Thursday, April 29, 2010

C - 9 Approved Rescinds Environment Act

C - 9 Approved Rescinds Environment Act
from the Eagle Watch #39
Now add this comment from Graham Porter into the mix of your current readings. It is a truly insane picture yet we receive messages from many sensible and caring people every day and sure you do too. We really have to keep a handle on our own state of mind to be angry enough to take action, afraid enough to not forget but calm enough to get through the day. If you have children and grand children you can't just give up. You must keep on trying to make change in a Life affirming and Life sustaining way for our future generations. There is still hope as long as WE are alive.

From: Graham Porter
Subject: C - 9 Approved Rescinds Environment Act

because of the recent approval and passing of Bill - 9, the Environment Act had been rendered useless. Now, no one has protection from pollution, of any type. Get ready to get ill, very ill.
The Developers must have had the inside scoop to the decision that had allowed Bill C-9, Budget Implementation Act, to be passed in parliament, which includes rescinding the Environment Act. The Original Jack Ass, put the provinces bail out money in the Budget Bill and In the Implementation Act knowing full well the greed of the provinces would pave the way for the destruction of the Environment Act.
Now the only protection anyone has against the 'free for all' pollution of the Heritage Classed Grand River and any other stream of way or water way within the Six Nations Grand River Territory is the Grand River Notification Act, and for Six Nations Haudenosaunee to adopt the Recinded Environment Act and put it together with the Grand River Notification Act to strengthen it and at the same time adopt a longer time. So far the Grand River Notification Act has only a one year life, and each year, the day after, all the Developers File their plans witht he Provinces and the Provinces have an assembly line stamp of Approval waiting for them, side stepping the Grand River Notification Act before it can be brought back into power. This has happened every year.
One day I was looking for the license office, I mistakenly walked into the properties office, and as fast as the people there noticed I was Aboriginal, it was like watching 'CockRoaches' flee when the light is turned on. Those people grabbed our property maps and scurried into darken corners of the office, and at the same time hiding their faces. Glnacing over their shoulders to make sure where I stood. I got as far as to the middle of the first room before I was met by a woman that abruptly steered me back out the front door as she told me the office I was looking for was in one of the other temporary portables next door. I had to laugh. It was just like walking into a bath room by mistake. hahahahahaha

Graham Steve Porter Hill
rr1 ohsweken on n0a1m0

Rural Route 1,Ohsweken, Ontario N0A 1M0 Canada
Six Nations Grand River Territory

Aboriginal Researcher -

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