Sunday, February 7, 2010

Impeach The Supreme Court 5

We need to respond immediately to the outrageous threat of Senator
Shelby of Alabama to block ALL administration nominees to any
position, until he gets HIS earmarks for certain pork barrel defense
contracts in HIS district.

But FIRST we need your help to give away more and more of the new
bumper stickers protesting the corporation palace coup in the Supreme
Court. For this particular initiative you need a web page of your
own, a blog page, a MySpace page or something like that that allows
you to put up a small graphic button with a link to another site.
Otherwise, please skip down to the next section for the action to
stop the filibuster.


We have already mailed out the ENTIRE first printing of the gorgeous
new full four color process "Corporations Are NOT The People" and
"Impeach The Supreme Court 5" bumper stickers, covering everyone who
got their requests in by the middle of this last week. The second
massive print run has already gone to press, and we need to know soon
how many we will need for yet the third print run. So please put a
small graphic button on your own web page linking to the free bumper
sticker page, and you will automatically get a link back to your site
on all our action pages.

Here is a code block you can copy and use verbatim, just put it in
the side bar of your page or anywhere else you like:


If this email is forwarded again the above code might be changed in
some way, but you can always get the same code reproduced (where you
can also see what it will look like) at the top of all the current
action pages, including the page where you can get the
bumper_stickers itself at

Free Bumper Sticker Page:

The more of you who support this initiative by posting these buttons
on your own pages, the faster we can give away these bumper stickers,
to build the movement we will need to actually amend the
Constitution, or whatever else can be done to repair the grave damage
to our democracy done by the rogue majority on the Supreme Court now.


Obstructionism reached a new low of self-serving political blatancy
this week with the move of Senator Shelby of Alabama to hold ALL
administration nominees for ransom, until he got HIS pork barrel
defense contract perks. It's not as if the Republican party was not
already blocking so many appointments. But this goes far beyond being
the party of "No". The Republican party has now become the party of
unmitigated and brutish spite.

And isn't it interesting how you don't hear any of them pontificate
that, "elections have consequences" when THEY lose elections. In
particular point of fact, the Democratic Senate caucus never HAD a 60
vote majority they could count on, not with Lieberman and Ben Nelson
jumping fence at the drop of a lobbyist contribution. So the loss of
the Senate seat in Massachusetts, totally the BLAME of caving in to
placate enemies of reform like Lieberman and Nelson in the first
place, does nothing to change the bottom line reality . . . that NO
real progressive policy change can possibly take place without first
abolishing the filibuster.

Stop The Filibuster Action Page:

Please note: The action page above does NOT require you to have your
own a fax machine. Just submit the form and it does this
automatically for you.

When we did the first action page on this some of you objected that
we needed to keep the filibuster, in case "we" needed it to stop the
Republicans should the tables turn. But experience teaches that when
the Democrats were in the minority they NEVER had the courage to
actual stand up to Republican bullies when it really counted. How
else could we have gotten Constitutional wrecking balls like Roberts
or Alito on the Supreme Court in the first place?

So in truth, the filibuster has never really stopped the Republicans,
it is only stopping progressive change from happening, its only
suppressing the voice of the people, it is only standing in the way
of democracy. And if the day comes that the Republicans regain a
majority in the Senate, then shame on us for not standing for our
principles now, because that is the one thing most sure to lose
elections in the future.

We say the Republicans have overplayed their hand. This latest move
by Shelby just shows the American people that all the Republicans
really stand for is holding public policy hostage, for paralyzing the
business of the country out of sheer mean spiritedness because they
are no longer the majority. How they howled when Ben Nelson forced
concessions for his own state before he would drop his own filibuster
threat over the shark eaten carcass of a health care reform bill.
What will they say about their own Shelby now?

The filibuster has been abused beyond recognition of its original
courteous purpose. It is a rule the Senate as an institution has
imposed on itself with NO basis in the Constitution. The filibuster
must go.

And if you want one of the snappy new "Stop The Filibuster" caps, you
can request one from the return page after you submit the action page
above, or else you can get one directly here:

Stop The Filibuster Cap:

Facebook participants can also submit the ALTERNATE action page at

Stop The Filibuster (Facebook only):

And this is the Twitter reply for the Stop The Filibuster action

@cxs #p1027

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

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