Wednesday, February 10, 2010

prayers needed

prayers needed
Posted by: "Vicki" louie4me45414
Tue Feb 9, 2010 5:26 pm (PST)

Note: Folks we don't usually post personal stuff. But this is just a prayer request.

Last night about midnight i started just freezing bad. I was like a ice cube. Heard my furnace running and just thought oh no im getting sick again. Well went and looked at my thermostat and it showed it was 52 degrees. Well then i went and checked the filter and it was dirty but by no mean completely full but i took it out and put a new one in thinking that maybe that was the problem. Well by 6 am i couldnt hardly move i was so cold and checked it there and it said 42 degree so i called my furnance place who put it is new a couple of years ago. Well first off the guy called me back and said that just for him to come out since we are at a level 2 emergency it would be $100 and he would only accept cash. So i said come on as i need my heat. I had my mortage money left here where josh got paid and i hadnt mailed it yet nor put it in the bank. Josh is snowed in at his work and im snowed in here at home.What it was was my heating element went out and he had to replace it. $268 dollars later i had heat then he said in the phone book is a coupon so that took a few dollars off so it was $243 so i gave him what i had cash to pay it now im that much short on my mortgage. Well actully i have a few dollars but I have been on the phone all day trying to get someone or some organization to help me with this. I did get good news my huverround was approved and my insurance is covering most of it $11,000 medicare is covering and the other $1180 there righting off due to hardship. I had no idea that they was that expensive but thank God for insurance. I have a major headache i have had it all day today. Please pray that i can get some help with this so I can pay my mortgage on time. I havent been late since i redid the loan and got it out of forclosure. My car is snowed in now but it wont start yet anyways. Im sure some of the gang will be by later to shovel my snow My knee is very tight today and hurting also. Im praying that you all are safe with all this snow that we have here in Ohio. Love and prayers Vicki
With God all things are possible
Wa Do my friends and family
Love Vicki
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