Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We are still here...

We are still here...
I moved to Kanekota in 2000 because it was under the protection of the British military system for “His majesty’s faithful allies” forever. It was the only reason I moved here and I taught my children about acknowledgement, respect and honour.

I had a survey done at MNR in 2005 to prove that where we living, was on the land that is ours by “Royal Proclamation”, which supersedes “Admiralty” law. I met with Liberal MP Garth Turner first and showed him the Haldimand Proclamation, the map and asked if he would help in restoring honour to the Crown and provide us with the key to the “Etobicoke outdoor education centre” at lot 1 concession 11 Nottawasaga township. We never heard anything from the federal side as yet.
I sent a copy of the survey and proclamation to all of the members of Toronto City Council and said I would be down at City Hall to get the key. On our way down I got a call from Councillor Ford and he asked me to meet him at Etobicoke city hall instead, which we did. He told me that “this was a sensitive issue and he was told he cannot step on any toes”. I attended the Ontario NDP caucus and they passed an emergency resolution to back the reclamation of the school property, their representatives are trying to follow “rule of law”.
Here we are now 5 years later and still they have not come forward with the key to the gate they left behind. This dance that the crown always does regarding aboriginal issues should be called the “Toronto two-step”. The provincial side does nothing and says it is a federal issue, the federal side does nothing and says it is a provincial issue. It is all about “Divide and Conquer” or more accurately “ordo ab chao”, the motto of the 32nd degree freemasons who are running this corporation of Canada.
We know there is a storm coming and this land is where we need to be when the peace returns. Will the people who now represent the Crown (MP, MPP, OPP, Canadian armed forces) do their duty to protect the honour of the crown? If they do not should they be charged with treason and put in one of the Crown jails? Or will they teach their children to lie and deceive like they do? Regardless, we will be occupying the property and turning it into a Mohawk education centre. We will offer our services to the school boards, should they want to teach their children about real “Indians”.

I am honoured to be a part of this historic event and will lay down my life if need be, for our children. It would be much better if the keys were presented in an honourable way by Etobicoke, since they have been using this property for 30 years. This really is a local issue turned into a mess by the power structure (shareholders) of the corporation of Canada. All of you reading this know that my words are true and if I am a casualty of the “corporatocracy” Then you will make me a martyr and end this criminal enterprise that is running your current reality. Like in “Avatar”, expel the corporation forever.
With unity of mind comes great strength.
Unity, Strength, Peace,
thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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