Friday, February 5, 2010

Military hate group policy needs change

Military hate group policy needs change

February 4, 2010
Report echoes SPLC's call for change in military hate group policy
The SPLC has long pointed out the dangers of extremism in the military, and in December SPLC President Richard Cohen wrote to the independent review board examining the Ft. Hood massacre about the need to amend Department of Defense regulations that have inadvertently permitted members of the military to participate in white supremacist activity. The review board has come to the same conclusion in its report, saying that in order to weed out extremists of all kinds from the military, hate group participation policy must be changed.
Limbaugh, Robertson and neo-Nazis find common ground on Haiti
Neo-Nazi leader Billy Roper announced a food drive for all Haitian citizens who agree to be sterilized. But he isn't the only one spewing anti-Haitian rhetoric. Intelligence Project director Mark Potok tracked reactions to the catastrophe from Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson. Limbaugh is advising his listeners not to donate to the relief effort, and Robertson believes that the earthquake was caused by Haiti making a pact with the devil.
Teaching Tolerance magazine examines the 'New Segregation' in U.S. schools
"We're back to buying into the belief that separate can be equal — and this time around we're not limiting segregated classrooms to race," says Lecia Brooks, Director of SPLC's Civil Rights Memorial Center. The latest issue of Teaching Tolerance reports that 50 years after Brown v. Board integrated classrooms, today's schools not only remain racially segregated, but are dividing along gender lines, sexual orientation and immigration status in the name of better education.
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