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Native American and Tribal Education, Jobs, and Economic Development

Native American and Tribal Education, Jobs, and Economic Development
Posted by: "MIKE Graham"
Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:20 pm (PDT)

Native American and Tribal Education, Jobs, and Economic Development
A to Z

Welcome to the Native American Jobs Web Site

The NAJ Employment Center

This site is created by an Assiniboine Sioux Tribal Member (and his wife)
from Montana as an answer to frustrations for trying to find job & career
opportunities for Native Americans and Others

You do not have to be Native American Indian to utilize this job site.
Native American Jobs.com is a site dedicated to being your link to
diversity & indigenous employment, career minded individuals looking for
Employment & Careers in ALL Communities, Locally and Nationwide. Including Tribal
and Non-Tribal Companies across the nation.
Native American Jobs.com saves employers time and money by providing
worldwide human resources service on the Internet. We provide advertising at a
Fraction of the Cost of other Media.

The Tribal Employment Newsletter
Providing a nationwide job bank for Native American Indians
seeking professional and technical vacancies since 1996.
Remember to check out our
_Featured Employers_ (http://www.nativejobs.com/Employer.htm)
_nativejobs.com_ (http://www.nativejobs.com/jobannou.htm)
It's where you find them!
_http://www.nativejobs.com/_ (http://www.nativejobs.com/)

Welcome to the INAP "Partnership"
Indian and Native American (INA) Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Section 166
grantees and the Department of Labor share a vision of providing quality
employment and training services to Native American communities that not
only meet regulatory requirements, but also are administered in ways that are
consistent with the traditional cultural values and beliefs of the people
they are designed to serve.
This website has been designed primarily to provide general information and
assistance to Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Section 166 Indian and Native
American (INA) grantees and others interested in economic self-sufficiency
through employment and job training for Native Americans.
_http://www.doleta.gov/DINAP/_ (http://www.doleta.gov/DINAP/)
Forward by _www.UnitedNativeAmerica.com_

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