Wednesday, April 21, 2010

***HST Protest April 22 (Tomorrow) at Queens Park Toronto 9AM***

***HST Protest April 22 (Tomorrow) at Queens Park Toronto 9AM***

****************CALLING ALL FOR SUPPORT****************
A protest will be held tomorrow at Queens Park from 9am - 5pm. The protest is to fight against en-couching and elimination of our native sovereign rights. This is OUR time to stand up for our children and our childrens children! If we don't make a stand and make our voices heard we could see our culture, our rights as a nation disappear like the buffalo. Please show your support for the attack of native peoples in Canada!

They are trying to assimilate us like they did when the catholic church kidnapped, raped, beat and killed our people. They can do all of this but they cannot break our spirits! We are still here because our ancestors took a stand. Now the difference that they have made is threatened to be taken away. This is against the law! The creator has given me a strong heart, clear mind and truth to be heard from my voice and I am speaking out! If we don't do something soon, it maybe to late...

If you can make it my brothers and sisters, it could mean a world of difference for what happens to us, our people, culture and future generations.

Nia:wen ko:wa
Anthony Henhawk

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