide. I hated the way they manipulated people for their own political and monetary gains.

In 1995, I met and married a beautiful Native lady who was born to the Eastern Band of Cherokee who was a Christian. I love her. But I refused to follow her Christian beliefs because I misunderstood how she and other Indigenous People follow the Creator through Jesus.

Then in 1999 I had a doctor who was a bad doctor treat me for rapid heartbeats with a psychiatric drug that interacted with an herb I was taking. He had misdiagnosed the situation and, had caused my brain to be wiped out, my heart to fail, and my body began to die.

I tried everything to get healing, Asian medicine, sweats, New Age stuff, reiki (probably misspelled), a witch even tried to help me. Understand, I am not putting down anyone else's spiritual way. But you see when Creator has a lesson for you, nothing will work, but what Creator wants to work. So, my brain was wiped out and I had to be fed with a bottle and by hand by my new wife, who bravely stood by me when I had brain storms that made me attack myself, her and the dogs and as I went in and out of mental institutions.

This went on for about 6 months. Then a Muskogee/ Creek friend invited us to stay with him because our finances were failing and my wife couldn't work. We were homeless and lived in an old 1973 motor home that usually was undriveable. So we moved to south Georgia. And I stayed outside a lot in the woods. One day as I was having one of my brain storms, my mind suddenly cleared and a vision of a dark skinned man with brown eyes and dark hair came to me. He said that He was the real Jesus and not the Corporation Jesus that had been invented to control the masses. He was carrying a cross on His shoulder. And told me that the suffering of this life was temporary and that I should follow Him.

Well, you know how Indigenous People are. A vision changes everything. And we follow the vision. Now, some may ask me to explain about visions and what they mean to Indigenous People. But I suggest you sit down for awhile and talk to an Indigenous Elder.
The vision told me many things that I may never discuss unless the Creator tells me to.

And I have not revealed the truth about the Corporation Jesus until now because I did not fully understand it until now.
So I told my wife that I wanted to go to church to know the real Jesus and be baptized.
Her mouth flew open in shock and she said, okay.

Now, I did not expect to get healed. But in a later vision the Creator showed me the sun and the moon and how they moved, each in their own time slowly. Creator said, "This is how I am going to heal you so that you will learn what I want you to learn."
And Creator was true to His word. One healing I got in a church. And my heart which had scars on it from heart attacks, no longer has scars.

The other happened as I was walking from my front porch into my house. And much of my mental illness from the drug interaction was gone. Creator said that was to show me that He is not just in buildings. He is everywhere. And you don't not need big TV or Mega Church personalities to heal you that you give all your money to.

The Creator stayed with me after he had healed me (and continues to heal me) and opened my spiritual eyes to things as I could understand them. Understand please, I am not a perfect man. But while I was sick the Creator had me read the book the white man calls the Bible over and over. And He showed me that perfection is a process that is never completed in this life. We are constantly learning and being perfected.

But Creator has shown me something else recently. There is a Real Jesus. And there is a Corporate Jesus. (Of coarse there are many false Jesus'. But I m focusing on the main one for now.) The Corporate Jesus was invented by certain white man to control the masses. They build huge churches, that have dogmatic interpretations of the their holy book that take people away from everything that might allow them to have free will. They say that abortions are murder and gays are evil and going to hell. Yet they go and have affairs with women and other men secretly. They lie if it gets their purpose accomplished. Thy persecute others for their race, spiritual beliefs or anything that makes them different from the Corporation Christians. When exposed to the truth, if they can't find another lie to cover up their hypocrisy, they will attack and destroy anyone who exposes them or their lies to truth.

They follow the Christian Bible in a misinterpreted and purposely distorted way.
For instance, one man who calls himself an apostle, tells people in his church that he is a one issue man. He always votes against abortion or anyone who allows it. Okay. But then the "father" of this church conglomerate (because it incorporates several churches) tells the people to arm themselves for the coming day of tribulation, because people are going to come and try to take the food these folks are storing away. Whatever happened to The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God..." (2 Corinthians 10:4 in the Christian Bible) There are others who call themselves the Army of God and commit the murder of abortion doctors to stop the murder (as they call it) of babies. Murder in any form does not honor the Creator.
Invading countries under false pretenses, using Bible verses to justify it and then lying to cover it up does not honor the Creator. Torturing people innocent or guilty does not honor the Creator. These are all part and parcel of the false Corporation Jesus of greed, power and mass control. They subtly tell you how to vote by saying vote the scriptures. But it is their false interpretation of the scripture that they mean to follow.

