Monday, February 15, 2010

From Mike Graham founder United Native America and UNA-NEWS Egroup

From Mike Graham founder United Native America and UNA-NEWS Egroup
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Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:15 pm (PST)

Yesterday an issue came up concerning our news egroup name and a letter
posted on our United Native America web site.

The issue stems from an Indian group called "United Native Americans Inc."

United Native America and United Native Americans Inc. are not one in the
same nor have anything to do with each other concerning our group issues or

The two groups names are close but not the same. I own the Internet dot's
to United Native America, I formed United Native America in 1993 as a grass
roots group to bring about a national holiday for Native Americans.

Years ago it was brought to my attention about United Native Americas Inc.
and a man going by the name Quanah Parker Brightman saying he had a
problem with United Native America and a letter posted on our web site. This
Quanah Parker Brightman man never contacted me personally about his problem.
After the issue came up again yesterday and was posted to UNA-NEWS Egroup I
responded again to Quanah Parker Brightman, this time he did reply to me
with only concerns about a letter posted on United Native America web site.
Nothing was stated about the groups names.

As to the letter posted on our UNA web site I received permission from
another web site owner that had it posted on their web site, this information
is posted at the end of the letter on the UNA page, it has been posted
there for over seven years. This letter was published numerous years ago and
is posted on countless web site on the Internet.

Letter posted on this UNA web page:

I will deal with Quanah Parker Brightman as soon as I know for sure he is
who he states he is. I have received spam email on the Internet from
someone else using my own email address, that is an eye opener. I also know of
one other person using my email address posing as me and representing United
Native America. It goes without saying, as soon as I know for real who the
man is, I will deal with him accordingly.

I would like to take this time to thank each of you for all your support
on Indian community issues and of United Native America. Together over the
years we have taken on a ton of issues and made a big deference across the
country. We made our voice heard and we are not through by any means!!
United We Stand

Mike Graham Founder United Native America
Citizen Of Oklahoma Cherokee Nation
_www.UnitedNativeAmerica.com_ (

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