Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tea Party has common cause with Marxists?

Tea Party has common cause with Marxists?

Note: This is an opinion form the Citizen-Times, not a Save The Sacred Sites opinion.
Although the tongue in cheek brought a smile. Dave

I have been confused recently when reading the Tea Party Movement's Mission Statement and Core Values, and by what I hear and see of them publicly. The movement states that it wants to stop “excessive government spending and taxation.” Yet when I read about or watch Tea Party rallies, the rhetoric used is about the common person revolting against the current governmental elite, and taking back control of the country.
Something about this sounded familiar to me, and then I recalled something I read in college. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, later known as fathers of communism, put forth the socioeconomic theory that everyone was entitled to the fruits of their labor. Unfortunately, the power elite, or bourgeois, controlled it all. Their theory stated that at some point the common people, or proletariat, would tire of this. Marx and Engel said the people would unite, then revolt to restore what was rightfully theirs. Who could have imagined the Tea Party Movement would have so much in common with a socialist movement?

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