Monday, April 19, 2010

Advocating Violence

Advocating Violence
Siyu Folks,

I deleted a friend over the weekend and they may not know why. I was because the words killem (kill 'em) were in their message to us. Although we (Save The Sacred Sites Alliance) know that when threatened we will all defend ourselves, and rightly so, there is no serious advocacy of violence against anyone on here. I questioned this person and got the same gibberish with something about they did not expect me to understand them.

First of all if a person can write a complete idea in a sentence, I don't want to hear from them. And if the old dude here is supposed to learn this fancy online terminology after 62 years, they can forget it. If someone wants to communicate in plain sentences, fine. Otherwise don't waste our time.

We will not delete you as a friend if you for incomplete sentences. But we will for violent terminology. Why because (1) we have kids that come to our website. (2) We don't want the feds on our tail because you want to act like a nut case.

Don't mind having the feds on us for a legit fight for Indigenous Rights. We've done that in the past. But for stupid statements that reek of being high on something. They can keep it to themselves.

And then we had a black man who says 75% black people are devils and all whites are devils. And was babbling gibberish. I really don't see the point in that. And it had other hate speech. Hey if you're purple and hate green people, that's your business. Just don't involve us in it.

The lady did not understand the WE means Save The Sacred Sites Alliance.
So from this point on if I say we on the Save The Sacred Sites Alliance it means The Save The Sacred Sites Alliance or STSSA as we are known.

The lady may have thought my understanding was weak by her words that she sent me. But when she can't figure out that we means STSSA, I question her grasp of things myself.

Just remember this, it has been a learning process on this website. I have gotten into some pretty bad arguments when we first started. But I have learned.
Now, there will be no rough arguments. Just goodbyes. Disagree rationally? Fine.
Put your sentences together coherently and make your point. We'll repost it.
Talk like some guru waldo that is sooooo high in your thoughts that sentences are not coherent. And we'll delete your words. Talk like Freddy Kruger on meth and it'll be> see ya wouldn't wanna be ya.
Old Dave

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