Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It Won't Be Long Until They Deport Indigenous People

It Won't Be Long Until They Deport Indigenous People

Many years ago (1950s) my family moved to Georgia. My mother is/ was a very tan/ brown skinned person (She has gotten a little lighter in her 80s). In an effort to fit in she would bleach and dye her hair a lighter color. She had this fear in the back of her mind, as the whole family did, that the law that was still on the books in Georgia until then Governor, Jimmy Carter repealed in in the 1970s, that stated that it was illegal to be a Native American person and live in the state of Georgia.

I grew up knowing that I was different only in that my skin tanned just a little darker and did not burn as easily. I knew that most of the Caucasian kids were not more intelligent not only because I made higher scores on SAT tests than most of them, but because there awareness of every day things to my family was limited.

My family taught me that a person's heart or their inner person was more than what their flesh looked like, their age or national origin.

But I noticed in my youth that this society promoted the look of the flesh more than the spirit or mind. They have beauty contests that glorify a certain look that is very slanted to the way what certain Caucasians (not all Caucasians) see as beauty. They glorify the youth instead of venerating the elders and wisdom grown with age. They have a large emphasis on owning things and having wealth and power.

So now we come to the present law SB 1070 in Arizona that is supposed to be pointed toward the Illegal Mexican Immigrants. But the funny thing is that many of these Mexican immigrants are Mayan, Aztec, or other Indigenous People who are fleeing north to escape persecution and death. And they can not get papers from an indifferent Mexican government.

And the not so funny thing about it is that many Native Americans look like our Indigenous brothers and sisters from south of the USA's Mexican border. As Indigenous People, in the past we traded and intermarried with these folks and had no borders. These borders were artificially erected by Illegal European Immigrants who came uninvited to change and a destroy a way of life that had existed for thousands of years. They came with greater technology for making wars and with diseases that decimated Indigenous populations much more than their wars against us did. But they were not grown in the heart where it counts.

So they borrowed Indigenous forms of government, foods, etc and called it theirs.
And they outlawed Indigenous Religions, ways of dressing, our language and they outlawed Indigenous People from their traditional home lands sent them to places to isolate them from the rest of the population and they invented a caricature of a violent Native Peoples that did not even come close to the real Indigenous People so they could justify their actions.

Now we have another caricature of Hispanic People invented for political reasons which will effect Native Americans also because some of Native Americans look like Hispanics.
So now the powers that be can racial profile certain Native People who live in Arizona.
Arizona has a rich Native American history with several Tribes (that I call Nations) living there
Dine' (Navajo), Hopi, etc. So now the fear comes back. Will we be taken from our land yet again? My granddaughters are brown because their daddy was Hurani (Native from South America) and their mom is Cherokee. Will they be sent away? And I am not forgetting our brothers and sisters north of their artificial borders in Canada and Alaska. Are they going to card recent Caucasian Immigrants?
No. Just those who might effect their control.

What is behind this politically motivated racial profiling? FEAR. People of color will soon out number the Caucasian voters in the near future. Uh Oh. They gotta stop this.
Forget the cheap labor. When they out number Us (the Caucasians who think this way) we will never get our big money, world conquering, Manifest Destiny world view accomplished.

Many People are complacent these days. But the racial profiling is a painful reminder.
Yes, we have an African American President. But the Manifest destiny crew is still on the job yelling, "Take America Back!" And by the Creator, they mean it. So they get rid of the biggest threat in their eyes. Hispanics. And in the mix, many Indigenous People will feel the effects also.

Dave Kitchen
Townsend, Georgia

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