What the Creator has shown me is that these people who follow this Corporation Jesus are actually following the Anti- Christ. If they were to actually look at the book they pretend follow they would find in the book or Bible that many think they are following that with distortions, the Anti- Christ puts himself in the place of the real God or Creator.

How do I know this? If you read this holy book called the Bible, you will see that the Creator that they call God is LOVE or the Greek word is Agape. This is higher or universal love.
If they follow love, why do the persecute others like gays and lesbians when they know their sins are no worse than their own? It says in the holy book called the Bible lying is an abomination. Yet they submit to lying interpretations of the holy book called the Bible for political and monetary gain. And the holy book of the Christians says do not commit adultery. And with all the Republicans and past Democrats who have cheated on their wives and then try to cover it up with lies, we see how well that they follow their spiritual laws.

The C- Street scandals are just the most recent in a long list of indiscretions. But they do focus our attention on a very important factor. In one of the sermons of the leader of the C- Street group the man said something to the effect that the anointed leaders can do no wrong and that we should just follow them anyway. But that is totally opposite of what the Holy Christian book says. When King David committed adultery and then murder, the Creator sent a prophet to tell him that he was wrong and he and his nation would suffer for it. But this King repented sincerely and accepted his punishment and confessed to his people his wrong. How many of these so called "Christian" leaders are that sincere and want to confess their wrongs to us and make them right?
I can tell you, not many, if any, would. Why? Because they have Fox News or other corporate controlled media that furnish cover stories to hopefully soften the effects of their downfall. Why be sincere, when covering up is so much easier. But in their holy book it tells them what covering up does not only to the leaders but the nation. King Saul lied and covered up and the Philistines destroyed him, his family and almost destroyed the nation of Israel. They became subject or a slave nation to the Philistines.

Are any of us perfect? No. But this form of religion is distorting truth for crowd control. And that is following a false god which is forbidden in the Christian holy scripture. Those of us who follow the Creator know the truth, whether we are followers of Jesus or the old ways of just following the Creator. My path is to follow the Real Jesus. But there are many who follow the Real Creator in traditional ways. Maybe the Jesus path is the only real way for people to get to the Creator like is says in the Christina holy book.
But I tell you this. If it is the only way then they had better follow the real way or it is a useless pursuit for a false Jesus who is called in the Christian Holy Book
The Anti- Christ.

As I think back to what my dad said about the Real Spirit of Christmas not being the gifts, trees and decorations, but it was about the Spirit of love, peace, brotherhood/ sisterhood, giving, and other good things like the closeness of family and friends, I have to ask myself. What is this nation about now days, as we follow people who not only take our freedom to vote away by allowing supreme court judges to allow big business and foreign entities to effect our voting process by pouring large sums of money into campaigns that will elect only those who will do their bidding and not answer to we the people? Benjamin Franklin copied the Iroquois Nations laws to form the US Constitution. Now they also say that it was copied after the laws in the Christian Bible and these laws are sacred to them. If these laws/ words are sacred to them, why desecrate these words by demolishing them for corporate and foreign interests?

I ask this is it following their Real Jesus and Holy Bible when they lie, steal our money in taxes for special interests, practice racism, call out against abortion, yet won't help poor kids with food and education and health care and turn this nation into an entity run by the few who manipulate the masses with a false religion that was a bad copy of the original? They say government should not be in the business of caring for people. That their churches should do that. But the fake Jesus churches that have most of the power now days is the same one that has no heart for the government to do good works. And neither they nor their corporate big shot partners care one whit about the people in need from what I've seen. In the book of James in the Christian Holy Bible it says that if you show preference to a rich person over a poor person, if you do not help people in need, if you say, "I will pray for you." and you have the means to help them, but you don't help, it says your faith and religion are dead. It says, "Faith without works is dead."

It also says in the book of proverbs that leaders who don't help their people are not in favor with the Christian God.

I could go on and on. And if the followers of the false Jesus want to debate me on this, I will and can quote the Christian Holy Bible to show them how wrong they are.

So I ask. If my plain spoken father who was not some great cleric or spiritual leader can figure out the real meaning of Christmas, how come we the people put up with leaders who call themselves "Christians" and can't even figure out who the Real Jesus that they are supposed to be following is?

Dave K

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